NHL1A Round 6 (Relegation) Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday April 2nd


Funny you mention Cuala lads not playing for Cunningham @Iomaint. And to most posters who mentioned goalscorers needed.
Top goal scorers for Dublin in last 3yrs at u.21 level where Cronin & Seán Treacey. Both have been managed by Joe Fortune at some stage, and who refused to bring Fortune into Senior set-up?


League Campaign (inc playoff)
Total scored 6- 94

D. Burke 2-32 (21F, 3 65s)
E. Dillon 1-10
R O Dwyer 2-4
C Crummey 0-10
N McMurrow 0-8
David Treacy 0-7 (5f)
E. Conroy 1-2
R McBride 0-4
C Bennet 0-4 (2f, 1 65)
C Conway 0-3
F McGibb 0-3
B Quinn 0-3
C Boland 0-1
L Rushe 0-1
C O Sullivan 0-1
O ‘O Rourke 0-1


You need to look at the teams and opposition . I don’t think Offaly and Westmeath are real barometers
You only have to look at our forward travails against Galway in the u21 all Ireland semi last year to see how big a problem it is

Donal Burke we are trying to make an inside forward out of . Only because he’s as good as he is he’s coped pretty well . Chris Bennett still looks the only natural inside forward we have and we’ve burned him out to a crisp


We DO produce good forwards. Most of them are also good footballers and the vast majority of dual players go with the big ball. Also there are a lot of players who may not look like all stars when they are 18 but with good nurturing and the incentive of getting on a top hurling team could become outstanding players by the time they fully mature in hurling terms - say 23!

Cunningham and the county board are not nearly making the most of the talent available.

We can get stuck in the narrow focus on particular matches or even errors by players like Dooley yesterday or the lack of ball-winning half forwards etc, but the real problem is actually very obvious. We have the players, we have the resources, we do not have the hurling leadership.


I would agree with the majority above - we have a real issue at management level. One or two, well one probably, will go with the old inferiority complex argument that goes along the lines of, well we are not really good enough anyway etc. etc. but apart from being wrong, that is dangerous. It is enabling a disastrous management structure and people need to think if this is really their view - or are they just taking the opposite view for the sake of it. There is a very strong logical argument that Cunningham is not working out.

I am sure he is a very decent guy, hugely knowledgeable on hurling and has the best of intentions. I am also sure he could be a very good manager somewhere else. But sometimes jobs don’t fit - and this is one of those times. In a way his tenure could be a good thing, guys have got senior inter county experience ahead of time, and this will stand to them in the long term. But we have slipped a lot in the standings since Cunningham took over - and that isn’t good enough.


If a Westmeath underage team beat Kilkenny, they count for me.

Dual county issue which we’re always going to struggle with. Agree it will be a challenge for any Dublin management team, most of the goals we got this league were off breaks rather than well worked goals.

Cian O’Sullivan looks like a prospect for an inside forward? Hopefully Bennett will get his fitness sorted out and might be back on the panel for championship.

Given the dual county issues Dublin need our strongest 15-20 hurlers available. If a manager can’t deliver that, then it’s going to be an uphill struggle all the time. You say there’s only 3 missing who would add to the team? Think there’s a lot more than that - maybe not transformative individually but each walk away or no longer interested player reduces the quality available.

Cuala’s run was obviously disruptive as well.


This game should not be played…that’s ridiculous stuff!!


We don’t don


I don’t Tayto- 2-8 we had very little problems in the league without the Cuala lads. We don’t score heavy enough to bother the top teams. Tipp are happy enough to concede 2-15 a game because they have the gunslingers up front. We don’t have any.

I defy anyone here to give any statistics that suggests otherwise. It’s why Daly played a sweeper for so long.


Maybe so but we’d have been stronger again with O’Callaghan and Paul Schutte available.


There’s no doubting that unfortunately.

Still think we’d score more with the Cuala and other absentees then we are currently.

Given the challenges we have, we really can’t afford to be losing players before their time.


of course it should be played. those clubs are proving to be a total impediment to the ongoing development of intercounty hurling.

every underage manager is allowed treat clubs like sh1te , so why discriminate at senior level and give clubs a chance


Report I heard from a work colleague is that Mark Schutte similar to young Treacy seriously dislikes Cunningham and is probably opting out for the year.


Tallies with what I heard.


Totally agree on that but I’ve given up on the manager situation . It’s not going to change till October so what’s the point in having a Cunningham debate for every thread

Unless we start producing inside forwards no manager will get any wins .


When does it all stop though? I have some sympathy with Bart’s view above that there is no point discussing the manager in every thread, but when you reach a stage where you could nearly have another team in the county that could beat your actual county team, even excluding all the guys that have gone to football, it is crazy. Without addressing the situation you are locked into just discussing whatever 20 players the manager plucks out of a hat in that week.

We have enough good players in the county to be a top 6 side, we are just scraping top 10 now and after that 10 you fall off a cliff. But, there really is nothing more to be said on the whole thing, it has all been said really.


Imagine what Davy Fitz would bring to the Dublin hurling party.


Davy Fitz is a manically stressed person and if ever I have seen a walking heart attack… But, for a year or two he can infuse a squad with a manic intensity. Wexford have a lot less talent than we do but have seriously raised their game. The point is that - if we had really good leadership we could do better than Wexford, or Clare for that matter.

As I said before, we can get lost in the details of particular matches and performances but the big picture is obvious: we need much better leadership (i.e. Cunningham and the DCB).


Con and Colm Cronin. Id be a big fan of Cronin. Direct,tough,can tackle,can turn over ball,can put defenders on the back foot,good ball breaks off him as well. A proper coach with eyes and ears,remember them?, would up his scoring % at intercounty level as well. I hope con has a rethink. His future is gonna be one of 80-100 young fellas of exceptional football talent churning out lenister,league and all ireland titles over the next 13 seasons,each win melting into the next,where the alternative could be lasting immortality with a committed group of 35 dubs that go and take Liam McCarthy. Its a no brainer for me . Hurling all the way.Cant force a young lad though. He’ll shine whatever he plays.


Paul also? When is this going to stop? So I’m right in saying that not including lads dropped by Cunningham the following have walked away( 'of their own accord)
Danny, Colm cronin, Peter Kelly, Joey Boland, Sean Treacy, Mark Shutte, Alan mccrabbe, Shane Durkin, Paul Ryan, Mick carton, Paul Shutte?

Now whatever you might think re this player or that or opinions on form/ability that is an incredible list of players not to be playing for Dublin ON THEIR OWN CHOICE. Put that with management teams/ selectors that Ger has gotten rid of etc…

He has every right as manager to pick who he wants, drop who he wants. Players will get thick when they are not getting game time that’s synomouys with new management but it’s now crisis level if it’s true about Paul and Mark?