NHL1A Round 6 (Relegation) Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday April 2nd


We were real men in those days - we didn’t wear helmets. But that would make no difference - she never saw me play. I actually think my mother didn’t know the difference between football and hurling!


You’re attempting to lull people into thinking we are Tipperary . It’s truly laughable stuff

The management are very poor we are all agreed on that . But you’re grossly overestimating the quality of players plus Cormac Costello and Ciaran Kilkenny picked football without batting an eyelid. At a time Dublin were in the top 4 teams in Ireland

When we produce players who are hurlers only we will have a chance of dining at the top . We need the right management team but we need the right structures

Currently too many here think a new manager will change everything . They won’t change the falling structures which is also playing its part

People talk about Cuala .Antrim have won an all Ireland club , Carlow got to a final . I’d be very wary of what overall impact it will have . Successful club teams are grossly over estimated in every county of creating a bounce effect on county teams


1] Would we be a better team with a full pick of players?

2] Would our deficiencies be so apparent with our best 15 players playing & a stronger bench.

3] Would we win an all Ireland with that team playing?

My answers:

1] undoubtedly

2] no

3] no. But we would be a lot more competitive and might sneak a Leinster and get to a semi - final therefore helping the profile of hurling in the county.


Tayto and Loneranger - you are stuck looking at the trees. Stand back and look at the forest. it is simply wrong to appraise the players when the overall framework, morale, management etc is in the pits. Daly was able to engender a better spirit, but he was a limited manager in many ways. We can be Tipp or Kilkenny. We need leadership with vision and ability. We have the raw materials.


Don - i’m actually more positive than most but more realistic than others. Are we tipp/kk? no. but I think we have the potential to be a lot higher in the chasing pack than we are currently. It’s frustrating that we’re currently well short of where we have the potential to be because lads are walking away from the setup.


Daly wasnt able to convince Costello, Kilkenny, Lowndes, O’Connaighle etc to play hurling. Nothing to do with the current manager. When you are calling out the leadership, be explicit about it and call out the County Board.


I’ve been here before but what do lads think about not having dual players on the inter-county Minor* teams? Would we be better losing some good minors to football if it meant that the coaching and preparation being put into the minor hurlers was being kept in the code. There must be a fair few handy hurlers being kept off the minor panels by lads who won’t hurl for the county after they go to college.

I love the idea of dual players but I think it’s holding back Dublin hurling at this stage.

I guess I’m asking, what’s the point in putting a lot of resources into a lad who’s going to switch to football as soon as the footballers knock on his door?



Tipperary won all ireland minor last year without dual players. There was up roar in Tipperary over it. MGT stuck to their guns and went all the way. A lot of unhappy people but they won an all Ireland


uproar from certain quarters which was only because they felt that the “footballers” should have been told to play hurling or not play anything. We will see how that develops this year and if they are told “you made your bed stay with the footballers” or not…


How do we solve the problem which seems to be that when Daly went the squad wanted an outside manager with all irelands to his name? Thats not a massive field and when the DCB found one it seems that the squad, for whatever reason, didn’t want to work with him either?

surely that criteria is what they will demand when Cunningham moves on? it’s still a narrow field and within that you need someone with managerial experiance and the ability to actually be able to work in dublin. There really isnt many.

Thats all for next year anyway (and I think any new manager will be getting the advantage of being in 1B next year which is great for experimenting with)

What about this year, which god forbid may amount to two matches. Who are our best 20 hurlers, can we get them out for those matches? Surely the DCB can organise that?


David Treacy speaking yesterday ,

“There were many positives from the league games. Ger (Cunningham) is a good judge of character. If he thought it was too big, he wouldn’t put someone out. The likes of Donal Burke has been fantastic for Dublin this year. If the Cuala lads were there he mightn’t have gotten the chance. It’s brilliant to see the likes of him step up.”


The landscape has changed dramatically. Its no longer the same squad and we’re no longer in with a shout if getting to an AI final. The team that competed for in 2 semi’s were the ones that were requesting someone with AI’s which seemed logical as we needed an extra step to get us past where we had been.

Its obvious that what we need is someone who could rebuild from the wreckage thats been left. The squad is young and very talented but its obvious that a balance of experience is lacking. Someone who could bring this together should be acceptable to all … and not the number of AI’s he has in his pocket.

Putting anyone from the Leinster winning squad in charge would be a lunatic move. Having one or two them involved in the setup would be a great idea.

Personally i think Anthony Cunningham would be very good. The Galway lads ran him out unfairly in an effort to distract from their own embarrassment of shitting the bed. They made it look like he was holding them back but what have they done since under new managment?

JBM would also be a good shout. Lads have a chip on their shoulders on here about him and his celebrations in the league semi (or was it the qtr) 2 years ago but he always appeared to be an intelligent hurling person from what i could see.

As to the argument about having someone from Dublin in charge… i couldn’t give a sh1te if an alien was in charge once we were winning Leinsters and AI’s.


Is Anthony Cunningham not still involved with the footballers in Laois?

We could do worse than him alright.


Laois footballers moving well …


Jbm is past it now . Plus cork people don’t make a good match with Dublin hurling teams . Needs to be someone who understands where we are coming from


just a 12 week stint last year i understood


JBM is past it ?.How can you be past it in management.Youre always gaining experience.Mick o dwyer, Brian cody


Indeed …


Well thats true too i suppose


he’s from cork so that rules him out in my view.