NHL1A Round 6 (Relegation) Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday April 2nd


Man youre too frustrated and negative , its hard to have a meaninful discussion with you.

So you’d start 3 of them and not Jack Guiney? But if you had the option to include the Waterford lads no Dub except Danny would get a start? Am i close to the the gist of your opinion?


I wouldn’t include Guiney, I rate the other 3 ahead of him and ahead of any other dublin forward currently playing. Not asking you to agree.

Simple it’s English… and the previous posts you didn’t comprehend involved counting.

We won’t agree if seems do I wont hog the forum, and don’t think i’ll trouble you as a selector ever.


Hahaha . Must be some view from that high horse eh? ‘Dont think ill trouble you as a selector ever’. Thats got to be one of the funniest things ive read on this forum.

Maybe give Ger Cunningham a shout? He looks like he could do with someone with your intellect and optimism. If nothing else you could cheer him up from time to time.


I’m glad you get the humour as you certainly don’t get hurling if you rate Jack Guiney ahead of Lee Chin.


As a scoring forward I do. Most certainly.


We will beg to differ and return in 5 years as to who contributes more to hurling


Outline in detail the options at inside forward and I’ll put up their scoring records from play against top ranked counties. And your argument won’t last.


I have no interest in an argument. If you had read what I was saying you would have realised I was speaking about a hypothetical situation whereby the regime didnt exist and we had the majority puling in the right direction. I was also quite specific that our results under the regime should be removed from the annals of time if possible. How individuals fared during this period should not be even contemplated as a barometer of their ability.

Im stoic in my opinion that we have players to be far more competitive than we have come close to being under the regime. That so many players have walked away speaks volumes in terms of their thinking behind it.

For some balance also, take a look at your new wunderkind Conor McDonalds scoring record against top tier sides under Dunne.


With a full complement we wouldn’t be in the top 4 either. We were barely in it in 2013. Our biggest problem is he lack of players between 23-28. We can’t build a team around a team 29plus


With a full compliment we would be an awful lot closer and not an embarassment to ourselves. People raging about the forwards , they didnt concede 2 10 in the 2nd half on Sunday.

I never mentioned anyone over 29 , did I?


The players that have been pushed, walked or just want nothing to do with Cunningham are being done out of their right to hurl for Dublin by ignorant, dour, inept & incompetent manager who is incapable of managing our players. He is single handily destroying our senior team setup in the county. Whether we would win all Ireland with all the players we have is irrelevant. We would at very least be united and getting the best out of what we have. Enough is enough. It’s about bloody time the DCB remove the curse of Cunningham from Dublin hurling.


Plenty of lads in that age group unavailable. We might not have a glut of scoring forwards as and we might not be top3, but we have the potential to be a lot closer to the top3 then we currently are.


Just reading through posts above and specifically the issues raised about appointing an ex player as a possible replacement for Ger Cunningham when the time comes! I recall chatting to Anthony Daly shortly after Stephen Hiney picked up that horrible injury. Daly said it was important to have Stephen around the dressing room and training ground even though he was many months away from regaining fitness. He said Stephen was a born leader and a great motivator! Is that not exactly what is needed right now? Of course I have no idea if Stephen Hiney would even want the job. If he did I for one would be all for it! If it were ever to happen Stephen would need a good management team around him! Just a thought!


Of course our players are not performing well. Of course the dual players almost all opt for football. The reason is simple. Our leadership is dreadful. You cannot bring on players with potential if you have bad leadership. We have massive potential. We are failing and failing from the top. Cunningham, not only is a bad manager, he is disrespectful of players that have burst a gut for Dublin for many years. The man is a walking insult to us.


Paddy Christie has more to do with dual purpose,players apicking football than Ger C


Don’t be ridiculous. the young lads with options are not fools. The difference in being on the football panel and the hurling one is huge. Even if you are only on the football panel you’re a bloody superstar in Dublin l. Be on the hurling panel and your mammy and a few people at the club will know about it. Mind you in the distant past when I was in that position I don’t think even my mother knew it!


So it’s not Ger cunninghams fault then Don ???


Ha ha ha…what Stephen knows about the finer points of the game you’d write on a postage stamp. He’s a great lad but was an athlete more than a hurler & has never really shown a huge interest in the game outside of him playing it. I don’t think there is anyone from within the county suitable for the job at present, hopefully that will change in the next 3-5 years. If I was the County Board I’d be pushing the boat out to get Mattie Kenny but as some have already said maybe he thinks there’s more potential in Galway so will hold out for that gig.


Was it the helmet do you think?


The only problem is the leadership, i.e. key people in the county board and their seriously mistaken choice and continued support of a grossly incompetent manager (in fact incompetent is a compliment to him - he has hurt a lot of dedicated people). We have the players and money, we need real leadership, the most important person being the manager, to turn our riches into success. And I don’t mean being in the top 6. We have the capacity to win All Irelands. Just look at Cuala!

We have been lulled into a false analysis and image of our players by the appalling management of them. Looking at the micro failures of this season and blaming players for this and that is getting your nose too close to facts. When things are not going well around a player in a team we will never see his best. Just look at Kilkenny now. For the last 2 years the likes of Colin Fennelly and Padraig Walsh begin to look very ordinary when they don’t have a full set of outstanding players all around them playing at their best.

We are a long way from getting the best out of our players. If there was a hurling set-up that did this then the dual players would have a real choice.