NHL1A Round 6 (Relegation) Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday April 2nd


The only management experience I had was as a coach of a Tug of War team. I was sacked after two months. I just couldn’t get them all pulling in the same direction.


I think if we got guys back we would be a better team, just how much better I don’t know. But absolutely, there is no guarantee we would fly up the league either.

I think the right guy is the right guy maybe regardless of experience. Gilroy had no management experience prior to taking over the footballers. That is why sometimes you just have to trust the DCC to pick the right man (allowing for the odd mistake). They are speaking with the candidates and getting their views and thoughts, we aren’t. I must say, I do like that Tommy Dunne idea mentioned above on the face of it, but that is very much from a superficial viewpoint.

But once everyone is going in the same direction as you say, I can live with most things. I must admit I found it hard this year going to support a set up that had seemingly disrespected some of our best ever players. It wasn’t really a conscious decision, but I did find myself going to less games then most other years.


We certainly do have the players. This myth that is being propagated county wide is farcical and only serves to protect and even embellish the reputation of Herr Cunningham. Bar the Tipp game in week one , we ran all the top tier teams very close , and even last Sunday we were close to staying up for long periods , bar some crazy mistakes and an unexplained lapse in intensity.

Now obviously he didnt have access to the Cuala lads during the league. This is the only asterisk id place when critiquing the regime’s tenure. But the bulk of the current panel, plus (minimum) 7/8 club AI winners, plus a cohort of those we dont speak of, equates to a very very strong IC panel in my book. This nonsense that we dont have forwards, Yeah we struggle to produce big ball winning HF’s , but have a look around. KK had to bring C Fennelly out there of late as theyve no one coming through.

And the new myth about inside forwards. There’s very few John McGraths and Bubbles around. Again look at KK , Blanchefield and Martin are good prospects but id rather our crop tbh. Look at Waterford , havent a forward of note and have still had great success. Certainly in comparison to us.

Problem is the master has cruelly alienated and ridiculed a group of fine hurlers and men that has reduced our current squad to beyond a farce . So much so that any of our results while he remains should be removed from the GAA annals after he leaves.


Waterford haven’t a forward of note.

What sport football, soccer or hurling. I’ve you want i’ll name you 9 waterford forwards who would be automatic selections on this Dublin team…


Players to do what? To win an AI title? No probably not. but we do have the players to perform better than currently are. Well we did, of course there’s no guarantee everyone can be enticed back at this stage.


To not be the shambles that we are now. As a result of incompetency and inadequacy from our leader .

We could be infinitely better than we currently are , but I agree with you in that I believe the damage has already been done.


Soccer and football please. Go for it.

I usually dont reply to people who take one sentence and go on the attack , but i’ll make a slight exception in this instance.

Waterford have some fine players up front no doubt but any of the guile of the top bracket? No. Do they have the inside forwards to win an AI? No.

We also have some fine players up front , and to put those questions to our panel the answer is more than likely no at this moment also.


We don’t score enough goals though and that was the same case under Dalo we also don’t win enough primary possession.

I think we are short a few players in key positions regardless who the management is to be really consistent at the top level.

We are ranked about 8th in the country at best at the moment but if the current management move on we won’t automatically be top 3 over night.


We havent scored enough goals , cant argue there. Daly was never an offensively minded coach , and playing with 5 forwards it was rarely going to be on the table.

Im gonna stick to the present and say that with the proper coaching set up and a healthy panel dynamic we’d be competitive. We are so far away from this at present its crazy.

Im not certain who the top 3 you speak of are but if we had our house in order we’d give any of team a run at present with the exception of Tipp. Dont forget that the AI final was a cakewalk for them.

Maybe what i speak of is pie in the sky to some. I know and understand the divisive nature of it. But thats down to one man and his regime. Thats where it begins and ends in my view.


t not on the attack bu reacted to hyperbole as i saw it
will respectfully suggest any of the following as inside forwards would walk onto this Dublin team.

Tom devine, both Bennetts, Patrick Curran, Maurice Shanahan,

In the half line Brick, Moran, podsey o’Mahoney,

Lads like Dunford and Dillon,o’halloran can’t make that team but would be seen as wonder hurlers in Dublin


Thats 5 players. Was 9 hyperbole?

One queston for you. Would they all walk in to a starting line up ahead of Schutte, Cronin, Danny, Bennett, Con, Burke, Dillon, the 2 Treacys, Conroy, Boland and a few of those we dont speak of? I would argue no.

I’ve watched all those Waterford players youve mentioned closely and ive seen the good , the very good , and the awful. Same as I have with our lads.


I’m talking about being consistent though too against the top 3 teams of Tipp, KK and Waterford and not just beating them every couple of years. This is something we struggled with under Dalo when we had everyone available :wink:


It’s 11 named forwards actually… you said forward of note. 5 are inside forwards

With the exception of Danny anc potentially Donal Burke they are superior in my opinion to any Dublin forward you have named.

Con unfortunately a club hurler


We didnt though , as Daly neglected to bring the younger lads through.

We’ll never know how consistent we could be against those 3 teams. Not sure how you could distinguish Waterford as being top 3 ahead of Clare and Galway. Or any of them being in the same bracket as Tipp. But opinions are opinions :wink:


I didnt actually read your post, just one line you know?

Well I disagree with you on this one. My opinions on it are in depth above.


Will debate the merits of the lads you listed and I listed for as long as you want but if you make any of them a better hurler than say Curran or o’Mahoney dublin hurling is healthier than I think if it is.

And I read all your post just picked up on what I felt was a misrepresentation of abilities


Its all about opinions. And you do strike me as a glass half empty kinda guy. O’Mahoney is a fine free taker, from play I dont see anything phenomonal. What has Curran or either of the Bennetts done at Senior level? We could argue this over and back but whats the point. Opinions are opinions.

Here’s a healthier one for you. Look at the Wexford group from last Sunday. Put them with our potential group and tell me which way would you swing it? Cause outside of McDonald I doubt id start any of them ahead of whats available to us. Jack Guiney would have an asterisk beside his name in fairness.


I would start Dunne the ciotog corner forward also due to raw pace. Lee Chin as centre forward?.. I would also haveMatthew o’Hanlon, Liam Ryan as backs and fanning as goalie


So you’d start 5 Wexford forwards ahead of our lads if you had the choice? Riiiight.


Read it christ read it. I named 2 other forwards, 2 backs and a keeper. You already had named the high profile conor Mcdonald