NHL1A Round 6 (Relegation) Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday April 2nd


I was responding to CDG. Not sure if it is true that Jim Gavin got the respect because he was a former player with Dublin. I’d say it was more to do with his Military training and leadership skills learned in Baldonnell and the Curragh. He also served for nearly 10 years as under 21 selector ( with Tommy Lyons and Pillar) and as manager with the 21s.
I have nothing against Keaney or McCaffrey but they do lack experience on the management side. Unlike Jim G they have no cv that they can point to.


‘Unfortunately some of our hurlers down the years have been more interested in looking to be offended by some manager or other than in actually doing what they should be doing - playing their best for Dublin!!!’

This utter bollocks and nonsense is typical of you Board Boy. We’ve had it before and we’ll have it again. You mentioned lots of managers there who were pure shite and the players rightly let that be known. The County Board have appointed many no hopers to the hurlers over the years. It rarely happened to the footballers. You remind me of Jarlath Burns. I’d say you love meetings etc. I hope you never gain any sort of power. Ever.


If he does you’re fcuked … :smirk:


His only chance of acquiring power is becoming inadvertently electrocuted.


Proved right --again!!


Ah whatever. Bless save.


Lads its getting bitchy in here, I know everyone is frustrated with whats going on but can you leave out the personal stuff and just debate the points. Play the ball, not the man.


Fair call Tayto. Apologies to Board Delegate.


Joe won a leinster at Minor and 21 if i’m not mistaken. I thought he was well respected by the players for the right reasons to be honest, not because he brought cakes and buns to the sessions. Well organised man in my opinion.

Last year wouldn’t have been ideal for him preparation wise as a lot of his players (7-8) were up with the senior panel the whole time, so I think he got a raw deal there.


On the other hand there’s easy improvement if someone can come in and get everyone back on board again. With kilkenny not the team they were and galway blowing hot and cold as usual, there’s a potential Leinster there for the taking (Which i’d imagine Davy Fitz is after).


A minor and u21 Leinster final. I’m not sure anyone else has in Dublin. He got an awful lot out of that 21 team team last year too for what was a mediocre, non competitive minor team if I remember correctly.

Stickman ‘for their performance in the Leinster final I wouldn’t let him near the senior team’ . They won the Leinster final. They also beat Wexford when few here gave them a chance. I think you will find there are very few books written about poor performances in finals, just about those who win them!
I think this conversation is becoming personal and vindictive by some, especially when Ger is still there in a job. For me it’s now about supporting what’s there, for now.


I stil await a note saying that you were at kindest out of order


[quote=“Tayto, post:288, topic:1865, full:true”]
Lads its getting bitchy in here, I know everyone is frustrated with whats going on but can you leave out the personal stuff and just debate the points. Play the ball, not the man.[/quote]

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Some of these lads are vicious with a keyboard … imagine them with a hurley … :scream:


I was not suggesting they would be selected. Merely pointing out the extent of the alienation of the squad - and the wider hurling community - that Cunningham has induced. He is not a leader who commands loyalty.


Ger had not a great CV when he applied for the job… Why did he only do one year with Ballygunner??
Players may have got it into their heads that they need a 5 star manager after Daly but I believe they may not have the same opinion now… Some of the ex managers above were absolutely shocking… Fennelly never attended a championship match in Dublin under his tenure… Kelliher completely lost the dressing room with his monologues on the art of hurling and telling lads they were holding the hurl wrong and spending hours on getting to change grips etc… Showed the respect they had for Dublin hurling… I believe that the mindset that prevails with Country managers is that there is a sense of arrogance and lack of respect with them… Sure I must know best… sure these Dublin lads don’t know a lot about Hurling… much the same as with the punditry,“wristy hurlers etc… Ger never looks that downhearted after defeats when interviewed… He should be bloody hurt because I know we are because we are from the county… Over the years some of the disrespect showed by managers to the players after defeats has been deplorable from “Newlands Cross” to “they should look in the mirror at themselves” and " I don’t know they never showed up” …covering themselves all the time…
Now what are the thoughts of Keaney and McCaffrey with experienced backroom staff. Am I off the rocker in suggesting this type of indigenous format???


. I was checking did you first post this on 01/04. i cannot see how you can pick mccaffrey and keaney out of the multitude of retirees to be honest. has keaney ever even taken a club juvenile team, McCaffrey is an ex club GPO. they might be alright in the Bernard Dunne or jayo role but not capable of credibly managing a senior intercounty team imho


Good post in places. Has there been any news on the Shutte brothers(of substance)?


They wouldn’t make the squad either . Mc Clelland could have been great but he decided a long time before the current management that he’d no interest .

I’m don’t disagree with your view on Cunningham but you’re way off thinking they’d add anything to the current squad


Had Pat Gilroy much GAA managerial experience? honest question.


Vincents ( even if Mickey W was the real organ grinder)

so a lot more than either player suggested and he had huge business management experience also as an added bonus