NHL1A Round 6 (Relegation) Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday April 2nd


The galway job is his if he wants it. Considering he’s from Galway why would he take a lesser job with precious little chance of winning anything and have to travel halfway round the country to do it ?


Exactly why Micko turned down the Kildare job.


Tommy Dunne did a decent job and was respected by the players. Is Martin Fogarty still with Kilcormac Killoughey? I am surprised that hardly any ex-Kilkenny hurlers have gone into management but maybe I shouldn’t be😉


Add Conall Keaney, Jack Doughan, Ross O Carroll and Seán McClelland to that mix of players who walked away. Rumoured that Bennett also in this category. And Cunningham didn’t get rid of his selectors. Both O Riain and Boland were disillusioned and walked, as did Tommy Dunne, Dr Thompson and the skills acquisition coach, Coughlin. He did get rid of the fitness coach, who spoke up in defence of the players at an “honest” session to reflect on 2016. Good managers are good people managers in sport or any other line of work. This guy can’t command the respect or loyalty of players or management. Our players deserve better.


O Rian from crokes and johnny Kenny from boden. There’s two for you. Where are they now?


Wow is all I can say. What a venomous turd.


Here abc, no need for that kind of bizarre attack.


Without country lads, there would be no such thing as Dublin hurling. Anyway it’s not about where someone is from or their accent, it’s about their knowledge and experience. Why have we chips on our shoulders about this? Look at the number of ex Dublin footballers that have coached and managed outside Dublin. Mick Dempsey from Laois was fitness coach in Kilkenny for years. Did that take the gloss off their victories? No.


Thanks, to me that poster should be banned or else sober up


I have been saying it for years… we have to take control of our own destiny just like the footballers did in the 40’s… We have to have respect for ourselves… Tommy Naughton the last Dub, (even though born in Wicklow) did a great job… Before he was dropped for Daly and having introduced a lot of young players he maintained our Div 1 status and narrowly lost to Cork in Cork in the qualifiers… Daly or Cunningham didn’t produce the skills that all of our best players have/had. They were taught and honed at club level and by many Dubs… There was no Daly or Cunningham when we made the breakthroughs at Minor and 21 level… Do you know bloody what… I’d give it to Keaney and McCaffrey with Naughton in the background and go for it…. Common Cause… Untiy, local knowledge, respect from all the players… etc…
They’d do it for nothing too and the monies allocated to the Hurlers, instead of the bulk of it going to pay the manager could go on other things such as team holiday and bonding sessions.
What in the name of God have we got to lose???


I think some of our performances in the u21 Championship last year were woeful. For our performance alone in the Final v Offaly I wouldn’t let him near a Dublin Snr. Team!


Danny the most skilful hurler of the Daly ers was coached all the way through juvenile by a limerick man. I would think half the panel would be similar. It’s no crime though


I don’t disagree with one syllable of that. Lar Foley got us to two Leinster Finals in a row. I just don’t agree with abusing or hating country lads, just because they are not from Dublin.


As for not having forwards… when Sutcliffe was playing well he was scoring goals in big matches (2 against Waterford in relegation play off, one against K.K. in replay and hastened Tommy Walsh’s retirement)…. When Mark Shutte came on the scene a couple of years ago he was such a goal threat. All opposition were double marking him. He could stop on a sixpence, fantastic dummy, attacked for goal at every hands turn, put points over from left and right and laid it on for others to score goals… Who will forget Paul Ryans scoring against Limerick… His goal and the skill involved against Galway when we won the Leinster… None of these young men are playing for Dublin now!! Holy God we can’t bury our head in the sands anymore on this critical issue…


Will you stop not one of those four would be selected by any manager who took the Dublin job. It really is Walter Mitty land here at present.


It’s all sporadic stuff Jim. i’d say it’s the only goal Paul has in championship hurling from open play. Mark has long ceased being a goal threat as well and Danny was a wing forward who was one of the best in the country no doubt he’s a monster loss. But 2013 is a long time ago and he was poor in 2014 and pretty unfocused that year too and that was with a manager who thought the world of him.

There is no doubt the current management have to go and the sooner the better - barring a championship miracle. . But let’s accurate in how people performed pre the current shambles. It’s very much Peter Pan at times.


I wouldn’t be criticising country men either… They have done a fantastic job here in Dublin for many years. My own father, (a Longford man managed our club to an U.15A and Under 16a Dublin County Championships of which 4 went on to play senior hurling for Dublin) But we need to take it on ourselves because its in our blood now… In my view that’s the vital ingredient that is missing.


Yes but what has he won in all the years with underage teams. Dublins under 21 s weren’t exactly world beaters last year and threw away a great chance of getting to the final.
Being popular with players isn’t what is needed. It’s someone who will take no messing and who knows the game. We need a hurling Jim Gavin or Heffo who will rule with an iron fist and stand up for, and to, his players. We also need players who will stand up for their manager no matter what. All for one and one for all has to be the motto. Unfortunately some of our hurlers down the years have been more interested in looking to be offended by some manager or other than in actually doing what they should be doing - playing their best for Dublin!!! Look at the list; Gray, O’Grady, Buckley, Bailey, Naughton, Morris, Kelleher, Fennelly, Daly, Boland, Boggan and now Cunningham all let down in some way or other or pushed out by player power. Some were better than others I would agree but Were they all bad managers??? Or is the easy option to blame the manager because we think we should be entitled to the same success as the footballers.
Some of those mentioned on this tread are good coaches but the history of sport is littered with great coaches failing in the big job. We need a strong manager with good coaches around him.


Would Sean Boylan fit the bill for some people. Hurling man with All Ireland winning credentials


I presume you are talking about Joe Fortune at the beginning of the above post… I am not proposing him… All I am saying here is that we have a conveyer belt of hurlers coming through now like never before and we need to something with it now before it dies out again… Now is the time!!.. And you are right we need a Jim Gavin like… Jim was first and most respected because he played with the county. And now I believe we should do the same with the hurlers… and it should come from the batch that are now retired that won a Leinster, National League and contested two All Ireland semi-finals… We never had indigenous pedigree like that before in Dublin Hurling…And the two men for me would be Keaney and McCaffrey and they could bring in some experienced back ground people.