NHL1A Round 6 (Relegation) Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday April 2nd


I must say though on the Schutte thing, if it came to pass I would be surprised. I know the rumours are strong and the people mentioning it here are usually correct. But it seems a little at odds with some of their interviews late last year and also the fact that rhey both seemed to be within the favourites group on the panel, in that they played if fit. Still never say never where this set up is concerned.


He is a grear prospect and he was a great minor. But even Joe Canning didn’t play senior hurling so early. It is a crazy thing to have done. Sutcliffe who was a standout at minor didn’t play so young. Putting young O Sullivan in there also was as bad.

Playing three minors against the All Ireland champions wasn’t a margin call, it was without logic and seemed to be some form of statement rather then a hurling decision.


Canning didn’t play senior hurling so early because he was featuring heavily with Portumna and the Galway Minor/21 teams. Don’t forget, he played senior hurling with Portumna as a 15 year old. The difficulty with Donal is everyone will expect him to be there for the next 15 years…life on hold for county hurling. I’ve said it elsewhere on this board, all other county teams are doing this with players straight out of Minor…bar Tipp, who are just way ahead of everyone at present. So blaming our current management for that in just getting boring at this stage…


Name all of the contenders.


you for starters.:yum:


I think Joe Fortune would be a great call but don’t see it happening. He has worked with most of that team at underage level and has won minor and u21 championships. Having someone like a Nicky English, Mattie Kenny, Anthony Cunningham on board with him along with others would be an ideal situation. When Ger leaves, I’m not sure it will be a big name needed to mend bridges, more someone they trust/know. As Ranger mentioned earlier in the thread forwards will need development no matter who comes in. I feel tommy Dunne was getting good performances from Shutte and Danny, he was another who walked from the current camp.


Under 8 hurling is far more attractive…although the parents are hell:grin:


Is that a quote from Michael Jackson?


Disagree that that’s the case.

When DCB were seeking a replacement for Daly, they did what they’d done for practically every managerial appointment at every age level for both codes over the last 10 years - formed a sub-committee to recommend somebody. I think it goes without saying that this process got its managerial appointments right far more often than it got it wrong over that period. This group came up with the then U21 manager Shay Boland. He was the provisional choice but was blackballed by the then playing panel. To boot, they indicated that they didn’t want ANY native Dub managing the team because they wanted somebody that had played for/managed an All-Ireland winning team. Constrained by those limitation of having to find a culchie with a Celtic cross who was willing to do the travelling, the fact that the passing weeks had seen other potential candidates commit elsewhere and I’ve no doubt with their noses a little out of joint over the rebuff of their choice and the process which selected him, Cunningham was hired of what was available. I don’t believe there was any standout alternative available. Given their intervention in the process, I believe there was (and remains) a definite element at County Board level of “you’ve made your bed, you can lie in it” and it’s why there isn’t much appetite to entertain the gripes of departing players. Because of that, I’d give odds of 100/1 on any intervention by the County Board before the end of the season.

Saying all that, and notwithstanding the other issues with Dublin hurling that his departure wouldn’t fix, at present I see no justification for extending GC’s reign beyond the end of this Championship. Only a Leinster Title or AI semi-final appearance this year should alter that stance IMO and I can’t see either being achieved. We’d then be in a position to move forward and I hope that among the many lessons to be learnt from this episode is that with player power, just like any other power, comes great responsibility.


See how Kerry allow the Gooch to retire with dignity - “his choice” etc. That is how to let players like Keaney, Boland, Caffrey etc retire. They may not have won much with Dublin, but they put as much effort in as Colm Cooper and its arguably harder to do that when you don’t win a lot.


Very valid points there URoy - that you never hear aired. If this happened in another county would people row in behind the players. Doubtful I think … if history is anything to go by.


You’ve mentioned 5 lads there,all culchies. Therein lies the biggest problem with Dublin intercounty hurling, peoples inability to believe in our OWN talent. There are plenty of homegrown dubs who,with the same financial backing,would achieve better results than the current incumbent. This cap in hand approach to our country cousins is a major reason for our disappointing results. No wonder they laugh at us. How can they take us seriously when we cant be serious ourselves. Lads wanna wake up and realise pride and belief in ones county is essential for success. Bit hard when a culchie is in charge. History shows us that all the successful counties,Dublin,Kerry football,Kilkenny,cork and Tipp hurling, promote from within. Think about what’s been spent in the last 12 years,and the return is ZERO All Irelands. No more outside managers. Promote from within and take them all on. Any other way compromises the objective.


Liam sheedy will not take another county team other than tipperary. Mattie Kenny wants Galway.
Joe fortune is obviously not liked. For whatever reason. When you looked at the top hurling clubs, ollie baker over crokes. Kenny over cuala. Boden had an offaly man for their 5 in a row. Lucan had KilKenny, then offaly lads over them. Need a Dublin native over a top club team and be a winner to be over a county team.


He is not a minor . He is a senior . Donal is better then either Danny or Keaney at that age
If it was up to you nobody would play until they were 25. And you’d still be rolling out lads in their zimmerframes
It may be the only decision Cunningham got right this year . But not to play him would have been holding him back and hindering his development


name the homegrown dub potential managers…

and before you start I will diss Shay Boland for what he failed to do at minor and u21. Is there a native dub who has even involved with a successful senior intercounty team ( involved not manage)

i’d say you are great fun in your own club with the strident “culchie” bashing


Does abc stand for anyone but culchies? …


Huge potential and the real shining light with Eoin O Donnell this year.


He is liked, very much by players, but just didn’t agree with Ger and his policies I believe but that’s another issue. Don’t agree that Mattie only want Galway. After the cuala journey he could well consider Dublin but this is all just personal opinion.


I actually wouldn’t disagree with any of that. But to clarify, my comments re managers getting away with things because of the innate inferiority complex of some Dublin hurling supporters was aimed at supporters, not the DCC. Up until this, the DCC have been very professional about appointments. But it has been a long time since they have had a challenge like this, so we will have to see how it goes.

I wouldn’t have disagreed with the appointment of Cunningham, he seemed perfectly viable at the time. Even after the first year I thought (from the outside) he was doing ok. My problem with him isn’t actually based on the relative lack of success of the team, or even how they play. He is a very experienced hurling man and he can’t be that too far off in terms of tactical awareness. My issue is purely based on his obvious lack of man management ability and the shear illogicalness of some decisions.


He was a few months out of minor, which was the obvious point I was making. As regards as to who was better, it is an unwinnable argument so no point having it. I think Danny was better but that is all just personal opinion.

But, he must have had some development in a few months, because last years minor threads were full of yourself bemoaning the lack of underage talent (as was the U21 thread).

But, I do take some part of the credit for getting you to take a ‘pro’ stance in relation to any young Dublin hurler. If you weren’t trying so valiantly to be anti some people’s positons, you wouldn’t have a good word to say about any of them.