NHL1A Round 6 (Relegation) Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday April 2nd


I know, it was more Cunningham nonsense.


Well that’s debatable.


Notwithstanding the fact that bart has a very valid point re. our lack of true forward talent, what causes such low levels of expectation among the small ball brethren of the county that we can have so many - both younger talents & older veterans - willing to walk and yet management seem to saunter on regardless? Honest question. Is it that they’re stuck paying GC a fee to the end of the season, come what may, so it’s a case of trying to get value for the expense? Hope I’m way off the mark with that.

Standards of player welfare, communication & preparation are a given on the football side of the house. The levels in hurling seem completely scattergun in comparison.


Ah well, ‘in my opinion’ was sort of implied but unsaid. But sure, it would be debatable.


I think it is just that because there is such an inferiority complex (which I would call it rather then low expectation), a manager can get away with things not working out for him. I suspect he is skilled too at managing the DCC and managing the expectation there-in.

I don’t fully agree we don’t have the forward talent really though. I think we don’t have the forward talent to win an All Ireland right enough - but if we got the right guys back, and the right guys back fit (and Cunningham does seem to be unlucky with injuries in some respects) we would be a lot higher up the rankings.


Galway have been trying that for years and it’s not worked all that well.


The biggest problem in Galway hurling despite all his ability


If that’s the case, he’s good at managing the DCC & the expectation within but not so good at managing the players / an array of selectors. Quite an achievement…


Donal Burke is our best inside forward at the minute and a serious prospect going forward.


You cant nurture forward hurling talent at intercounty level when the last two senior managers have made a right balls up when it came/comes to the forward division. Dalys five years gave us 5 v 6 in our forwards,a tactic devised for containment,not domination. No trust in the forwards to go man on man. Never gave them a real chance to develop into a cohesive working,free scoring unit. GC picks a non combative half forward line for the guts of two years and even ray Charles can see that the short puck out/possession game is for the birds. we have intelligent tough hard working forwards in the county. The tactics and mixed signals don’t help in any way. Good coaching,keep it simple,huge improvement.


Nice to get close though. Compare how far we are away.


I agree with everything except your last line… You can’t coach lads at 23-25 with skills they should have acquired at 16 in one of the most technically proficient games in the world.


But he isn’t a natural there. If we produced real inside forwards he’d be playing in his best position which definitely isn’t corner forward.

It’s testimony to the talent to the guy has that he has coped so well.


I’d agree unfortunaly the young lad is been forced to play in there under the circumstances were his natural position is midfield to half forward. Still think Johnny and joe fortune would still do a much better job the Ger nothing against the man its just not happening for him hasn’t got the man management skills by the looks of it.


Ah I know, I was being flippant


Just coming out of that nightmare that was Ennis yesterday! Not to sure what happened during the halftime break! We were not playing brilliantly in 1st half But we were leading by 2pts. But what ever was said in the dressing room did not work! I am probably being a bit unfair to the lads on the field but they seemed to have little or no interest. We were just flat! I know its been beaten to death but that smells as down right poor management! I now fear for us v Galway. I think we will be beaten out the gate! Not so much because we don’t have the payers! But because management have drained the confidence out of our leaders such as Liam Rushe to name just one! It’s a sad reflection on the County Board that they have allowed this problem sink so low! Playing in 1B next year may not be a total cluster ■■■■! Provided there is a clean out in the management team!

On a separate note: What were GAA playing at yesterday? I know there was a toss of coin for home advantage. No issue with that! What I do have an issue with is that they saw fit to stage a double header at the venue! I have a Stand season ticket for the hurlers! I arrived at the ground at 1:50pm for a game that was listed for 4pm and failed to gain entry into the stand! I was informed by the stewards that there was still room on the terraces! That’s just not good enough! Why could they not have played one of the games on Saturday and the other on Sunday! Seems to be a case of once Croke Park get your money they have no more interest in providing you with what you actually paid for! Shame on them!


Jaysus Bluedub … that is a rough, rough day. As a good mate of mine used to say … ‘I don’t mind ya sh***ing on my head … just don’t rub it in …’


So GC stands down at the end of this year. Who comes in for 2018? Realistically now. Like don’t mention Liam sheedy or mattie Kenny. Who is going to take up the mantle?
Also I can see a day when Davy Fitz will be over Dublin.


Only in a f**king plane I hope …


Why not mention them. And there are plenty of Dublin contenders too who would have as much inter county management experience that Cunnimgham had. Waterford, Limerick, Cork, Clare etc. all have managers who wouldn’t have been household names beforehand.