NHL1A Round 6 (Relegation) Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday April 2nd


I hope I’m wrong but history suggests it won’t be long before the wheels come off the latest Davy bandwagon. They should make hay while it lasts. He has something that’s for sure. And he won an All Ireland which can never be taken from him, but he gets on the wrong side of a lot of people. That only takes a year or so in a club or county before it becomes a big problem.


Heard nothing about Paul, just Mark we were speaking about.

Would be another devastating loss


When you put the list of lads together it starts to look like a players strike… not quiet at Cork levels but getting there slowly but surely. If they had all made the decision together it would be national headlines but with the drip drip loss its less of a headline.

Screw it - GC’s goose is cooked for sure and he’ll be gone at the end of the year. We should offer an attractive prospect for someone to come in and take over. Young squad with serious potential as well as a good list of lads who could come back and offer something. Being in 1B will allow scope for bringing lads on as well. 1A means you have to show up at championship intensity every week which is not sustainable. You can only dip into the well so many times before its dry.

I’m disappointed about the relegation but not surprised.


I was told last week that both brothers were opting out alright.

A right mess.

Think its beyond time now for an intervention.


Saw Richie Stakelum at Croker for the Club Finals Paddy’s Day. What’s his potential for management?


Ok thanks


Cronin Direct , Tough - I do like him but slow stick-work and doesn’t score

con will replace Bernard I think so I expect his hurling career is over.

I’ll leave the pointless Cunningham debate for others.

But in 3 years time when another manager has come and gone we’ll still be talking about goal scoring


In fairness I think McCrabbe had gone before Cunningham came in. But it is possible Keaney would have given it another year if it was anyone else in charge - so maybe he could be added to the list. The Nolan decision came back to haunt a bit this weekend too.

If the Schutte’s (both) have opted out, it will possibly elevate things a little. I think the most important thing now is thinking down the road and planning for getting guys back in the future (as will surely happen under a new set up). Guys need to stay away from the media now (yes, even Ryan O Dwyer) and get things sorted through back channels.


Think I may have the answer to Dublin Hurling’s dual player problems. Put GC in charge of the Dublin footballers!


Simple but effective.

Seriously if this was happening in reverse there’d be feckin war. If it’s true that the Schutte’s have opted out it’s gone beyond a joke. So many lads who should be involved arent at this stage.


You’re right about that. There’d be blue murder if lads were dropping off the football panel at the rate we’ve seen with the hurlers. Maybe I’m wrong but it just doesn’t seem to be as big of an issue for the County board if it’s hurlers.


genuinely do Wexford have less talent than Dublin ???

are you basing this on 2016 Dublin stopping a 4 in a row leinster u21 ???


Pilla r did a good impression for a number of years didnt he


They have conor Mc Donald . We have nothing near his ability in an inside forward capacity

When you see Keaney and Mc Crabbe appearing in debates you realise the emperor really does wear the clothes here


Nolans being dropped from the panel had nothing to do with his hurling.


What did it have to do with?


I agree. Was only mentioning the list as players who walked away. Hadn’t included Keaney. Mcrabbe did walk under Ger but also didn’t play club hurling last year. As noted, I wasn’t also explaining their use/capabilities just explaining they’d left and not been dropped. Some of that list would have guided our youngsters in a more positive direction then what’s there.


He certainly scored for cuala in their Dublin championship and all stages of All ireland this year.
I also remember him scoring under Daly in his first year on panel and relevant 21s? He might not score a lot but he certainly causes problems.


We’ve lots of forwards who don’t score much and annoy defenders .
We need forwards who can deliver what Chris Bennett delivered in Cork last year on a consistent basis . If we just had someone like Callinan, Reid or Canning who we could build a team around . Or a 25 year old Conal Keaney . It brings a team up a level

It’s fairly evident the managers have lost the dressing room . We will still have the same problems when they are gone too.


I Agree. Danny, cronin, bennett, Boland, Sean Treacy, Shutte (all playing well/reinvigorated and on form) would certainly help.