NHL1A Round 5, Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday March 26th


Striking ? The photograph clearly shows the contact.I wouldn’t labour the point as losing was infinitely better then heading to Nowlan park


React? Hogan pulled straight across Crummy immediately prior to reefing his faceguard!


Maybe he was trying to pull across Crummy’s hurl


Sorry Jonathan Tracey


[quote=“TheLoneRanger, post:162, topic:1810”]
Striking ? The photograph clearly shows the contact. [/quote]

It doesn’t. It’s a still photo, we’ve seen in the past (most notably in the Philly/AOS affair) that they can give a very misleading impression. That’s specifically why they’re inadmissible as evidence in appeals etc. You can’t prove to me or anyone else that Maguire’s hurley isn’t a inch away from Blanchfield’s arm in that shot.

Incidentally while the rule allows the ref to send off a player regardless of whether he struck or attempted to strike, he has to specifically say which it was in his report if the punishment is to stick. That’s how Mayo were able to use the seemingly bizarre defence that Lee Keegan had only attempted to kick Johnny Buckley rather than kicking him with minimal force to get him off that time, even though both are sending off offences. If the ref decides to say that Maguire struck Blanchfield, I think we’d stand every chance of getting him off as the video evidence doesn’t prove he did IMO.

Agreed on that at least.


Away to Clare it is. Next Sunday at 4pm :angry:


Presumably it was Ger Cunningham doing the coin toss for Dublin!

Though in reality we have a poxy bad record in coin tosses. It’s in our Dublin DNA - we’re not wrishty enough :slightly_frowning_face:


Ah shite.


That’s a disaster - but we did win a relegation game away against Waterford one year, so it’s possible.


Sadly, with a different manager, and practically a different team!


It was a straight red and he can have no complaints.
Regardless if he made contact with the Hurley or not the ball was in Blanchfields hand and he had no right to play his Hurley.

It was dangerous and reckless and you’d wonder was it frustration at being left out recently.


True but that would be a yellow card offence, not a red.


jaysus you dont give up.

almost everyone else sees it as a no questions red but you just keep bouncing back


Uroy is known for his bouncebackability!


It’s not my fault you’re all wrong. :grin:


Not if he went in to tomahawk him

Could be seen as dangerous play :wink:


Clear red card infraction. It could not be considered to be careless use of the hurley - closer to dangerous!!! Cannot see an appeal unless the ref makes a balls of his report.


What was the first year of this current decade?


I haven’t seen Gary shipping too much abuse here tbh. Just lads calling the stroke for what it was.
He is a clubmate of mine too. But it was a dirty strike. Don’t think many, if any at all, have abused him.
Yes, totally out of character, but a terrible stroke.


The fact that Gary had 2 hands on the hurl gave the ref no choice. It was a striking action at a player. Sending off no question. What he puts him down for is a separate question as there may be grounds for appeal depending on the wording.
If it was one handed he might have gotten away with a yellow, but 2 shows maliciousness.
If you were reffing the game would you not have given the red? That’s the only question at the time of the incident. Worry about the wording after.