NHL1A Round 5, Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday March 26th


In reference to Maguire - it wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t clever, but it was just a mistake. Players make them all the time and Maguire has made way less then most over his career.

I don’t like to see strikes like that, but I hope KK take no moral high ground on it as it would be shaky enough ground too where they are concerned.


it’s the decision that would concern me . Kilkenny were going to score the goal. As an experienced keeper he should have known that.

If Dooley did it he’d be crucified. It was a mistake and I wouldn’t dwell on it. But things need to be balanced and not swayed just because someone ahs 50 caps


it was stupidity( at best ) of the highest order and how someone here could question on what grounds he was sent off beggars belief.


Well what rule do you believe he infringed?


Did not see the game but reading this thread it was debateable. If it was a definite red so be it. This is an All Star who at 33 has not been prone to this for his whole career. I think that earns a pass. Was it stupid, yes it was, did it cost us the game, maybe, it definitely contributed to it. We have had similar things with other players but not the outcry on here, why?


striking or attempting to strike an opponent with a hurley with force causing injury. or words to that effect which is a mix of 2 offences bioth which are straight red

on the street it would be assault.

i’m not a ref or a rule book geek who can quote the rule number


The whacking somebody with a hurley rule :upside_down_face:

Can’t believe this is being debated. It was a dirty / stupid stroke that cost us any chance of winning the game.


So because you have an All star and a bunch of appearances, you get a pass??? Thats complete nonsense, That has also been mentioned elsewhere here. Maguire is a top man, but he got sent yesterday within the rules


I am not disagreeing with the sending off. I am however slightly amused at the abuse he is getting.


I’m not abusing, but if a kilkenny forward did the same on maguire the masses here would be kicking up a storm

i’m critical of someone who doesnt see it as a sending off and is questioning those who thought it was an act of stupidity at best but looked in real time as thuggery


AsI have stated I am not disagreeing, merely stating he does not have form for it, not saying it was not a red, merely saying it was a poor decision and he was punished. He is shipping a lot of abuse here, maybe its a personal dislike for him, hopefully not. He has been a great servant to Dublin hurling over a long period, with a good discipline record.


It was a crazy thing to do. One on one with every eye in the place including the Referee , linesmen and nearby umpires on him and his opponent and he does that!!! If it was a young player you could plead inexperience but this is the oldest, longest, player on the panel. It was a dirty strike which has no place in hurling regardless of who the player plays for.


you werent the poster i referred to.

but a good discipline record doesnt take from his actions…


I’d still argue (and I have watched it back, it’s up on the RTE Player now) that’s it’s debatable if that’s what Maguire actually did. I don’t think it’s clear that Blanchfield, as opposed to his hurley, was the target of Maguire’s swipe. I also don’t think it’s clear that he actually caught Blanchfield (I appreciate that he doesn’t need to have done so, intent would have been enough), given how hard he pulled and the fact that Blanchfield doesn’t even flinch.

I’d be appealing anyway.


You’d be appealing even though he didn’t have to make contact or even intend to for it to be a straight red?

The sound in the ground was loud. He made contact. No doubt about it.

An appeal would be a complete waste of time.


The sound was clearly of two hurls clashing - that’s my point. It sounded like the hurls clashed full force. My claim would be that he was guilty only of using the hurley in a careless manner (the so called ‘chop down’ rule) which is a yellow card offence.

If he didn’t make any contact with Blanchfield, he can’t be done for striking the opponent. If he made contact with the hurley and not the man then I think it’s reasonable to claim the former and not the latter was his target, which would be a valid defence to any ‘attempting to strike’ charge.


Yes, it wasn’t clever and it wasn’t good. But people make mistakes, if not, the whole thing would be fairly boring. That strike goes into his negative column, his league medal, Leinster medal, All Star and previous lack of anything like this goes into his positive column. So for me he is well ahead. He will probably pay for it with his place too.


Attempting to strike is the same as striking so whether he made contact with his hurl or the KK player not doesn’t come into it. It was silly so given his experience id put it down to a rush of blood to the head. We all have these moments!!!


well he’ll pay for it the next day anyways when suspended.

an attempted strike is same penalty as a strike but if uroy thinks it was a chop then who am i to disagree with such a sage


Agree hogan pulled at his helmet but crummey was at him off the ball.crummey is a dirty player imo but hogan was lucky to stay on(you cant re act)