NHL1A Round 5, Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday March 26th


I don’t think it was Barrett (white helmet) skinned for the first goal, think it it was # 2 (black helmet) macgabhann in the left corner position? Do agree that Barrett is better on the wing. Expect he’ll b back there in th next match.


If fully fit i’d have schutte In the corner, so a FB line of:

O’Donnell, o’callaghan, schutte

HB line Barrett, Rushe, Crummy

That’s as good solid defense.

Midfield of

McMorrow, Quinn/O’Connell

Forwards a little trickier. Burke showing some great touches & scores. Great to see Boland start.


Just catching up now, but I don’t think that is a typical post from you what I have seen. Yes, I have a point of view and will point out evidence that supports that view, i.e. ‘debate’. None of us are certain of anything, if that was the criteria, no one would be posting. But my original post was even qualified by an ‘in fairness’ comment where I gave a counter view.

As far as I have seen from your posts, unlike one or two here who only have strong opinions on home games and TV games, and who I try to ignore, you go to games. So I do assume your views are considered and not knee jerk. I am not sure why I can’t be given the same benefit of the doubt.

Disagree away until the cows come home, but I am not sure it is fair to assume that I am just making rash statements without any thought behind them.


He wasn’t dropped though. so the debate on this point is irrelevant


Much as I want to see the Cuala lads back I don’t think the play off is the game for them to return. They need time to integrate with the young lads on the team now and I wouldnt expect them to do that properly in a “once off knockout game”. Apart from that they need a break, they have being going non stop since February 2016. It may be better for them to focus on championship rather than the league. Not ideal I would agree but may be worth it in the end.


Still don’t understand why Brendan Tracey hasn’t got a look in in the nets for me the team against Clare:
O Donnell
Cian o c
McBride/daragh o c
Ryan o Dwyer

Is dotsy still injured if not I’d have him in the corner instead of troller


Johnathan Tracey no?


Disappointing result yesterday but a decent performance by the look of it. Clare in the playoffs is a really tough assignment, if it wasn’t for the predictions of plans to expand the top league next year I wouldn’t be hugely hopeful considering how much is at stake. For this Clare team after all that’s happened since 2013 defeat would represent a further descent into territory that would be closer to ‘no return’. Of course that could work in our favour but all things considered I wouldn’t be massively hopeful of a victory with so much at stake, not that there wouldn’t be a huge amount at stake for us too, but we’re very much a transitioning team with it all ahead of us and should bounce back from such a setback.


Don’t think he caught any of his arm, sounded like it was all on the hurl. Gary could argue it was an overly aggressive chop down, which should only have been a yellow. I can see why the ref gave a straight red but for me there was a good deal of subjectivity involved, it wasn’t a black and white call and Maguire was given no benefit of the doubt. I wouldn’t mind knowing under which rule he issued the red and I’m struggling to remember the last player I saw sent off for such a pull on a player in possession of the ball where no injury resulted.

When you compare that to the ref completely ignoring what was a non-negotiable sending off of Hogan grabbing Crummy by the facemask straight in front of him (Rule 5.19 couldn’t be clearer on this), Gary can consider himself a tad unlucky.

Would have been interesting to see how the game would have panned out at 15 each. We were competing well physically and it was encouraging to see our half forward line at least make a battle of it, bearing in mind we were cleaned out there in Portlaoise last year. We did let them in very easily for both goals mind you.

Saying all that, maybe the defeat yesterday will work out better for us. Had we won by a few points, we’d now be facing into playing them in Nowlan next Sunday. At least this way it’s Clare and a 50/50 chance of home advantage.



Agree re Higan incident. Happened right in front of me and only few yards from the ref. Can’t agree re McGuire. He didn’t just pull across Blanchfield he. basically assaulted him with the hurl. Damn stupid thing to do. No need for it.

Re next weekend is it likely this’ll be fixed for Sun pm? With footballers up in Clones this would kill the crowd for it if we got home draw.


Soft Red IMO.


Sure there will be bugger all of a crowd for it anyway. Dublin supporters seriously outnumbered in Parnell yesterday.


Didn’t think we were outnumbered. Big KK crowd in stand but terrace on far side close to full with 90% Dublin supporters. Big difference in noise when we scored v KK score.

Personally would want to go to both games so will be disappointing to miss one of them


Clare playing at home to Meath in football at 3 next weekend. Being the last game I think it has to start at same time as other games.
So if we are away might be a chance it is on the Saturday or else 1pm on the Sunday.
Although hopefully we get home advantage so avoids all that!!


When do we know if it’s home or away?


The game seems to be next Saturday at 7.00pm (the Allianz League Prediction thing has it at that time anyway).


No lights in Cusack Park so might only be Saturday at 7 if we are at home.


This afternoon apparently.


hugely important - at home i’d be confident, down in cusack park not so much.