NHL1A Round 5, Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday March 26th


Christ its hard to listen to that lead commentator. Ive heard a few bad ones over the years , this chap is a different level. Keeps interrupting Larkin . I mean he wasnt a bad player in his day you’d think he’d let him finish a sentence.


Hard going alright. He’s obsessed with the dimensions of the pitch. Sounded like a shemozzle after 10 minutes. The commentary team did a wenger on it.


It’s about to get ugly fast. They have an extra man and the wind.

And then we get a goal!



Hogan grabs Crummy by face mask in front of ref. No card. 30 secs later scores point.


Getting nothing out of this ref. Really one sided. Still in it despite him.


This Donal Burke lad can hurl a bit ? For those who lacerated him the last day . Just look at that performance today


Great display by the Young lads who were written off in January. They are doing themselves proud despite being a man down.Things can only get better when the full panel is available.
One would have to question Gary Maguire’s ability to deal with pressure, might be time for him to think about his future. He is no use to anyone getting a red card.


I fancy us to beat Clare with a full deck .
That was a really good performance today . One of our experienced players had s moment of rashness unfortunately


There was only one person writing off players and he doesn’t post on this message board I don’t think.

It was a good display but we’re still seventy minutes from safety. I don’t know who suggested not starting Burke but he starts every game for me. Quinn was excellent too. And then he was taken off when there was sill only a goal in it. Team still has too many passengers in the forwards. And someone needs to knock the selfishness out of Dillon. He’s a ball hog and it’s killing us in terms of not setting up goal chances.

Maguire was just beyond daft. Handed KK the game. And unfortunately that’s becoming a habit in big games for this team.

Cuala lads essential if we want to stay up.


Was following on twitter couldn’t get it on the wireless over here.
Who were the standouts for us? What positives do we take into the playoff?


Burke, Quinn and Crummey were best for me. Rushe and O’Donnell in patches.

A full team with the Cuala lads should certainly have a chance vs. Clare. But the sideline remains unconvincing. Short puck outs with a gale behind you and taking off the likes of Quinn with the game still up for grabs defies belief.

Dooley will be in goal, which doesn’t fill me with confidence. But 2 to 9 keeps us in games against anyone. 10-15 have to step it up if we’re to survive.


We battled bravely and gave it all but our hurling at time very naive and first touch not good enough. Mad stuff from McGuire. Gives Cunningham handy excuse for another defeat.

Anyone know story re who gets home draw fro playoff? Both teams had 3 home games. They had us at home so in terms of fairness we should be at home for this game. Knowing our luck with these things will be coin toss which we invariably lose!


Coin toss or they’ll stick it in Portlaoise or Nowlan park for “fairness”.


It’s a toss of a coin




As long as Ger Cunningham isn’t providing the coin we might have a chance😉


Burke, Crummy (smashing point from midfield in the 1st half a standout), Rushe. Quinn’s forays a real positive too.
Positives - the fight shown by our lads all through. Impressive really when you consider the questions/doubts about calls/decisions on the line. Promising when you consider the Cuala contingent are just coming back in.

Not sure why ROD spent such time on the half-fwd line when having had him operate at FF seems to reap more rewards.


Was Burke on frees? David Treacy was very solid in the club final last week, if he comes in and goes back on frees does that take a little pressure off Burke and allow him relaxe more. Schutte you’d imagine will add something up front.
I see Alan mentioned above about Dillons selfishness at times, I think a good forward should have that but he needs to learn when to let the ball go, it’s a criticism I’d of had of him also.


Yeah I don’t know if Dillon will learn at this point .

Burke is as good as I’ve seen at that age.


Yep, he was. Think he only missed one effort although I’m open to correction on that.