NHL1A Round 5, Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday March 26th


Any sign of a team being named?


BE cannot receive any form of subvention for Expessway, yet they have to abide by the NTAs directions and stop in every two bit town en-route, unlike the private operator who can travel drect.



Thanks - so he’s not starting any of the Cuala lads - probably the right call but i wouldnt be surprised if there’s a raft of changes tomorrow.


Really not sure about that set McBride was a relative success at half forward, I wouldn’t be taking him out if it. Quinn at half back seems strange.

Burke played every game and is dropped now, which is typical enough Cunningham to totally push with an idea and then completely reverse.

But, it is very likely that this won’t be the way they line out, as this seems the way now. So no great point commenting really until we see how it does go.

In fairness too, he might have made a strategic decision that this result isn’t important, in which he is possibly right (well ‘right’ in the context of all the previous poor results).


When did Ben Quinn join Crokes?


There will be changes to that team.


And I presume you know for sure that Burke isn’t carrying a knock?? Even if he’s not, I really see no issue with us not throwing a young lad who has a had a frantic few years playing on every different team possible, straight into also playing every league game in what is a very high intensity league. If Cunningham feels Burke needs a break, that’s fair enough for me. And as I said again, are you certain he isn’t carrying a knock or are you just so desperate for a chance to give out about GC again that you don’t really care?


Unfortunately the hurling threads are just pure rancour and innuendo these days .

I think it will be another defeat tomorrow but hopefully a good performance.


I’d like to see our best team out tomorrow. Without Burke and McBride for a start it’s not our best team in my view.


McBride starting in midfield (expect he’ll swap with mcmoreow


I really believe this talk about of a restructure of league to 8 teams will only come about if KK are at any risk of going down! I could be wrong But that’s my take on it!


Is this a ticket only game


Yeah - will be a van in lane I’m sure


On rte yesterday Derek mcgrath seemed to suggest that a change in the league was happening.


Match on TV or even radio?


It’s on kclr if interested.




What was maguires red for anyone?


Striking with hurl. Fn gobsh1tr! He’s finally back in team and he does that. Well done Gary.