NHL1A Round 5, Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday March 26th


We need to stop talking about Con, Danny, Cormac, Kilkenny etc. They are gone. All we can do is try to keep it from happening continuously into the future.


My point was he looks like playing tomorrow evening, very soon after club champ win, so we might see one or two of the cuala contingent at the weekend.


Apologies Tayto. I completely misinterpreted that. Fair play.


I can whinge about him playing football if you’d like :stuck_out_tongue:


If we beat Kilkenny we have a chance of avoiding the relegation play off altogether. i.e. If Waterford lose heavily to Clare in Ennis and Cork lose to Tipp.
If Waterford and Clare draw and Cork lose we finish ahead of Cork on the head to head.

Even if we don’t avoid the playoff, I think you have to go for the win against Kilkenny. Getting the win is a different matter.


Bus / train strike is not going to help people get there.


F*ckers are killing their own jobs all to satisfy a self-serving union.


Nonsense. This is down to Fine Gael and it’s preference for capitalist, market-driven economies. There was a state subvention to the company which was slashed a few years ago. This is the result of that. FG want the whole thing privatised. Get rid of the busses that don’t make a profit. Who cares about people who need services. As Maggie said, ‘There’s no such thing as society’…until you need a bus, or a hospital bed, or a search and rescue helicopter.


Does the Expressway service get a government subvention or just the local routes that private operators wouldn’t touch with a barge pole?


But it’s also down to previous governments caving in to wage demands of the unions during the Celtic Tiger era. NOT that I am defending this current government in any way or disagreeing with you. Train drivers and bus drivers under the CIE umbrella of companies get paid way too much, in my opinion.


They’ll be replaced by bots soon enough.


Not too many Dubs will need a Bus Éireann bus to get to Parnell so there should be no excuse for the home fans


haha … i was thinking of the poor unfortunate kk fans


The problem is that if we win, we put KK in the play off with us and Kilkenny are not going to lose a relegation play off. It is unlikely Waterford would lose by 8 points, so the chances of surviving with a win are low enough. Playing that crazy selection against Tipp has come back to haunt us now on score difference.

Back under Daly we had a sort of similar situation and we put out a weakened team against Waterford (back when they weren’t so good), and by losing to the them we put a strong Galway team into the play off with us - which was a mistake I thought at the time. But this time, losing might not be. I would fancy us in a play off against the likes of Cork.

But miracles do happen, so we will live in hope…


tricky one, isnt it but then even if we do get relegated it looks like the league might be restructured (which makes sense)


Yer man Ciaran Murphy wrote a good piece about this the other day in the Oirish Times. Was saying Galway may end up 9th and therefore playing teams well beneath their standard and hammering them. Some valid points made here …


People have mentioned that here, but I am not really seeing it anywhere else…


Has definitely been referred to by some pundits. Definite rumblings among the hurling fraternity.


Hopefully so, as it maybe our best chance. But I am not without hope yet on staying up regardless. We are getting a team together now, more by accident then design, but still it is coming together a little.


Saw an article about it as well, Sunday times maybe ( when they can be arsed with GAA)