NHL1A Round 5, Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday March 26th


Id have O’Callaghan at fb every time. Some players are born for central positions and he’s one. He’s also a defender first so let him take the central position. O Donnell has tons of hurling and running so let him sweep up. They pull a man out,happy days,o Donnell free man hovering up everything and o Callaghan squeezing the life out of the poor sod who’s left inside.other way round would diminish the influence of both players. O Donnell at times looks like a one man charge of the light brigade ( a more successful one I might add ) so let him do his thing. If he was fb,a cute lad would take him away from the play altogether to nullify his influence. Fb is too disciplined a roll for someone like him. Id see him improving even more playing in the corner alongside o callaghan. Both are all star material.


I’m sure we can ask Humphrey Kelleher how he’s fixed. A lot of posters would be happier


Funny you mention him as Cunningham is only a little less divisive.


bring back the donnycarney roar


Is that your nickname for tommy naughton?


I find O Callaghan very interesting in that he doesn’t seem to do a lot of hurling in a game, but usually his man does a lot less, which is the point of a full back. But, I think he has limitations to his game, where O Donnell has very few. But it might be a case that O Donnell can handle the corner position better then O Callaghan, so it would be better with O Callaghan at 3 and O Donnell at 2.

On Tayto’s post above, I think the full forward line is our weakest, so I would put Shutte in there to shore it up a bit. I would have Treacy in the middle of the field, he doesn’t win enough ball to take up a forward position, but is still worth having on the field. He is worth a point or two extra on the frees then Burke (although Burkes day will obviously come on the frees). Barrett, Boland etc. also options. Boland was one of the best U21s in the country two years ago, injury seems to have hampered him a bit, but there is no reason he can’t be a star in the future.


I know you are only up to devilment - but the short answer is no!


I think Wifi is - he has all the answers


I wonder will any new Cuala players get used by Cunningham this Sunday. He could potentially use Sean Moran and Jake Malone, neither have played Senior Inter-County hurling as far as I know but both were superb throughout Cuala’s run. Both tough players.

Maybe Jim Gavin would be kind enough to offer Con for one dig out too :relaxed:


better off losing this one. I know it’s terrible to say that but we’ll just end up playing them again


Surely the Cuala lads will be given a bit of a break


We would probably be better off avoiding KK in a relegation match. With the cuala lads back and hopefully refreshed you’d fancy dublin against Clare/Cork or maybe even Waterford.


Given that a loss at the weekend, means we might avoid KK in the relegation match, i’d be inclined to leave them out of this one!


Whats the date for the relegation match?


As far as I know it’s the first weekend of April but stand to be corrected on it.


Does head to head come into play at all?


yes if it’s two teams. Three teams = score difference


Do under 16s need tickets for the game on Sunday? I know it’s free in for them but are tickets needed anyway?


We should be going all out to beat Kilkenny on Sunday with whatever team we have. We need to get past this ’ we’ll never beat them in a playoff’ thinking. Sure Kilkenny never lose replays…only they did…to us. Plus a league final. We have a better record against them in the last ten years than might be evident. We must go out confident of winning and of beating them twice if necessary. Otherwise forget it.


Notice Con is named to line out for the u21 footballers tomorrow night. Then again he played for them a few weeks back.