NHL1A Round 5, Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday March 26th


Team and subs with age from Qfinal vs Tipp 2014

Average age starting 15= 26.7

Nolan 29

Durkin 27
Kelly 25
Corcoran 32

Hiney 30
Rushe 24

Keaney 31
McCaffrey 26

Rod 28
McCrabbe 28
Danny 22

Treacy 24
McCormack 26
Cronin 20


Dotsy 30
Boland 26
Ryan 25
McMorrow 24
Dillon ?22


Not entirely ready for zimmer frames!


Yes but add 3 to each figure and you get an old team even if the individuals could still be considered reasonably young.


Relating to your post, I have read a fair amount on this and there seems to be agreement that players are at the peak of their powers at around 25. The previous poster said the average for that team was 26.5 in Daly’s last year. And you have decided that if they were all three years older than that they’d all be too old. However, the claim was about Daly. The evidence is that in Daly’s last year, they were not too old.


Thank you. And people are saying this should be the nucleus going forward ?


I dont think anyone said that.