NHL1A Round 5, Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday March 26th


@Iomaint Who was lecturing you on hurling? As I said I wasn’t even responding to your post, it just happened to be following yours.


Closer? Yes. Would we win one? Probably not.


I’d agree tayto, think it time all these treads talking about this player that player why isint he playing he should be playing just get on with it yes it would be great to have everyone at are exposile but unfortunaly it’s not the case, these players don’t have to play if they don’t want to it’s an amateur game. So just support the lads no matter what, they are doing there best in every game they go out to represent our county, were in a relegation play off so what it coulda been so different if we had off pipped Waterford and Clare but we didn’t. Who knows down the line it might be different and we could be talking all Ireland finals, cause these lads don’t fear any team it’s just a learning curve but it will come good fingers crossed.


Hurling is always a bitchfest here … is it not the man’s game?

Anyway I love it … who needs enemies like Kerry and Mayo when you have your own tearing a strip off each other. I don’t even go for a pint on Fridays any more. I just save up all the hurling threads, get a bag of cans and read the blood sports.

So far I’ve picked up Ger is a great bloke as well as useless, loads of lads left because they were too old or personality clashed, people are jealous of Cuala, Ciaran Barr is not forgotten 30 years later while probably every Dublin hurler of the era is, you cannot discuss Fionntan Mac Gib unless you can spell his name, Liam Mac plays for Vins and our wristiness is the match of any.


Don’t forget the dark days when John Bailey managed the team… :persevere:


@Rochey you had to lower the tone and mention Bailey…


Yet again the Dublin hurler’s name is misspelled. Or maybe your phone hasn’t got a fada.
It’s like a bag of cats in here all right!


I prefer a bag of cans. An tUasal MacGib has no fada on his social media accounts either, (Brendan Cummins only had a poc fada mind you!)

I expect he’ll get a bollocking for that from some here … :open_mouth:


The Hurling side of the forum is quickly becoming toxic…


Did you read the football u21 thread last night?


One of Cuala’s worst contibutions to Dublin hurling, we can only apologise.


The good far outweigh that bad.




Yes, Daky was wrong, he was starting to give the likes of McMorrow and Dillon game time, but it was probably too slow - but two wrongs don’t make a right. It was definitely time for some players to move on after Daly, but not the ones who did.

Playing three young lads against Tipp was just stupid. Cunningham obviously thought it wasn’t a good idea when he had Con O Callaghan on the panel when he was just out of minor and he didn’t even tog him out for games - which was probably correct.

When this team turns good, and it will, Cunningham is going to get credit for bringing them on etc. But Burke, McBride etc. were always going to come. Why Barrett and Boland aren’t coming on also is a big worry though…


cant blame cunningham on the catalogue of injuries bennett and boland have racked up to date


Well Cian has been injured for 12 months- but …sure the conspiracy theories ar ebetter


I didn’t…


I think one of the definitions of conspiracy theories is seeing meaning in stuff that was never there in the first place…


Never said you did in fairness


true enough!