NHL1A Round 5, Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday March 26th


If he improves his stick work he could offer something . It’s a huge step up . Ben Quinn didn’t look at this level in my opinion a couple of months ago but he’s really grown into it now and looks a good option .

I love mc gibs work rate but he spoils it at times with slow stick work . I wouldn’t write him off yet


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Ben Quinn didn’t look at this level in my opinion a couple of months ago but he’s really grown into it now and looks a good option.[/quote]

Quinn showed a few signs of being a tidy hurler i thought, but then he’d make a mistake, he’s cutting out the issues now as he gets used to the level. Whats the craic with his brother? He scored well on O’Byrne and hasn’t been seen since?


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Takes a full year to adapt to this level coming from a club outside the top bracket in Dublin which consists of 3 teams currently in my view


Agree it takes time to adapt, i always go on about Peter Kelly, who for all his underage pedigree and obvious ability, took a fair bit of time till he looked comfortable at senior.


Yes,we had this before and I find it hard to believe that you have difficulty with spelling a 6 letter name.I am not interested in your opinion of him as a player but you could try to spell his name properly.Also I think that you have a hard neck calling me a whinger when for the past year you have done nothing but whinge about Ger Cunningham. Losing the plot because I ask you to spell his name properly? Get a grip!


This meant for Alan?


Yes. Every toy shagged out of the pram because I spelled a lad’s name wrong.

I should be sent to the International Criminal Court for such a heinous crime.

It’s not what you asked. It’s the way you asked it.

And I did ‘try’ to spell his name right as you suggest. But I got it wrong. Sorry I don’t have time to look up the spelling of every name I might use in the day.

Get a grip indeed.


Maybe you can outline where I’ve said anything negative


That was a reply to Alan not you. Unlike him I will not criticise a player who pulls on the Dublin jersey because I think that they give 100% in every game.Anyone who was watching Dublin this year could see that Fionntán,when he was picked,spent a lot of time in mid-field and in defence and was obviously under orders.The lads doing the TG4 commentary thought that too.As regards the constant sniping at Ger Cunningham does anyone here think that Daly would have picked Dónal Burke this year?


Does anyone here think Daly would have needed to, having alienated and cast aside so many good hurlers? No is the answer. There was nothing heroic about having to pick 3 lads who are in sixth year in school, to face the All Ireland champions. Cunningham painted himself into a corner.


So if we can’t discuss a player’s pros and cons what are we doing here at all? It’s quite clear you know the guy. It’s nothing personal. I just don’t think he’s good enough. That’s not a criticism. It’s just an opinion. If you can’t accept that then we should probably all just put on cheerleader costumes.

If Daly was still around he would certainly have introduced some younger lads. He would have had no choice.


Personally I think Daly should’ve started introducing younger players earlier in his management of Dublin and got rid of some of the older player, not all the blame falls on Cunningham’s shoulders.

In relation to Fionntán MacGib, his speed and work rate this season have been immense and one of the highest on the panel so far,and Daly also commented on this. Although Daly pointed to an improvement needed in his shooting skills.

Not all of our forwards have had high scoring records this season, a lot of our scores have come from Midfielders and half back lines.


Donal Burke can play a bit though.

Daly was too much the other side - he never used any young players at all


So which players would you have got rid of Liam, if you were Daly? Who would you have brought in? Would you have played three sixth years against Tipperary? If you wouldn’t, then you agree with me that it was wrong. Simple as. I hope Vinnie’s are treating you well since you left Setanta.


That’s not the point. Even Daly’s mother couldn’t argue that he left his successor with an ageing team with most of them in their late 20’s early 30’s.

Especially when you consider 2014 ended in a hiding in Thurles against tipp


Sorry chief but if you look back, you’ll see that I was replying to an assertion about Burke. I made the point that Cunningham left himself no choice but to throw young lads in at the deep end. The conversation did not involve Anthony Daly. The way Paddy Smyth, for example, was treated by Cunningham was dreadful. End of. It’s nothing to do with whether Daly brought in young lads or not- and I accept that he didn’t. It’s that if Cunningham had not treated his adult players the way he did, he would not have had to resort to sacrificing teenagers against Tipp. I’ll take no lectures from Liam on any aspect of hurling either.


Sorry you brought up the point about young players. It was pointed out Daly didn’t leave the new manager much choice . And he didn’t really. No other county operates with a team in the 29-33 bracket at this level.


No I didn’t. Another poster mentioned Burke. It’s also a massive exaggeration to suggest Daly’s panel were all between 29 and 33. Do you have stats on that?


With the players that have walked or dropped if they wore still there does anyone think we would be any closer to winning an all Ireland.


Jesus who rattled your cage Chief.
My response was to another two posters not yours, but, now that you asked.
From memory I think Barrett was one of the only young players introduced at the latter stages of Daly’s tenure, there was a host of U.21s he could’ve brought in to give them a taste of Senior Hurling. I think Keaney & Carton should’ve gone earlier IMO, and I believe people are still allowed to express their opinions on this forum.Cunningham’s use of the 3 lads v Tipp was outrageous and yes I would agree with you on that point.

How I’m doing in Vinnies I don’t think is any of your business or anyone else’s on this forum, and if you can only resort to personal attacks then I’ll leave you to it.