NHL1A Round 5, Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday March 26th


Point taken, I was not at anytime defending the strike but more his character. I have had him coach our lads at stages throughout the years and quiet and mild mannered are his traits.


Absolutely. He is a mild mannered guy and a sound man, and helps out a lot with underage, whether it’s presenting medals or a bit of coaching. But make no mistake Gary can mix it on the pitch if need be. Every inter county hurler needs to.
And agree with your sentiment. That type of strike is totally out of character.


Haven’t seen the strike me self but have heard from different lads and from reading on here it was pretty wild.
I would echoe sentiments that its completely out of character for Gary and I’m pretty sure he’ll be the harshest critic of himself today.
We seemed to cope quite well up until midway through the second half, what was the sidelines reaction to the sending off? What tactical changes did they make to being a man down?
It’s things like this I’d be critical of Cunningham, he doesn’t seem to make the right calls sometimes when there’s tactical adjustments to the game required.


I think it was a brain fart on Garys part. No more no less. It was a clear as day red card incident. Out of character, but just shows even with all the accolades and experience a player like him has, a rush of blood to the head can catch us all out at times. Still learning and im sure he learned a lesson on Sunday. I dont think there is an awful lot more to it


Straight red warrented. What I saw in Parnell was confirmed last night in the slow mo. Blanchfield saw the strike coming and actually moves the hurl up to protect himself. Had he not done that he could have easily gone down with a broken arm . I’ve seen Gary clean out lads in club championship hurling too so the sentiment expressed that’s he’s acted out of character holds no water with me. Happy enough with yesterday. Previous Dublin teams would have folded yesterday playing with a man down and against the wind against Kilkenny. Crummy was immense. Turning into a real leader in a vital section of the field. Midfield was impressive yesterday. Workrate was good. The day you make Buckley look like the fourth best midfielder on show you are doing something right. Barrett is a good hurler but still has to learn to be consistent. Cuala lads will bolster the defense. O Connell has done nothing at intercounty level to suggest he would improve yesterdays display. The one cuala forward that would make a serious and immediate difference,Colm Cronin,isn’t available. Sean Tracey isn’t available either. He’s improving all the time and his workrate has come on in leaps and bounds this season. He’s also a hardy little fella who can ship a knock. With that Id leave the forwards as is. Better backs should mean more possession and if we play a direct game we’ll beat Clare. Changing the forwards now will be counterproductive.


Sorry but the idea that playing Treacy and Schutte would be counter productive is nonsense, especially when we are fielding the likes of McGib, who is just too limited and makes no impact on the score board.


Mark Schutte and David Treacy have to come in. Both have been up and down at county level the last few years but they have delivered in championship for Dublin previously. And they have just won All Ireland medals FFS.


Any truth in rumour that Cuala lads are going on a team holiday this week?


RTE Radio reported that Cuala lads back with Dublin this week. So I hope not.


With regards Cuala lads coming on board for Sunday! I heard Darragh O Connell might have a problem with his hamstring!


Think P Schutte also played the final with a broken finger


Will his brother be back at all. I’m told a serious doubt


There is talk of them going on a team holiday but no dates or location set afaik.


Going today according to what I’m hearing


Not nonsense at all. Bring them in if needed but back the lads that have played so far this year. See how they go and if they win you’ve suddenly got serious competition for championship places. Drop lads and the competition for spots is compromised. This idea that lads should automatically walk into an intercounty starting 15 is nonsense,especially players who cant tackle at that level. Tracey and schutte are two of our softest players when it comes to the defensive side of the game. They like ball in front or ball in the loose but in championship they’ve both been found wanting. Their scoring stats from play says it all. Go with the young lads,put the pressure and the two cuala lads and see if there is any improvement. This wont go down well with the cuala fanboys on this site,but anyone with half a brain can see that when the championship comes round certain players clam up.


All Ireland club medals. I’m talking intercounty hurling.


You think McGib is a better forward than Schutte or Treacy?

Lose this and we could be stuck in 1B for years like Limerick. So forgive me if I want our best team on the pitch. Suggesting Schutte is soft is absolute nonsense.


Christ on a bleedin bike.


That’s twice you have had a go at Fionntán MacGib and I suppose it makes a change from your constant slagging of Ger Cunningham.However,would it be too much trouble for you to get his name right? It is Mac Gib not McGib.


You do your argument no favours by constantly whinging about people who get his name wrong. People often spell my second name with an e rather than an o at the end. I don’t constantly lose the plot with everyone who does so. And it’s a far more common name than MacGib.

He’s not good enough for inter county in my view. He doesn’t score at all basically. And he’s certainly surplus to requirements with the Cuala players back. That’s the issue and I’m sorry if that upsets you.