NHL Round1: Dublin v Tipperary 5pm Sat, 11/02/2017 Croke Park


Donal Burke has been taking most. Donie Fox taking longer range ones. Both are as dependable as Paul Ryan as a minimum


If it was down to playing ability or performance alone he would more than likely be there still.


The team that was named to start this time last year some change all the same


A lot of that change is down to Cuala’s Leinster win.

Best of luck to the lads today, looking forward to this but worried we’ve just too many new faces all being thrown in together.


Yep could be a behind the couch job


Very very cold and wet and windy in here. May well have a big impact on the game also.


Very Good start 4-1 up. Conditions are very bad.


if anybody has a stream for the match giz a shout/pm me…Hola not working…


5-4 to tipp
O Donnell and Rush doing well to contain. Some of the young lads struggling to get going in conditions. Tipp look rusty. We are still playing this short passing game. Nights like tonight it is hurting us.


Its on Mobdro


Massive breaking news. We are not winning our own puck outs. Which is a huge surprise with a centre forward who is five foot seven. If Dubs win, it will be an accident!!


5 down at half time. Trying short ball is killing us. Conditions worsening. O Donnell having a very good game. Full forward line non existent. Mcmorrow and Quinn are trying hard.


The points re Kelly above ( injury, form etc. ) are only relevant if he was dropped. But he wasn’t - he left because he did not like the manager. So that is really the only issue here. We have no idea in the world if he would have got back fit for the championship. But seeing as he was hurling about 8 months before the start of the 2017 champ, you would have to assume that barring a huge relapse he would have.


The short passing is fucking nauseating to watch. This is exactly what Fitzgerald did to Clare. Our forwards need quick ball to have any chance. Cunningham has no clue about hurling.


Very hard to watch.


8 down. Tipp only look half bothered but are tackling hard in half backline.


Cunningham is going to do serious damage to us before he is finished.


I’ve seen him playing for Lucan . So for me it’s clear cut . Have you ?


Some tipp team though . The forwards are unreal . It’s hard to watch though . Going to be a long campaign


Entirely predictable. Loving/getting rid of the experience we had is inexcusable. Absolutely nothing to be gained throwing in three minors from an only half decent minor team against the All Ireland champions.

Goal for Tipp.

This will be a very long year. The real worry is how it might damage the confidence of the young lads.

And Tipp are barely trying.