NHL Round1: Dublin v Tipperary 5pm Sat, 11/02/2017 Croke Park


Does he strike you as the kind of guy to blame himself?

He’s exactly as advertised.


What were the comments?


Said the players need to look at themselves. He needs to include himself in that analysis

I watched it back myself. The short game doesn’t suit us. We should have the skills for it but unfortunately we don’t . And that’s a failure of our underage programme . But the manager should cut his losses and accept we can’t play it

The team is physically tiny as well. We can’t win aerial ball .

The other issue is the experienced players outside O Donnell were very poor . Half back line was terrible


The fact that You Are counting O’Donnell as experienced, is a sign of how messed up the setup is at this stage!


Completely agreed on that. On that I think o Donnell could be one of the best in the country soon. He’s a fabulous talent

Will we ever have a forward like that


Agree he’s a serious talent - seems to have a great attitude as well.

i think one or two of the forwards did not do themselves justice at the weekend, think they can improve with a bit more time.


The whole of the inter-county hurling section is gone sort of pointless really, not withstanding some excellent posts above. There are people who believe we can’t produce any hurlers, and we are poor because we are just innately poor, the legendary Dublin hurling inferiority complex (‘that’s the difference!’). There are people who believe it is Cunninghams fault (I would tend more towards that view myself), there is sort of a third small mini section who think negativity equals knowledge or something (am not quiet sure of that one really).

But taking some of the main points of this game - starting with three guys who haven’t played U21 yet (have they all even played club senior?). Can’t really be discussed because it tends towards the guys leaving the panel thing, and this will just bring the whole thing around in circles again. And even I agree that that has sort of been done to death now.

Lack of touch / strength in the forwards - again how can it be discussed when everyone can name other lads that have proven in the past they can do it, so again the discussion becomes circular. For the life of me, I am not getting into a discussion about the relative merits of O Sullivan or Burke as a senior player, because they are kids and shouldn’t be open to that (or put in a positon where they might be). I would say though that regardless of how far down the line we have gone selecting guys, they are all good hurlers.

So really, what is the point of the whole thing? It is like asking directions and being told that you shouldn’t start from here. We shouldn’t be starting from here, and probably wont start from here any other year - so the relative merits of which road to take has no meaning really.


It’s all pretty frustrating for sure. Hope for a performance tomorrow.



So this is the spin in action. Cunningham great, Dublin shite. Poor guy trying to educate us in hurling. Utter Bullshit…


Typical arrogant bolloxology from the likes of ORegan. Even when damnng us with faint praise he couldn’t get his facts straight. The semi he refers to we lost to Tipp was by 4 points but never looked like winning it. The semi v Cork was the one we could have / should have won. The dim gobshite has also forgotten or chose to forget that we actually won Leinster.

Nothing to do with the players. Just that Daly squeezed the max out of them. And as for Ger sure he’s a great fella because I’ve met him loads of times. FFS!

What Cunningham us doing to us now is bringing us back to the times that the ‘traditional’ hurling counties (load of arrogant bollox that) laughed at us and our attempts to compete at serious level. To hell with Cunningham for bringing us back to that and the DCB for allowing it to happen.


Always find regans opinions a bit simplistic to be honest and this is no different. Totally ignores the elephant in the room.

Also disagree that the last thing we need is relegation. Teams have gone well from 1b recently, you get a bit of breathing space. The league structure is a joke but I won’t start into that again. What other sport has a league of 5 matches?


Excellently put Hill16, sums it all up very succinctly - better them my long winded BS :grinning:

Tayto > the quote button often doesn’t actually load the quote, it tries for ages, but doesn’t get there. Is this a computer / browser specific thing or has it come up with anyone else?




test - what browser/device are you using? - i have had it take a chunk of the quote a few times but otherwise it seems t be working fine for me - we are due an upgrade, so that might iron out any bugs.


Microsoft Edge - just tried it in Chrome, and it works fine. Must be browser…


there’s your problem right there, they never made a good browser yet - edge is a good PDf reader tho!