NHL Round1: Dublin v Tipperary 5pm Sat, 11/02/2017 Croke Park


Impossible to know, he might have had a different thought process if he’d been inter county hurling the last two years, maybe not but why not go travelling if you’re not going to play for the incumbent anyways.


Last years team that were bet by 14 points

C Dooley; J Boland, E O’Donnell, O Gough; C O’Callaghan, C Crummy, S Barrett; N McMorrow (0-02), J McCaffrey; D Plunkett (0-01), E Dillon (0-01), D Treacy (0-03f); D O’Callaghan (0-01), P Ryan (0-01f), M Schutte (0-01).

Subs: C Cronin (0-01) for Ryan (h.t.), D O’Connell (0-01) for Plunkett (48), O O’Rorke for O’Callaghan (59), F McGibb for McCaffrey (63)


And your perfectly entitled to it. However Johnmy, Joey, Shane and Paul Ryan would definitely have been a big help on Saturday. They should never have been let go when it was fairly obvious given the draw that cuala had a great chance of winning Leinster.


Fair point, goes to show you that bad beatings happen in the league from time to time, we dished out a similar one to Tipp the year before, as we have to lots of other teams which are probably better then us come the summer. That didn’t suddenly mean we were world beaters or that their development panels are in disarray, likewise when we take a bad beating it doesn’t mean we’re barking up the wrong tree or need a root and brand overhaul of everything.


no its not impossible to know.

this year away has been his plan, before ger cunningham was even mentioned as manager…


Well you obviously know him well to claim that it has absolutely no bearing on his decision to go travelling. If he was always going away this year then he must plan ahead a lot more than most people.

The point stands that he is a product of the club coaching and the dev squad system. Which people are saying is broken. Anyone can go travelling if they want to obviously but it’s a pity he has not been hurling with dublin the last couple of seasons, at this rate we’re unlikely to see him hurl for dublin again unfortunately.


I remember sitting in the stand in 2015 thinking that the top lads were fairly round looking and they looked way off the pace in the warm up. And then we whacked them.

Funny thing with The likes of Sutcliffe though, if the same scenario developed with Ciaran Kilkeeny or Connolly I reckon the county board would be camped in their front gardens with the tins of sweets out!!!


They weren’t camped in Rory O’Carroll or Jack Mc Cafftey’s front garden. But maybe the two don’t like sweets.


In my view Johnny and Joey don’t have the pace for this level anymore .


Footballers were never going to miss those two lads really. But you get where I’m coming from???


We’re producing top 4/5/6 sides underage on a reasonably regular basis. We only meet the better munster counties because of our archaic competition structures and come a cropper. Sometimes the margins are small enough. We’d only really know where we truly stand each year if there was a minor league championship where the top 8-10 counties each played one another but that would make far too much sense. It’s pushing on to the next level which is proving to be the really tricky bit, but thats not to say what we’re doing is a complete waste of time.

My point is that watching a ridiculously young team get taken apart by tipp doesn’t mean they system is fundamentally flawed.


I do too a degree CDG but with the commitment required these days - and they are all grown men - then it’s very much a decision for the individual and should be respected.


a 2nd year placement abroad on his masters was always the plan. his target was to win a county senior with Judes before he took the year out abroad. and I wasnt claiming, i was stating…:slight_smile:


okaaay, fair enough. The point is this couldve been a year out, rather than his third year out.


Which he might not recover from.


I hear you, get the point and it’s a fair one but in fairness it was only last year Danny opted out, he stuck at it with a few well known wobbles in 2015.


Two lads that could still be around - fit enough and good enough - Shane Durkin, Paul Ryan.
Leave aside where they would be when championship came around for another day
But last Saturday wouldn’t we have been better off with Durkin and Ryan in there and sparing Paddy Smyth and Cian O’Sullivan that nighmare experience
Even knowing they were facing a weakened Dublin team, Tipp put out a strong side. They’re not throwing in young lads - and they could afford to. Their big impact debutant McCormack is a fairly seasoned player for Thurles and in the panel for a couple of years

Or read Shefflin’s book - when he was long term injured Cody left the door wide open for him. Plenty of scope for him to be around the panel, in and out of things as made sense. Contrast to Peter Kelly, who is the equivalent of Shefflin for Dublin, or close.

those things are about management


You are probably right but they both would have been better than at least 6 players that played the other night Durkin and Paul Ryan too. It is very poor management on Cunningham’s part to have let these lads go when it was obvious that Cuala had a great chance of progressing.,


Fair point RMH.


Only got around to watching League Sunday last night. Didn’t appreciate GC’s comments in his post match interview.