NHL Round1: Dublin v Tipperary 5pm Sat, 11/02/2017 Croke Park


You’ve lost me on that one. Read my post. I said we aren’t AI winners but we have enough to be competitive I.e top 6 team. Cunningham is making sure we are heading well away from top 6. When he goes we will be in poor state.

And btw don’t be so bloody arrogant. How do you know what club / underage hurling I watch or don’t watch? You really don’t do yourself any favours at times.


I can tell from your posts you aren’t watching much of it. Posters saying Peter Kelly is ready for inter county hurling at present etc… It’s clear as day.

We’ll drop to probably 8th from 6th. Tipp, Galway, Waterford and Kilkenny are well ahead of everyone. The sort of skills deficit we saw last night won’t be arrested when he goes. But it makes far more sense not to appoint anyone from the Big 3 as managers in future


I’ve never mentioned Peter Kelly.


People saying we should be top6 with no basis whatsoever . Tipp, Kilkenny waterford Galway all ahead, clare and Cork also IMHO as well as Wexford and limerick


Miles behind most of them in all reality. Danny at full throttle would get close to the Tipp team. Most of the rest of our team including people who have departed would struggle to get near the 15 and a lot wouldn’t make the panel.


We are papering over the cracks in Dublin. The development squads are far more help to football than to hurling. For me the argument is over- no dual players on development squads after 16 years of age.
The G.P.Os should be held to account, as should the county board. There are huge swathes of Dublin that have never experienced hurling. In West Dublin and in some newer areas, separate hurling and football clubs should be set up. The bottom line is that we need more lads who only hurl.
If we keep doing what we are doing, we will keep getting what we are getting. Football will continue to keep us down, until we finally decide to do something radical and different. Without 3 particular clubs that are very strong, we would hardly beat Laois. That is terrifying. Change must happen now. Meanwhile, when Cunningham is gone, our next Manager needs to be a decent coach, who actually understands where we are at. He needs to be more like Daly than the present incumbent.


Think some of you are over doing the doom & gloom. Cuala are Leinster champions. We regularly win minor & u21 Leinster titles. And compete at younger age groups more often than not. We needed to rebuild at senior but had maintained 1a status for awhile now. Sure we weren’t close to an all Ireland winning team (arguably might have in 2013) but we weren’t that far off the pace until we started losing players at a much faster rate then we can hope to replace them.

We have dished out a few trimming to the likes of tipp in the league over the years, and even made Kilkenny look average on occasion. We’re we lacking skill those days?


Can you explain our disastrous record against Munster counties in minor, u21 and senior. Leinster just has Kilkenny in it. That’s it I’m not sure its a great barometer and why I’d allow Galway in at minor and u21 tomorrow in Leinster if I could.

Take Con off the cuala team and where would they be. He won’t be playing hurling for Dublin at senior ever.


That’s not strictly true. The development squads are getting players that have been coached by the clubs in Dublin. The main deficit in hurling skill development starts there. Unfortunately in Dublin, the lack of hurling tradition and general knowledge about the game or the skills of the game is the main problem. Every club has mentors coaching both hurling and football teams at the one age group. Whilst football is far easier to coach, hurling is not and they struggle with that. The short passing stuff that every team is doing at the moment is predominantly down to the small sided game model that has just arrived into coaching for the last 6-8 years. You would think that a raft of young lads are great at striking the ball long…not the case!! Even up in our place folks think you can give equal time to hurling and football for skill development. That speaks volumes about the general understanding of the game in Dublin

GPO’s are in the main used by clubs to recruit from the local schools. Yes, they work well within the club structures, but their main focus is from under 10 down if you ask me. Once again, good hurling GPO’s are few and far between.


Very good points. In the hurling strong counties, football is either not played or only certain clubs play either code. Dual clubs in dublin are not seen to the same extent outside of the capital. Just one example. KilKenny can play off all their football in the space of 2 months. More time spent on hurling skill development from primary, secondary school level and then club. Solely focused on hurling.
Also GPOS in Dublin spend 90% of their time working with 4 to 12 years olds and early stage coach development. Recruitment and coach education are primary aims.


Unfortuantely 100% accurate.

The performance against Tipp summed a lot of it up. Tipp are the mirror image of us. Lots of good young players but when push comes to shove they are hurlers first and football is an after thought. Now i know tipp footbal has improved but realsitically they are not a top 6 and wont be for a while.

i think were better offf having a guy 100% commited to hurling on a development panel, coach him and give him time and it will be better in the long run than a fella who jumps to footbal at 18 -19.

Everything about Tipp was better than us striking, first touch and on field intelligence, but more surprisingly our physical conditioning. In all the 50/50 challenges Tipp brushed dublin lads aside.

I’m not going to spend 2017 bitching anymore about GC. There’s no point, to be honest i’ve written the year off. We will more than likely be relegated and more than likely get them same inept championship run. After it took so long to get to hurlings top table and the struggle to compete its a crying shame to see what has become of Dublin Hurling. County Board have to take the biggest share of the blame in all of this.


That’s true, what’s the point of putting loads of hurling coaching resources into a lad at 16/17/18 if he only ever picks up a hurl for his club after minor. It’s a shame to tell young lads they have to make a choice between the two but I think it’s a necessary evil at this stage.


You can add lack of club facilities to that list. Dozens of kids jammed into a hall or five a side soccer pitch being told not to hit the sliotar too hard or it’ll go over the fence. Makes it a lot easier for the coach to do some kind of small sided possession game. And whatever about the lack of pitches, the councils should be able to sort out more hurling walls; if they’ve any money left over after building new stadia for Shamrock Rovers/Bohs/Shels, etc.


Being second to the ball
Being pushed off the breaking ball
Being unable to catch the ball
Being slow to transition from ball in hand to the shot
Quality ball into the forwards

Tipp were miles ahead of us in all of the above. It would be interesting to know what the focus has been on in training.

You do need to take account for the conditions. I was under cover in the Hogan and really felt bad for the lads being out there taking a hiding on an awful night. I’d image a massive occasion for a lot of those young lads was turned into a really sour experience.

In summary Tipp were in serious form and have obviously been working hard at both conditioning and skills which left us outclassed on the night. Its not the first time i’ve seen this happen and on a number of occasions it was under Dalo.

It would be interesting to hear what the lads who walked away have to say. Personally i would find it difficult to stand aside on pride while my county was being taken apart in Croke park when there was something i could do about it. GC will be gone at the end fo the year, thats inevitable now, so surely 5 or 6 of the exiles could swallow their pride for the next 6 months?


The exiles the team needs are Danny , shane durkin and a fit Peter kelly . The rest would be nice to have but I wouldn’t see them making a massive difference . You could add Paul Ryan as a freetaker as well.


And Colm Cronin, and Sean Treacy and Johnny McCaffrey.


Personally not for me . But that’s just my opinion


Could attribute a lot of that to it being a bunch of kids a playing against the all ireland champions in a lot of cases it being their competitive debuts .Even the likes of O’Donnell is only in his second year.


lads do ye really think that the reason Danny is in New York is ger Cunningham, he was away this year no matter who was managing end of story


Danny Sutcliffe, Shane Durkin, Paul Ryan, Peter Kelly (if he gets back fully fit), Mark Schutte, David Tracy, Paul Schutte, Dotsy, Cian O’Callaghan, Oisin Gough, Colm Cronin, Darragh O’Connel … would all improve this team in one way or other, If nothing else just in terms of physicality, leadership and experience. No little skill either. Lads like Bennett, Rian McBride, Bennett, Cian Boland, and/or Jake Malone are better positioned to make the step to senior then some of the young lads who have been thrown in.

Just saying we shouldn’t go making sweeping statements that the development panels are a total write off on the basis of being down so many players for a variety of reasons. The league is going to be tough, at least until we get a few of the above back, lets not have an existential crisis over it! Even Kilkenny would suffer missing that many players … well, maybe not kilkenny.