NHL Round 4 Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday 12 March 2pm


need to change something in the HF line, losing every puck out


Would actually like to see us going back to playing it short around the middle. It was doing that that got us on top early in the half. We’ve started just aimlessly lumping the ball long and aren’t winning anything.


Who’d take the draw now???


Fox is not the only one struggling to pick the ball up


Need a freetaker ! This is Clare’s to lose


Same old same old. Can’t pick a ball up.


Sounds like you’ll only be satisfied if we lose.


Missed frees are killing us


What are you talking about? You drinking?


To be fair to Bennett he’s had a few tough ones & has done pretty well


Keep fighting lads. Put the bodies on the line,win the frees and we might get something out of this.




Frees at this level are dead certain scores. We can’t afford to be missing what we have missed, not enough importance put on them in my view :flushed:


Careful now or you’ll be classed as abusing people or wanting Clare to win!


So lads, how are we going to blame Cunningham for all 6 forwards total inability to win their own ball???


Banks have been Herculean . Forwards have been abject


Forwards need to be sharper reacting to ball no doubt about that


Manager’s job to get players up to standard. And maybe not alienate those who are.

We’ll badly need the Cuala lads for the relegation play off.


■■■■ sake shouldn’t have lost that.


So in all the weaker counties it’s the managers fault for not getting the players up to required standard?? Name the alienated players that could come in to the half forwards and catch a puc out? And not Sutcliffe, he’s not there because he doesn’t want to be.