NHL Round 4 Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday 12 March 2pm


As I said use the ignore button


Clare getting frees that were not, that was some catch by O’Donnell.


Ref is,acting the goat. Ben Quinn mauled over beside us and a score for Clare. Clare backs going thru the backs of lads and no frees. Watch this space.


Ah where is Paul Ryan


I’m not a child don’t need to ignore anyone.

You better show me where I abused someone though or else apologise




Criminal stupidity there. Blessed to get away with it.

Killing ourselves with mistakes.


Got away with that.


Game on. Come on Dublin.


Short puck outs. Short stupid passes across the full back line. Not having a decent fee taker. The mad friggin world of Ger Cunningham hurling.


Ger Cunningham definitely invented short puck-outs and short passing alright.


With a keeper who cannot find his man.

Crazy stuff.


You’ll be waiting for an apology as long as Hadrian was waiting to build his wall


Sure we can’t catch a cold up front


Speaks volumes about you then, I abused nobody I stated fact on a players free taking which for some reason you are taking personally, realation of player perhaps?

Again show me the abuse or shut up


Half forward line haven’t won a ball when we go long, and Dooley hasn’t given a short puc out away, can hardly blame him.


Read back your post . Now kindly piss off


Great free from Bennett


Exactly . Our half forwards couldn’t catch it unmarked today . They’ve been dreadful


I know what I posted, you know your wrong and have shown yourself to be a twat