NHL Round 4 Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday 12 March 2pm


Your post is out of line in my view . Paddy Andrews took one of the worst penalties I’ve seen in a long time last week and my granny would have scored the rebound . Yet nothing said about him here !
Burke is 19 he had a bad day . The two very experienced players beside him have won 5 balls between them . Mc Gibb hasn’t done much either .


Agreed, Dillon needs to come out and use his pace more, I think the idea in the first half was right just the execution let us down sometimes.


He’s the free taker. He’s missed several handy frees over the course of the league, handy not difficult. Some, on here, claim he’s the best free taker around, no evidence of that yet. He’s an inter county hurler doesn’t matter if he’s 19 or 90 he shouldn’t be missing handy frees. No defending it. If he’s not up to it admit it and let someone else go at them.

And please don’t quote football incidents at me I don’t care for football and what was or wasn’t said about footballers.


We’re now playing a sweeper.

I give up.


Serious test for the lads. Interesting half ahead.


Let’s just agree to ignore each other . You can abuse people in your own time


He has to change the forwards . At least 2 more changes required


Abuse? Grow up will ye. There was no abuse of anyone ye big softie


Ben quinn developing into a fine hurler


Great score ben Quinn…


Quinns best strike in a Dublin jersey there


Better stuff.


Playing it smarter now


Ya boy troiller


Great score from Dillon


Just don’t give away any silly soft goal now


Who is Dublin 22? Can’t pick a ball up.


Fox from judes isn’t it? Looks like rushe


Playing some lovely hurling, shame about the full forward line. Good ball into them but can’t win it. Also credit to Dooley his puc outs have been very good.


Whatever macgibb lacks in pure talent he makes up for with work rate, great block there