NHL Round 4 Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday 12 March 2pm


Seriously? It’s desperate. How many stupid wides from just lashing the ball as hard as can be. Forwards are desperate in the main.


This is dreadful so far. As much as Burke is a good prospect its just not on to have him on frees and missing chances like that.


This is embarrassing. Junior 7 stuff going on, lash the ball as hard and high as you can and see what happens, sweet jesus


19 29 or 9 years of age that was a shocking miss by Burke yet to see the hype on his free taking be lived up to


That was miles better good score


All things considered that’s a good score for half time. Given ourselves a chance.


He had a bad day . He didn’t kill anyone .


Agree with this. Lads need to relax a bit in here I think.

I don’t think Burke should be on the frees. His confidence is taken knock after knock with them misses.
Is there another free taker on the pitch for us?


Mixed the good with the bad in that half. We got a grip around the middfield. Ball in is better towards the end of that half. 1-6 from play away from home in one half is not bad. 1-3 came from letting the ball in so a bit to improve on but not too bad.


We have as good a defence as any team and McMorrow and Fox are decent midfielders. Our forwards have barely won a ball between them, but we are still ahead. Clare are no great shakes.


Any free taker can have a bad day, hard on a young lad to be breaking into the team & on frees


Yet another poor call by Cunningham putting 19 year old on frees for senior team. Doesn’t do Burke or the team any good.

On chances we should be 8/9 ahead. 5 points not much of a lead. Really need to step up our use of the ball in second half. McMorrow only player we have with any bit of composure on the ball.


I wouldn’t be as harsh on Ryan as some here


Played some of the better ball in


Struggling to make the ball stick in our full forward line. Clare full back is very strong on and off the ball. Would like to see how he fairs with a pacey forward. Biggest problem Clare have is over elaboration. At times there to trying to walk the ball in but maybe the wind is stronger than it appears. McMorrow is class. Hurled well in first half.


Clare seem intent on running at us inside they must feel they can get goals but I think we’re solid and physical enough back there and are happy for them to do this.


I commented on a miss nothing more it was a bad once, another one after the few last week, stop me if I’m wrong on that


A fiver the next lad to say we are missing Paul Ryan…


I expect them to make better use of the wind then we did, we need to play it smart now against the breeze.