NHL Round 4 Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday 12 March 2pm


Looks like it


Forwards not winning any ball so far


Not one … we seem to have a big wind too


Gowan rushy show them how it’s done


Terrible start. With the wind behind us it defies belief that we are not playing a full forward line in its proper position.


Front 6 second to every ball, third sometimes, could be a very long afternoon this


Difference between last nights game and this is frightening. We have to learn to bring our own intensity to whoever we play rather than play what’s in front of us. Forwards are not working hard enough without the ball. Gotta up it.


Rod hasn’t won one ball, how about trying something else?


McGabhann is wasting every ball he gets.


The ball in is absolute shite as well


Huge ball by O Donnell


The ball in is awful, hopefully the goal settles us down


Ball in and shot selection will cost us the game. On top but as usual cannot take simple scores.

Goal notwithstanding Dwyer needs to be off. Or moved.


It’s not that bad o Dwyer is simply having a nightmare . Bar the goal he’s hasn’t won a ball

Desperately poor wides from mc bride , rushe and Mc gabhabn


Some terrible wides could prove costly. I think playing against the wind will suit Dublin better. It’s real hit and hope stuff. Am I the only one thinking Quinns striking is very poor? O Donnell stepping up to the plate again


We’ve no clue how to use the wind, second half might actually suit us more


The last few have picked up alright. There was a lot of aimless ball hit in to them in the first 15 mins. The Clare backs are good today also


Dillon is a top full back to be fair, there’s ball breaking loose and no dub is there to pick it up


Ball in is not that bad, Ryan is out in front of his man but it’s not sticking for him today. Shot selection has been poor. The problems are in the middle of the park where Clare seem to be allowed flute around at will.


what is Mc bride doing there ?