NHL Round 4 Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday 12 March 2pm


Some of us don’t have any interest in the football team.


But Jim is one of our own so it’s alright


So it’s ok to treat players like crap as long as you win. How does that fit into your GAA Employment law model ?
I don’t think Cunningham is a good manager but I’ll judge him on results. Because we don’t have best practice at either code for treating players


I don’t know of any players on the football team who have been treated like some of the hurlers. If I did it would colour my opinion of the football set up. I know of one very well established player (footballer) dropped last year for playing a club game, but he was treated with a bit of respect in doing it, so the issue was dealt with and everyone went on with it.

If it was one player with the hurlers or two, I would say it was an unfortunate clash of personalities, but it is not, it is a lot more. It is also effecting the quality of the team. I don’t think there is a similarity with any instance with the footballers. If the hurlers were winning, I would still be of the same opinion.


can we bring in treatment of minor players under Paddy Christie…forcing them into one code or other


I don’t like that either - but bringing that up here will lead to a world of never ending ‘discussions’…


Sorry yourself and another poster started the employment law conversation
Now can we have an acknowledgment that shoddy treatment of players is acceptable once you win ?


Based on what - everything I said indicated the complete opposite. For some reason you are trying to convince me I believe something I don’t. Good luck with that…


I know the facts. Let’s see who contradicts me. You’ll notice nobody has.

And nobody will

So is it acceptable or not ?


does the same thing not happen at club level with Wat happened with the 6/7 players everybody is mentioning, players leaving the panel due to the manger did they leave or were they dropped. Most players don’t get along with the manger regardless what level you play, were it be county level or junior F for your club. But you play for the love of the jersey weather it a club/county and f##k the manager. So why didn’t the players continue and bring on the young lads if not for the manger but for the county.


Would you ever take a laxative ffs. The point was that some of us are not interested in football and therefore would not be aware of the goings on in that squad. Read what I said. Also, I never mentioned employment law. Your huge fear of losing arguments is leading you to go off on tangents, misrepresent what others have said or employ some other strategy. You make some excellent points on here but you then balls it up by constantly trying to be right and/or have the last word- which is exactly what you’ll want to do now…and I’ll leave it to you.


There are only so many metaphysical arguments my head can contend with in the one day, it appears to have reached over-load now. I genuinely and utterly have no idea what this conversation is about now other then your argument appears to be based on the premise that I actually think something totally different to what I do think. On another planet, in another dimension, you may very well be correct…


Good time to close the thread …


Please do


It’ll only carry on into the next one.

No it won’t.

Yes it will.

Prove it.

Why should I prove it?

Your argument is without basis otherwise and fundamentally flawed.

Shut up.

No… YOU shut up.

Make me.


Feck off.