NHL Round 4 Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday 12 March 2pm


He didn’t take frees for his club or county minor team last year so he’s not in the habit of doing so. Give him time, he has and will again come good, serious prospect.


What you have highlighted just shows how flawed the system is.


Last year Cork lost 5 matches out of 5 in the League Rounds. Galway lost just two and were relegated. Ridiculous.


To the best of my knowledge he walked away, he was called up to the panel but went to the US instead for the summer. I am sure there is a back up story and it is not as cut and dried as that, but everyone has a back story, including the Dublin lads he was criticising in a recent interview.


But better then expected isn’t really good enough. Cunningham lowered expectation by falling out with everyone, and by doing better then getting hammered in every game isn’t really great.

My criticism of the manager isn’t really based on results, we have had bad results in the past and I would have been very supportive. In Cunninghams first year in charge, I was supportive of him trying to change things up a little. But I do have an issue with a lot of his decisions, and his management.

On decisions, I think the following were wrong

  1. Trying Rush at 11 for so long, and then changing him in the middle of a championship game. EIther it was the right thing, so stick with it, or it was the wrong thing and shouldn’t have been bought into the championship. The fact that he hasn’t changed it since, means it was the wrong thing, so sticking with it for so long was wrong.

  2. Trying to make a full back out of Carton, when he had just finished a good year as a half back.

  3. Dooley, putting him on outfield in a championship game was hail mary stuff of the highest order. Preferring him to an All Star keep and an All Star nominated keeper is a very brave choice, and so far proving to be the wrong one.

  4. Playing three guys straight out of minor against the AI champions - that was just craziness really.

  5. The whole team against Tipp was crazy, there was no physicality in the forwards at all, it was set up to replicate exactly what happened in the first league game against Tipp last year - and it did.

  6. Playing a non ball winning half forward line in the last years championship. Again was always going to fail when teams pushed up on short puck outs.

  7. Picking and persisting with players he likes, until he just doesn’t like them any more and he drops them. Plunkett is an example, going from starting every game to not even making the squad is a massive change in fortune and just illogical.

  8. Currently I am assuming there are injuries to players, otherwise Burke would not be starting ahead of the likes of Boland, Conroy, Barrett etc.

  9. I am assuming there was an injury to young O Sullivan yesterday, as putting on a lad a few months out of minor in a must win game, and then taking him off after 15 minutes would be mental.

  10. All of the above is just straight forward selection stuff, based on the players he has left available, and nothing to do with having fallen out with a shed load of players and selectors.

I could make that list 20 points long if I had the time. But as I say the issue isn’t winning or losing games, my problem is just with the sheer illogicality of loads of decisions. And also obviously with his disrespect of guys who have served Dublin for years.


Good post Wifi.


That’s entirely your opinion. I don’t like the manager but I’ll give credit where it’s due. Some posters hate the guy so we’re not going to agree on this anytime soon because if they do anything right they still won’t get any credit.

But all things considered we’ve gone well in the league considering the apocalypse predicted beforehand. We’re never going to dine at the top table until we find some corner forwards in my opinion


Someone mentioned a change to 8 team division 1 … Is that speculation or really on the table ?

Also there seems to be an assumption that GC will move on this year… I would not bet on it … RIght or wrong he must have convinced county board it was necessary ( 2 steps back before 1 forward etc ) so I imagine they are supporting him and may well ask him to continue ?

Am sure even the thought has some of posters going in spasms but I think the fact that it’s such dramatic change means he has support in it


Did Cunningham bring 3 keepers yesterday?


But doing better then some people expected isn’t good enough. We have the payers to do very well.


Yes, I think that is a strong point. It appears that Cunningham has somehow convinced the DCC that root and branch change was needed. Why they would accept this from him is puzzling.

The clubs, or the few senior players left have the power to alter this though, otherwise I fear he will be there into the future.

Likewise, I am interested in that 8 team league comment. Suddenly I am starting to see it as a good idea :grinning:.


I think its based on the fact that the current format was voted in for a 3 year period… which i believe is now in its third year.


Montyb you asked if G Cunningham brought 3 keepers yesterday? I only seen Garry Maguire there. No other keeper listed on subs according to Official programme anyway!


We have the players to make the last 6. Tipp, Kilkenny , Waterford and Galway is another level
I’d go further and say they play a different sport


Rubbish on several fronts. Firstly, why are his expenses not published? He is NOT a volunteer. Secondly, he treated several young men, who were volunteers and who had given years of service to Dublin hurling, like dirt. Thirdly, he is a generally dreadful “man-manager” - he is surly and arrogant and unapproachable. Finally, his selections, positioning and tactics are generally very bad to borderline stupid. And I, like a lot of people with a long involvement in Dublin GAA, have a right to criticise him.


Maybe in the championship but not this time of year.


I would agree on Tipp, agree on Kilkenny (this year might change that). And I would agree that Waterford are better, but not so far away. Galway should be better, but they are not for some reason.

But I am happy enough being ‘just’ a top six team, actually not even being that would be ok, if we were giving it our best shot. But we aren’t, we are being constrained by management. How much we are being constrained is really hard to know, but I am convinced we would be a better team without him.


I am fairly sure it is there for longer then 3 years now… but I could be wrong.


For me, that is the nail on the head. Even if he was super successful, his treatment of people that I would hold in the highest regard, was just plain wrong.

If there is any hint that he will be asked to stay on, the clubs need to be knocking down the door of the DCC to tell them it is not on, there is still a chance to save the careers of a few Dublin players who have gone. Unfortunately for the likes of Carton and Keaney they have lost the chance to have the respectful send off they deserve.


But you don’t apply the same standards to the football team. I know of players who have turned up at training to be sent home with no prior notice.
Is that right because Dublin win? Apparently so.