NHL Round 4 Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday 12 March 2pm


Dublin have done better than expected. It was expected that they would lose every game. Also it would expected to be hammered in every game. Could easily have beaten clare. Have beaten cork. Good showing against Waterford. And a hammering vs Tipperary.


Paul Ryan at 18 years off age/ donal Burke now present at 18 years of age, who’s the better player/free taker lads/ladies?

Out off are team at the minute minus the Cuala lads I’d say 2/3 lads would scrap to get into the current tipp team them been the bench markers and current all Ireland champs Eoin o Donnell, Liam rushe and Chris on current form. We should have beat Waterford and Clare missed some bad frees on both days but the young lad will learn and improve cause he is one heck of a player, also some bad wides from play from all over the park. If we wore on 6 points right now in the league would the same giving out about management county board be still going on ?

Just curious to hear people’s opinions on this.


I’d agree with @Boarddelegate1 regards the league performances. Compared with the general vibe I got off the forum in January (a general fear of what was to come), it’s been comforting to see the competitive edge shown by those that have been selected. Think it’s fair to say that it’s not for want of trying. Tipp & Waterford were likely to be too much of stretch & so it proved. On the plus side we’ve solidity in the main in the backline, more mobility in midfield. And without the Cuala contingent.
Problem is that tuning in from abroad (as I am), it’s hard to figure out if the outbursts from departed players were just noise or a sign of more deep-rooted issues in team preparation.
The departure of Daly was always going to lead to changes and, with a number of lads having serious inter-county mileage on the clock, there was always the chance that some were going to be cut & weren’t going to go quietly.
Have we a squad that has many cutting their teeth at senior, lacking the clout to challenge mmanagement on pretty much anything? But yet would a key figure like Rushe accept the captaincy & settle for anything less than coherent management?
The backroom team merry-go-round under Cunningham is a red flag IMO. If that ground continues shifting under the players feet, it can’t be helping. The danger is we could find ourselves being the latest county sunk from Div 1 to be bemoaning the nonsense that is the current six-team top flight & no amount of bemoaning the structure will change the fact, should it come to that.

Guess I’m just frustrated that the game today got away from us having seemingly got ourselves into a position at half-time to get something out of it. Gah!


Almost All these lads have come thru development squads. The very best of coaching in Dublin. Most have played Fitzgibbon. A serious level of hurling. We have achieved much at minor and u21,winning many lenister titles followed by all Ireland appearances in the last 12 years.the county has good,well coached hurlers. As I posted elsewhere before,it all seems to come to a shuddering halt at senior level. I would put the lack of trust and the negative tactics as major reasons for the disjointed play we get from time to time. The players have to be put in a position of responsibility for them to get to grips with senior intercounty hurling. They have to train accordingly,which I don’t think they do. They have to keep the game plan simple and win their own position. Everything in hurling comes from winning your own position. High ball,low ball. It doesn’t matter as long as its fast ball. The game last night,everything fast and direct.it had to be,the pressure was so intense. We have to learn how to play like that and put the responsibility on the players to win their own ball.direct ball v cork was great to see. We were poor overall today. I fancied us to win.


You’ve evaded the question . I’m making the point at minor and u21 level we make the same mistakes . And those teams are not trained by non dubs

The decision making just isn’t there . Desperately hard to coach that out of lads


So its the coaching at development squad and underage intercounty levels that’s to blame ? That’s where they learned their hurling.


I think it’s gone better then expected . I’m
Not a fan of the manager but credit where it’s due . After the tipp game I expected to get rinsed in every game .
Considering the forward issues it’s not too bad . If we had Danny and durkin we’d be served better.
But the backs were absolutely brilliant today to a man . Midfield was very good too. If we could get some of the younger lads firing up front we’d be doing well. But it’s going to be a hell of an education for them because we don’t have experience outside O Dwyer


Well it has to down there . It’s the same errors all the time . Any Dublin team that has a wind behind it tends to launch it and hope for the best . Clare made some bad errors too but had the smarts to stop the panic shooting . That’s decision making .


Hurlers in Dublin learn most of their hurling from their club. Development squads find it and try to enhance it. Some of you folks are way off. Go and look at you club teams and club coaches at juvenile level. Are they all coaching the game the way you all want it played??? Who is coaching decision making??


It can be hard for inexperienced young lads coming into senior county level to make decisions when the tactics continuously change. Goes back to what I was talking about keeping the game simple. A good management set up would have eradicated silly errors like the ones you mentioned a while ago. Its also worth mentioning that the step up from minor/21 to senior is huge. Its the coaches job to coach. Keep everything simple and the mistake % will drop.


Didn’t see Austin Gleeson, Shane Bennet, the Lynches from Limerick etc having that problem.


Why aren’t these minor and u21 coaches doing it then ?


So the development squads aren’t responsible for the development of the best underage club talent in the county ? They are only there to "enhance"it ? Really ? What’s the point of them so if the club coach has already made a hames of them ?
Are there any bad underage club coaches down the country or do we have the monopoly? If that’s the case,what’s the point of having development squads at all? Jesus, does no one take any responsibility for anything anymore. If it ain’t the senior manager fudging now its kicked all the way down to the poor sod who loves his club and wants to bring some local kids on.


Overthinking. Only way to go when you’ve got the papers.


Hate even thinking it but would defeat v KK perhaps not work better for us as it would likely mean we have cork or Clare in the play off ?.. Just can’t see us beating KK twice but would still fancy our chances v the other 2


Good post. Having haemorrhaged an entire backroom team and an entire team of senior players his management skill set has to be scrutinised. The young lads are doing much better than expected, which is great, but the addition of three or four of those senior players would have stabilised things and probably - I accept that this is speculation - got us over the line in the last two games, when we gave away half time leads. Remember than when the Cuala lads return, Cronin and Seán Treacy won’t return, for the same reasons that Durkin, Sutcliffe, Ryan and PK are gone. I thinks it’s all about hanging in their till next season and hoping for a better appointment by the County Board. Their disinclination to act has been incomprehensible.


We did waste a ton of ball with the wind, is that decision making or were the lads told to hit ROD with everything? Seemed strange as he was totally isolated most of the time. Some of the ball in/shots were very poor but then Clare hit quite a few poor wides in the second half so it must have been a hard wind to gauge. Not sure about the existential crisis we have everytime we lose a game, we do seem to lose more forwards to football than backs, but playing a man back against the wind made it very hard to keep the scoreboard ticking over, i can see some logic in it but it’s not a tactic i like.


Develop /Enhance…same thing really. Everyone is getting shot here from Cunningham to the development squads. There is a gap at underage coaching in Dublin for hurling. Its improving steadily but folks cannot expect development squads to be the fix for the basics of hurling skills that don’t get coached at club level.


Is there a draw for home advantage in the play off or is it the reverse of the original league fixture?


Last few years if 1 of the teams involved has played less home games in the regular season they get home advantage. If it is the same then it’s a draw for it.
So if the same rules are used we would be away to Kilkenny and Waterford and it would be a draw to decide home advantage of we get Clare or Cork.