NHL Round 4 Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday 12 March 2pm


. Even if a player is losing pace etc, they should still be allowed to leave with some respect.

Today, even with the restricted pick, there were strange decisions. There was no attempt to address the blatantly obvious problem of ball-winning forwards. Apart from O Dwyer, who is not particularly great at ball winning, we simply did not have one forward competing. There was a period of about 20 mins in the first half when there must have been 20-30 easy possessions and clearances by the Clare backs. The commentators kept repeating themselves - “arís” must have been said about 20 times!

That is my biggest problem with him, this is an amateur sport and about all the top players can expect is a bit of respect. Keaney (especially), Sutcliffe, Carton, Ryan etc. all deserve serious respect for what they did for Dublin, they got nothing from Cunningham. Even now guys being subbed walk by Cunningham without a hint of acknowledgement from him for the efforts they had just put in. Even if Dublin were or become successful under him, it still would not make up for the disrespect shown to Dublin greats.

I would give Cunningham the benefit of the doubt on tactics and coaching as he must know more then me on it, given the experience he had, although even on that I am starting to doubt. But his man management and his selection ability is woeful in the extreme.

He will trot out Ryan O Dwyer again for interviews who will say great things about the set up (and ironically, knock people who left the panel again, forgetting he walked away from Tipp), and the same oul’ shite will be said. O Dwyer would be better served spending his time practising a few basic skills rather then doing interviews.

Its a dysfunctional mess at the moment. It won’t always be, chaos doesn’t last forever, but right now it is hard to watch.


The truth is that many lads on here predicted this and now it has happened. The terrifying thing is this. We live in a world of corporate governance. The activities (bullying) of the business world, are now to be seen on every club executive and on the County Board. The Board will be more concerned with proving that it was not wrong, than facing facts and acting accordingly. The exact same thinking is the mindset that laughed at the Players Group at the conference. Nobody will take responsibility for hiring Cunningham so we have to pretend that it was a good appointment and it will go on longer than it should.


Ridiculous post. Have a cold shower. Terrifying is living in Syria with the Russians bombing the shit out of people. This is just a game.

You’re heading for murky waters on a public forum claiming bullying took place unless you’ve gotten some proven facts to back it up.


i can understand the frustration, think with David Tracy playing we draw that game on frees alone. Surely schutte would add another target. I know it’s a bit of a if me aunt had balls but I don’t mind going down fighting like that so much. KK could be tricksy, they’re up and running now.


Some excellent points there.


It’s funny you remarking on other people’s dramatic tone Bart - you’re the master at that @LoneRanger1


We could end up playing kk twice. In a fortnight and in the relegation game. Will be interesting to see how Tipp approach the Cork game. Tipp already qualified and kk in trouble.


Maybe you can point out on a public forum where I claimed a management team actively engaged in bullying and the DCB turned a blind eye to it.

That’s a very serious allegation that’s being made above in my view. If you want to make a laugh about it you can do so in your own time.

I never read such rubbish in my entire life.


Div 1b is probably our level right now.

Until we start producing forwards like we can in the backs we’re always bailing water. We’ve never had a real crack inter county inside forward outside Dotsy.

Likes of Donal Burke is more of a midfielder but we have to try to manufacture him into a forward. Keaney as well had to be created as a forward. Even Danny Sutcliffe was a 6 at minor level.

Don’t know what the answer is on this one. For a long time the footballers struggled in this capacity but now we’ve a conveyor belt of them


Ryan o’dwyer didn’t walk away on tipp, he was no longer required, it’s a big difference


We don’t have top forwards because the tactics subconsciously intimate that the last few managers don’t trust them to get the job done. Over time that seeps into the psyche of a player. Daly,5 v 6 up front 90% of the time. No real trust in the forward division. That’s why we yo yod under him . One year great but instead of expanding and growing the play,the following year the negative tactics remained and the players are still playing on the back foot. Cunningham is a basket case tactics wise. Caught out time and time again.everyone agreed that last year he consistently picked a hf line that was unable to win their own ball.He persisted with this for the whole season. How can you develope forwards when you give up a line to the opposition straight off the bat. The recent cork game was the first game in years where the forward play was kept simple. Hold your positions,direct fast ball in,fight like crazy,use the breaks,get the scores,take backs on . It was great to see. Today the forwards looked lost because the majority of the play was too slow in the build up. The Clare backs were tighter as a result. On the high ball into rod in the first half, he had no other forward within 20yards when the ball broke. That’s a sideline correction. If the balls going in high,direct ,long and central,the ff line has to be working closer together.both for gaining possession and tackling the backs if they gain it. Keep it simple,stupid , still applies today. I went to the game last night. Direct ball 90% of the time. Everyone fights and the best team wins,or draws re: last night. The difference between the two games is unreal. Can we get to that level? I truly believe we can but only if we stop overthinking the whole thing.


Away from those wicked bad county managers is there any one forward burning it up at club championship level for the last 4 years???


Ala Paul Murphy ??


I must say one thing Bart. You are the biggest hypocrite on this forum, bar none. You throw out speeches, ex cathedra but we are used to that by now. Every single syllable of my post is true. The corporate-ism has taken over in the upper echelons of the GAA, which is exactly as I described it. This is precisely why the powers that be don’t understand the need for a players group.


I’m struggling to see the analogy I’m afraid. I think I’ll stick to analysing the hurling because we’ve moving into the realms of employment law and philosophy at this point. And that’s just going over my head


The trust isn’t there because the skills aren’t. You have to be able to win the ball as well. And that’s a big problem for us.

The u21’s took huge pot shots against Wexford and Galway last year from 80-90 yards last year and missed 90% of them. So it’s not a Daly thing and it’s not a Cunningham thing. It’s a Dublin thing and it’s down to bad decision making which is desperately difficult to coach out of guys and poor execution which isn’t acquired in your 20’s at elite level.

Something is badly wrong somewhere. A lot of is decision making. You see half backs and half forwards taking silly shots all the time today and you ask yourself …why?


This debate calls for one man to sort it all out Jeremy Kyle.


in January people on this forum were writing off our chances and were forecasting drubbings in the league. What we got, in my opinion, and bearing in mind that we are missing the Cuala lads, has been encouraging so far. It is disappointing that we lost today but with a young side playing the league champions in their ground,and they being recent All Ireland senior winners and three in a row Under 21 winners, and to only lose by two points is good progress for a team written off before the league started.
It seems to me that too many Dublin fans are too willing to jump on the “sack the manager” band wagon nonsense that we see in soccer. That shite has no place in GAA. We have no God given right to win games. Our managers don’t get paid( apart from expenses) and don’t deserve the abuse that they get. They just do their best with what they have to work with. Don’t forget that Dublin have been missing a third of our team in this league and still put up a performance where we could have won today. Rushed shooting or wayward frees were the difference between winning and losing yet we still put up a fighting performance right to the final whistle. Which was not always the way in the past. In a funny way I was pleased to see the disappointment on the faces of our team today. It shows that their expectations are to do well and more importantly that they care.
People on the forum should admit how much things have better than was expected in January. Management deserve a small bit of credit for that.


Fair point @Boarddelegate1


Much better than expected! You have to be kidding?? We’re bottom of the league and strong favourites to go diwn. Even if we beat Kilkenny next Sun we are likely to be in relegation playoff probably v Kilkenny.

I could list out all the mistakes `Cunningham is making and continues to make. But what’s the point. We are heading at some pace back towards mediocrity having spent the last 10 years trying to drag ourselves up to the top tier. Cunningham has taken only a couple of years to drag us down. You’re deluded or in denial if you don’t see it. But hey that’s part of how the DCB have acted aswell. So you’re not alone!