NHL Round 4 Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday 12 March 2pm


He failed on multiple occasions to execute the basic skill of picking up the ball.


Absolutely correct. Paul Ryan was not a mullocker but he regularly contributed from play


In my view,when Ryan was backed by management he was a very effective forward for us. One of his best displays was one of his last,qualifiers v limerick in semple a few seasons ago. Gave a display unmatched in modern times by a Dublin forward from the wing forward position. His point scoring from play when the chips were down was fantastic. I travel to all the county games and I know what I see as well. Could he have been better?of course. But that’s the same for everyone. I see the games too ,club and county,and Paul was a good one for us,no matter how the revisionists try to portray it. Would we have won today with him in the team? I think so. That’s the important point. Everything else is opinion, mine included.


He was on fire that day


Eoghan Conroy Injured?


Well in the first half he was the only one who could pick anyone out with a pass. Rather then taking pot shots from 90 yards and missing


Again you’re just picking out a game here and a game there. Show me some statistics that back up your claim on a consistent basis from play and I’ll agree with you. I’ve no argument on the free-taking but I don’t agree with your argument from play and I think it’s pure revisionism on that aspect. I always thought he was a guy who should have been better from play then he was with the talent he had.

Danny Sutcliffe and Keaney and to a lesser extent Dotsy have been the only forwards we’ve had that other counties would take in a transfer market.

Dublin have no forward currently who would make Tipperary’s 30 man panel. That’s not good reading in anyone’s book.


You’d have to think so. He was badly missed today. We’ve too many forwards who just can’t win their own ball.


I’d like to think your right.


Id agree with your last paragraph unfortunately for us. The scoring stats are there for all to see if interested. Pauls stack up as well as anyone’s. And his scores from play are infinitely better than any other free taker since. Fact. If in doubt,dig them out and let me know I’m right. And if championship games or national hurling finals are me being selective when it comes to Paul’s exploits,what games would you rather have me bring up ? I’m talking about huge games in the modern history of Dublin hurling. Games where Paul stood up and made a difference. Just because it flies in the face of your particular agenda doesn’t mean I’m wrong. In the big games,Paul was a big player. He got the big scores ( check the stats) and we won the big cups. What have we won of note since ? Nothing. Have we gone backwards since Cunningham came in and changed freetakers ? Yes. Am I spending too long on this subject? Absolutely.


Yes, that is a big question? You would have to assume so. Maybe he looked funny at Cunningham though and paid the price of being dropped. People should do whatever Dooley does, if they want a place on this team.




Exactly the type of inferiority complex that will keep a crap manager in a job and set Dublin hurling back years.

Cunningham isn’t averagely bad, he is shockingly bad. Every other discussion is just rearranging the deck chairs really.

I weakened my resolve and went to Clare today, but absolutely no more this year. You have a manager getting well paid to do a crap job, a county board who couldn’t give a shite seemingly and a few players happy to do their interviews and take their cars while better players sit at home. It is a dysfunctional mess and I am done with it now. Kearney, Kelly, Ryan, Carton, Sutcliffe etc. are 100% right not to get caught up in all of this.


That’s a game I feel we could have won. Clare would baffle you sometimes. Playing a sweeper and having one of their best forwards drift when playing with a strong breeze against a misfiring Dublin forward line. Madness really.

Our defence is solid. Good performance from all six. Dooley did well in goal of which I’m happy. He came in for a lot of criticism but did well today. We are lacking a true marquee forward. Frees were a problem today and needs more work. However thats a young and relatively inexperienced Dublin team who tried hard for the jersey today.
Anyone know why Cian O’Sullivan was substituted after only coming on? Far side of the pitch from my self so couldn’t tell.


Management has to take some flak for 2nd Half performance. They chose to play a sweeper leaving it 5 v 6 up front…we struggle to win ball when it’s 6 v 6 never mind 5 v 6.
In relation to Paul Ryan, we would have won that game today if he was playing. I’d say his scoring stats from play are a lot more impressive that Keaney’s & Danny. Many would be surprised at how poor Keaney’s scoring stats from play are, especially in Championship!


I agree - Cunningham is atrocious. And its very difficult to forgive him for the way he treated people with long years of service. Even if a player is losing pace etc, they should still be allowed to leave with some respect.

Today, even with the restricted pick, there were strange decisions. There was no attempt to address the blatantly obvious problem of ball-winning forwards. Apart from O Dwyer, who is not particularly great at ball winning, we simply did not have one forward competing. There was a period of about 20 mins in the first half when there must have been 20-30 easy possessions and clearances by the Clare backs. The commentators kept repeating themselves - “arís” must have been said about 20 times!


Blaming Cunningham for our lack of ball winnings forwards and then giving out about us playing the ball short doesn’t quite make sense


It does, because plan A was clearly failing- Rhino was not winning ball- and the players therefore tried to change what they were doing. The use of a sweeper from the start of the second half was the beginning of the end for us. But his highness cannot see that.


It’s a statement of fact. And you can keep peddling the Peter Kelly argument. Who would Carton start ahead of today? Who’s Kearney by the way


Better freetaking would have got us at least a draw. Anyone else notice the number of steps the Clare player took before sending over the lead score? Even the commentator mentioned something about ‘coisceim’!