NHL Round 4 Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday 12 March 2pm


Nothing boils down to Parnell Park. An eight team 1A is on the way.


That’s the frustrating thing, could have won that, silly mistakes at crucial times. Just like the previous team used to make until they finally broke through (beat Wexford). Inability of the forwards to win ball in the last 20 minutes cost us, they had a poor enough day collectively, even allowing for the tough conditions.


In the development of the team,everything boils down to the next day. 1/4 final spot on the line. Hopefully a full house and a cracking atmosphere.


And hopefully a championship revamp as well


Come on lads Paul Ryan missed plenty of frees in his time. Some were of the easy variety and as for his all round play, well he was never the most robust shall we say!
Burke had an off day and Bennett was shooting into a tricky wind, these things happen. The one thing in their favour is that both are young and experience can be gained from days like today.
It’s disappointing to lose but now we have to get something against Kilkenny to survive. At least this team, despite the youth, haven’t collapsed like some earlier teams did every so often. There is a bit of fight in them which is credit to them and their management.


He is absolutely to blame for the reasons already stated. Throw in some blame also if you want for the DCB in allowing him to stay on when he has made an utter shambles of our senior setup since he took over.

We will be in Div 1b next year assuming they keep current league structure. Will see how that works for us :slightly_frowning_face:


Thought that was harsh, he lost one ball badly but if everyone who did that was subbed off we’d have needed a revolving door on the sideline


I am sick of lads on here saying ‘We are where we are. Let it go. Back the current players’.
Ger Cunningham did significant damage and cast aside people that gave great service to us. I will never let that go because it was wrong. We live in a country that let’s everything go! That is not okay. They are amateur players who give huge commitment and deserve to be treated properly. If we beat Kilkenny there will be lads on here saying ‘some people will never be happy’ and they are right. I won’t- as long as he is there. Or maybe Paddy Smith etc being thrown to the lions and then blamed for it, doesn’t matter.


Bennett had a couple of very tough frees to be fair, didn’t miss an easier one, did he?


Considering Fox was still on at the end it was incomprehensible. And the kind of thing that damages a player’s confidence and commitment.


He did miss an easy one. 20+meters out to the left of goals. He didn’t look fit - a few times he seemed not to be able to run?


In fairness Fox was one of the best in the first half. He is not a midfielder though! Doesn’t have the engine.


The elephant in the room is the forwards and changing the manager when it inevitably happens won’t solve that. I thought 1-9 was very good today. 10-15 was very poor. We don’t have any dependable ball winners up front. Only the likes of Keaney and Danny have ever really been able to mix it in that department.
Mark Schutte was a big loss today. Needed that presence


He had a very good first half Alan.


When Paul Ryan was backed as the freetaker for Dublin,there was very little wrong with his general play. He scored most of them and chipped in with his fair share from play too. When the pressure was put on him to make way for another freetaker,one who scores very little from play,his form,understandably,went out the window. We’d have won with him today and the reason he’s not there is because of Cunninghams management. They are the only points I made. If I’m wrong let me know.


Nothing Cunningham does is in the good managers handbook. He is completely out of his depth as a manager of a 1A team. Like all bad managers he tries to bring the thing to the level he can cope with.

If he managed any other county, (I.e one without a hurling inferiority complex) he would have been sacked six months ago. We might be saved in 1A because we have good hurlers. If they are good enough to overcome bad management I don’t know.

Just a thought, but I wonder how much Cunningham is being paid for all this? Because as value for money goes, we are not getting it.

With Galway probably staying in 1B, getting out of it next year is now harder. We could be looking at a huge setback for Dublin hurling yet the DCC has stupidly set their stall out by saying ‘we don’t sack managers’ . The work of the last 10 years is in danger now because we have a guy in a job that is beyond him. He is a very decent guy I am sure, bit I would love if he went home this evening and thought about what was really good for Dublin hurling and he acted accordingly.

We are barely in the top 10 now in hurling, yet have the hurlers to be top 4. The inaction of the DCC on this is incredible.


McBride won plenty of ball in other games, seemed to struggle to get into the game today, but them we were lobbing the ball very long in the first half. I would have stuck with him though for against the wind.


Paul was only ever average on a consistent basis from play in my view. A great free-taker most days. He was always the type of player I felt never fulfilled his potential. He had some good days from play but just not enough consistently for me.

And I see practically every Dublin hurling game so I know what I see. Your argument as a freetaker certainly stacks up but from play - not in my view.


He made some poor decisions when he had the ball which was unlike him but he was beaten hands down in the air unfortunately but so was every Dublin forward today. So he certainly wasn’t alone. I personally would have subbed at least another 2 forwards at half time.
There is a case for moving crummy up front. to win the ball at least… Dooley could have pucked a 100 balls out today and we’d have won about two the way it went.


I’d be curious to see the scoring stats for the last few years. I suspect he’s one of our more regular scorers from play, could be wrong.

How’s dotsy getting on in my his rehab, his nous/experience would add a lot.