NHL Round 4 Clare v Dublin, Cusack Park, Sunday 12 March 2pm


That was frustrating.


You can’t get people who don’t want to win the ball up to standard . The forwards were pathetic Alan



Threw that away. Should have at least a draw from that game


Minimum was a draw. How did cork finish?


Don’t give a fook who invented what. My only wish at this point is that he fook’s right back off to the People’s Republic


We lose by two. I think Paul Ryan would’ve slotted every free today which would have us winning by about 3/4. That’s how we can blame Cunningham today. Doesn’t really matter,this result. Its all on the line v kk in a fortnight.


Cork beat Waterford so that’s a double blow


Dooley had a good game today . Shipped a lot of flak the last day . Can’t be blamed when people cant catch the ball
Backs were fantastic I thought . Ball just rained in on them and they were superb.
It’s a pity for O Donnell we don’t have a team consumerate with his talent

Both those teams would lose to Tipp by 10-15 points in the championship


That was one we should have won, Clare are not a good team. Can we please please please stop with this Cunninghams to blame every time we lose. The manager did not miss those frees, our forwards were not great that second half. We have a fantastic full back line and a very solid half back line, midfield not bad but our forwards need to sharpen up their stick work today only showed in patches, we need a consistency in performance.


Jayzus, seriously. Enough with the Paul Ryan stuff. He’s not there and won’t be there so forget about it.

The lads who are there need to be working much harder on the frees. It’s just not good enough to miss some of the ones that we missed.


God, this is predictable. We again could not win a ball in the forwards. Our backs are All-Ireland standard with O Callaghan back. Our forwards wouldn’t win a junior AI. We could live with O Dwyer and carry Dillon, but none of the other forwards on today looked the part. Even with the poor ball-getting two soft free misses would have made a difference. Says a lot about Clare! Is it the TV angle or does young Bennett look overweight? I don’t like criticising players and I won’t but Cunningham is wrecking me head.


So it boils down to Kilkenny in Parnell park. Should be some battle


In case you hadn’t noticed he picks the team, sets the tactics, makes decisions through each game, trains the team, develops players, gets the best out of what’s available across the county. He is utterly failing in all of these.

The players picked do their best but this is not the best Dublin has to offer. That most definitely is his doing.


We deserved the loss and we belong in 1b on current form.

Questions need to be asked about much vaunted development system when when we’re fielding lads who can’t even lift a ball at pace.


Cant really let the Paul Ryan stuff go. He was marginalised to the point of extinction when there was no need for it. Bad management that backfired today. We’d have won with him in the team.Cunninghams the manager. He’s responsible. Agree that he’s gone and that the lads there should be getting the frees at this level. Different game the next day and all on the line.


He is not alone there. There are a group involved but feel free to blame him. This is not the premiership.


And unless Cian O’Sullivan was injured he was on and off in the space of about ten minutes, something else that I don’t think is in the good management hand book.


Add Himself, Schutte and Sean Moran and we really do have good options in defense.


Sure maybe you should get involved so and help solve the problem.:flushed:

Should have won today, should have won the last day. Small things are killing us. Need a massive massive performance the next day. The Parnell factor won’t be enough.


That’s not the first time that happened. Minor management done the same to him 2 years ago.