NHL Round 3: Dublin v Waterford 5pm Sat, 04/03/2017 Croke Park


I can’t see it myself . He’s two years out of it now and he wasn’t great in 2014 either . The technical proficiency required at this level doesn’t make leeway for long abscences .
Pity could have been one of the great ones .

Donal Burke is where it’s at now . Can’t recall any player making this impact one year out of minor
Was disappointed not to see O Sullivan with 20 to go .


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Man i love this site sometimes. Quality.


Danny is hurling away in the states i believe, so never say never! … but do agree we can leave him out for now. I do think with the Cuala lads back we’ve the making of a pretty decent side.


Kieran Bergin Tipp and the great warrior Brendan Lynskey both won all irelands after years away from Ireland.
a 70% Danny is miles ahead of at elast 5 starters Saturday night. All hypothesis as he wont play until 2018 earliest and would only commit if he felt he was back to full tilt


The facts are for all the moaning we have all done about Cunningham he seems to have shown us a glimpse of the future of Dublin hurling and it looks promising. The players coming through are of high quality, we could well look back on this phase as vital to the development of Dublin hurling. I personally couldn’t be arsed with any player who walked off the panel from here on in. Lets go with what we have


Funny sort of game. Beaten by 5. Gave away 2 ridiculous goals and missed 3 handy frees. That’s a 4 point swing in our favour. However I suspect Waterford had a gear to go up if needed.

Nice compliment from McGrath saying we’re at the stage they where 2 years ago.

We’re blessed to have ODonnell, what a hurler, must be the best full back in the game and with Rushe in front of him we’ve a sold spine. Crummey is flying. Barrett will benefit from going back to 5. Madden will keep improving. Finally we’ve realised downers biggest benefit to the team. Mcbride is a horse of a fella which we’ve lacked and Conroy will benefit from games like that. We’ve the basis of a team that will give anyone a game but…

We can’t keep making mistakes like Dooleys and we must start creating pure goal chances. And if we do make sure we take them. Our first touch at times is scandalous. Also on Saturday I was concerned by some space we gave them but credit Waterford also for being so good at creating their own space.


I think on the goal chances if we get dotsy back in there mark schutte and please God it’s a long shot Ino but con aswell there three great goal getters. It’s a working progress but the boys will get there.


I don’t see the point in him staying away any longer to be frank about it. Only person it’s impacting is himself.

If he has no interest in playing at county level any longer that’s absolutely fine- these guys are amateurs.

If it’s simply because of a clash of personalities then it’s all a bit silly now. He’s just shortening his own career. You can see a new team emerging there now and he could be the main man on it if he wants to.


Danny is gone.get over it.what we have now and when the cuala are boys back is the future.


If Sutcliffe ate some humble pie (and maybe there’s a better way to phrase that) and made himself available, would Cunningham reciprocate and ask him back to the squad? I doubt it.


Not going to happen. He’s gone. End of story.


Christ lads Danny since he did his last year in Trinity has planned to be in New York this year, Daly could be still there and it would be no different… lads do have lives outside of intercounty hurling


I was being hypothetical. My point was more about Cunningham that Sutcliffe.


i hear you and you have called that situation correctly I believe


Burke is an absolutely fabulous hurler, and will be a superstar… but his impact is limited enough, apart from frees (which he isn’t yet at the Treacy / Ryan standard). The only ball he is getting is loose ball at the moment. Of course he will be fabulous, but it is up in the air if he is worth a place on the team now.


i thought he was exactly at the treacy / ryan standard on saturday night.

up til that i thought he was well ahead of them


I was always upbeat about the talent we have coming on, and have argued here for years about the relative (strong) merits of our minors and U21s. I was always confident that in the long run we will be fine. We have a strength in depth in the county we never had before. And yes, Saturday was a decent performance and all the lads involved deserve great credit for it.

But, to be honest, I don’t agree with your last line that we are where we are and we have to re-align expectations. We are where we are, because our manager has put us there and he is trying to manage (lower) expectations. We have fabulous young lads coming on, but we also had very good players leave. A blend of the two would make a fabulous team. Yes, of course, some of the older lads would have had to accept lesser roles, but not all of them.

Cunningham has messed about with every system and line up under the sun, long ball / short ball, sweeper / no sweeper, Dooley style keeping v Maguire style etc. I think he is getting there, but I am not sure great credit is due after three years. But, some credit is due. Managing a county team is not easy.

So within the context we are currently in, that was a really good performance. It doesn’t change my opinion on the talent available, because I was always upbeat about that. I just don’t think we should totally except the current context as being the best possible outcome from Cunningham’s reign, because for me, it is very far from it.


Burke is a fabulous free taker, given his age and the amount of muscle development he still has to do. But I think Ryan in particular would be worth another 2 points a game at least, I am not a huge fan of Treacy’s free taking, I think his style is a bit hit and miss, but I suspect he would be slightly ahead too.

But listen, it is an unknowable, so not really worth debating. But I do agree that Burke, for his age, is fabulous.


Three points from play against cork ? No comparative minor has made this impact . Not even Keaney . Goal on Saturday was pure instinct


No minor has ever been thrown in this young (except maybe Rushe got a few games). Burke is doing great for his age, but it is ‘for his age’.