NHL Round 3: Dublin v Waterford 5pm Sat, 04/03/2017 Croke Park


He was dropped last year. Why was he brought back? He is simply not up to the standard. [quote=“Lostcause, post:80, topic:1705, full:true”]
Jaysus after the tipp game most would settle for this. Dooley may not be a good keeper but you could hardly drop him after winning very Cork

Conway, Conroy and McGib were anonymous. Barrett didn’t hurl much ball. Borland did very little after coming in. Bennett too.

Just disappointed in how quickly it all fell apart.


Conway, Conroy and McGib were anonymous. Barrett didn’t hurl much ball. Borland did very little after coming in. Bennett too.

Just disappointed in how quickly it all fell apart.

Happens with young teams. Waterford have had some rough lessons like being beaten by 15 points in the Munster final last year

I’m not that gutted after that . Id have taken it pre game.


Have to agree, I said about 10 minutes in to a waterford lad in that if that they could pressure him they’d get scores, it was obvious that he was flapping on the ball. Couple of his bad puckouts came straight back over his head too

Few lads there tonight who were just passengers.


Well the stick work is too slow from some. The likes of Madden, Quinn and Mc Gibb have a long way to go at this level.
But there is defintiely three tiers in this division. Tipp, Waterford and then the rest


Very disappointing result in my opinion. Waterford were there for the taking and Dublin threw it away. Unfortunately Dooleys error was the turning point of the game. Heads dropped around the park which was disappointing to see. Add to that the 3 relatively easy frees missed by Burke we shot ourselves in the foot.

O Donnell again was massive positive. On current form he is the best full back in the country. ROD is a handful under a high and low ball. Burke has fantastic potential.


Two very soft goals killed us. Otherwise did okay against a young Waterford but a more settled into senior side, more than we currently have. Need to get lads like Bennett & boland up to speed.

i think you add a few Schuttes and a Tracy or two to that team and we’re looking okay for a bit of depth.


Was happy enough with things tonight but god we are so naive sometimes


to be expected, remember how long it took for the previous team to learn the ropes and then to finally get over wexford. A lot of these lads trying to get up to Senior hurling all at the same time.


I have to agree goals like that drain the life out of a team. Hopefully Dooley will improve and learn but Gary needs to be back in goal now,
Dillon had a great first half but he really needs to prove when he’s properly marked he can add something.
Speed of stick-work needs to be upped from a few. Two/three of them I just don’t think are up to it personally.


Yep, but there is no need to be bringing on so many at the one time.


A 5 point defeat to possibly the 2/3rd best team in the country with a lot of young lads and a lot of mistakes isn’t too bad. Young lads have to make mistakes before they learn how to make less of them. Its called gaining experience. The more those lads hurl together the fewer mistakes they’ll make.
Work in progress and in a better place than after the Tipp game. If cuala win that will energize the camp even further when their players come back. If managed right,the training sessions should become uber competitive. Better training,better team.


I guess the alienation of players who would add to this team is forgotten now to a greater or less extent, and it probably has to be at some stage - life goes on regardless. But yes, in the context of that team, at this time, that was a decent enough result. I do think Cunningham is a very good man for the detail of how to play a hurling game and what guys need to do. It is on the selection side of things he falls down.

I think playing guys straight out of minor in the early part of the year is wrong though. So did Cunningham at one stage when he had Con O Callaghan on the panel and didn’t even tog him out for league games. But, if they come through it, they will be the better for it.

If we beat Clare, that might be enough to survive. The hammering against Tipp will hurt if there is a three way at the bottom, but if Cork stay on two points and we have four along with only Clare (and we beat them), we will be ok. Assuming some level of normality in other results.


Am I the only one who was relatively up beat after this game. I mean we played a strong Waterford side down up to 6-8 starters from our strongest side. Put some lovely passages of play together and got some excellent scores. When put into context this team is performing far better than I had anticipated and I am fairly encouraged by what I have seen so far Tipp aside.

In the backs Dooley and Madden had dissapointing days and I am not sure of Barret in the corner could be caught out for pace in certain situations and turns quite slowly. Better utilised on the wings. Crummy and Rushe have both absolutely nailed down there spots in the side and rightfully so, Quinn while a lovely hurler is probably not going to make the grade at this level, maybe as a midfielder to replace McMorrow when form or injury dictates but I just don’t see it at wing back. Eoghan O Donnell is as exciting a talent as I can remember in this county, he is absolutely fantastic.

Far to many inconsitent performers in our forwards, I would love to see McGibb make the grade but he has to add power and consistency to his game of which he has shown neither. Conroy dissapointed after a hugely encouraging performance in Cork. Donal Burke is the best juvenile I have ever seen in this county personally and it is no surprise he is making the inroads he currently is. Trollier was fantastic and really made De Burca look average in the first half, it took a sweeper in front to tame him. Ryan O Dwyer once again caused a lot of trouble in on the square, I’d like to see more of him there.

I think there is a blatant case of confirmation bias here form some posters who have their agenda set up and are not looking at things objectively. I am dissapointed but not surprised at the overwhelmingly negative response to a rather encouraging performance. We are where we are lads, its the start of a new cycle people need to re-align their expectations and back this team there is a ridiculous amount of young talent in this county.


The type of game we play will be eaten up and spat out come the summer. Throwing the ball around like snuff at a wakemis no way to play hurling. Hand passing your way out of the full back line is suicidal.

And I think you’re exaggerating about the young talent. There is some. But not enough to make a breakthrough.


Other than a couple of silly errors we had every chance to turn Waterford over at the weekend. 2 soft goals and a period where we seemed to drift out of the game and allow Waterford take control and the game was gone from us. We hurled really well for 45-50 minutes. If we extend that to the full 70 then we will be hard to beat.


It isn’t too bad & we are in a better place than after Tipp game but you still can’t help feeling what if we had our full hand available. At the moment apart from Tipp, no other County is unbeatable but unfortunately I don’t think we are in a position to take advantage of this.
In my eyes the following team would be pushing hard for a League Semi or Final & looking forward to heading into the championship:

  1. Gary Maguire
  2. Cian O’Callaghan
  3. Eoghan ODonnell
  4. Paul Schutte
  5. Chris Crummy
  6. Liam Rushe
  7. Shane Barrett
  8. Shane Durkin
  9. Niall McMorrow/Sean Moran etc.
  10. David Treacy
  11. Ryan O’Dwyer
  12. Danny Suthcliffe
  13. Paul Ryan/Donal Burke
  14. Mark Schutte
  15. Dotsy/Trollier etc.

With the above team you could safely throw in the 2/3 young lads and let them settle gradually. I think the teams we’ve had out the last 3 games would get comfortably beaten in Championship by Galway. Let’s hope the Cuala lads can come back and raise the bar significantly.


Is this a mess post?




Can we drop Danny from the debate please. It’s absolutely pointless referencing someone who is never likely to hurl for Dublin again


I did say “what if”. Danny will hurl for Dublin again & hopefully next year. Whether he’s as good as he was previously is another argument.