NHL Round 3: Dublin v Waterford 5pm Sat, 04/03/2017 Croke Park


Why? He’s not first choice for his club. Why would he be for his county?

He is not an inter county goal keeper. End of story.


Because it’s a childish comment that’s why.

Doesn’t matter if he’s 5th choice for his club or 1st, he’s out there trying his best it may not be up to your standards of goalkeeping but it may dawn on you at some stage thtat he himself might read it or his friends and family and take offence to it.


Mc Morrow not very prominent tonight .


Duly noted.


Deise just a little bit too good at the moment.


lads can ye keep some updates coming.
Tried 15 bars in limerick . all showing the f**king rugby or soccer.


2 -17 to 1-15 to waterford


Unfortunately and as per usual some shocking wides from Dublin.


Poor misses by Quinn and Bennett there Couple of missed frees and a calamitous goal have cost us the game


We had established doubt in their minds until the second goal. Appalling.


Appalling is being hockeyed by tipp in fairness


Will lose this game because of ourselves not around anything Waterford have done.


Yes but the worrying thing is Waterford didn’t really have to play at all to win. Not as bad as the Tipp game but bad enough.

Very disappointing second half. A lot of lads just totally anonymous.


Seemed to give away a shocking amount of frees second half.


Who was anonymous ?.. I don’t post here v often but seems a lot of posters predicted 5 hammerings in the league n almost wished it … Generally this team is a bunch of kids minus cuala tryin their fookin hearts out n not doin too bad …

Agree the second goal doesn’t need comment but be fair …


They played well in the second half Waterford . They are well ahead of us probably two years ahead .
Dillon etc just weren’t effective when marked properly . Conroy just wasn’t as effective today .
I’d just like to have seen how far we’d have got without that goal …


They tried their best, but Waterford only in 3rd gear.


Sorry but I thought it was a dreadful mistake. Our manager is picking a keeper who isn’t first choice for his own club, having thrown another keeper off the panel. That moment turned the game, in my most humble opinion.


Spot on Bart !!!.. That goal changed everything … And yes challenging GC on that wud be v fair comment …


Jaysus after the tipp game most would settle for this. Dooley may not be a good keeper but you could hardly drop him after winning very Cork