NHL Round 3: Dublin v Waterford 5pm Sat, 04/03/2017 Croke Park


Quiet build up in here!



Heddild tipping na deise


I always felt we could beat Cork. Never had this one down as one to win. Waterford’s young players are miles ahead of ours at present. I hope it stays dry.
Within 5-7 points would be a decent day out.


This probably sounds defeatist but I’d be happy walking out of Croker beaten by a few points but knowing Waterford knew they were in a game and our lads hurled their hearts out, I’d take that another Tipp performance would destroy me

1 or 2 lads here seem to be good with their info is the 15 named the 15 starting?


Is the thinking to get Dillon closer to Goal? Of course this could all swap around at thrw in, if that team even starts.


definitely a change or two to the team this named positional wise anyway. Heading down shortly.
Looking forward to the next test for this very new look dubs team. Hope it stays dry


What station it on ?


I simply cannot see the point in persisting with Dooley. Has gifted 1-1 to Waterford.

Other than that we’re doing well.


Game is there for us.

Winning a lot of ball on the ground

O’Donnell is mopping up some ball


Donal Burke is the real deal.

But unfortunately we need something better in the other corner. Dwyer causing chaos again under the dropping ball.


Don’t think you can blame Dooley for the goal. O’Donnell is some player


Keeper has to watch the post and call it.


What’s happening? Dublin half forwards winning their own ball!


Hope them missed frees don’t cost us in the end.

Playing well but should be more on top.


FFS Dooley. This is a total joke.


Fact. Our manager is meant to know about goal keeping!


Disaster for him but your second line isn’t called for.


You can definitely blame him for that one


Calamity unfortunately . Can’t expect to win