NHL Round 2: Cork v Dublin 7pm Sat, 18/02/2017 Páirc Uí Rinn


One of the main problems I had with the current regime was they were playing guys who couldn’t catch the ball in the half forward line…they did what everyone wanted last night and changed that. The guys put into the forward line were underage talents and had been earmarked as seniors for the last few years and its good to seem them take their chances. One swallow doesn’t make a summer though so lets hope they can’t bring some level of consistency to bigger pitches like croke park. Last night Cunningham did what most people on here wanted, play guys who are old enough and physical enough to deal with the physical exchanges and to play the ball long and let guys catch it. Our attitude was excellent though and with the current state of hurling in many traditional powers it saddens me to think of the potential we could have if everyone was on the panel. When have Cork ever been as bad…same with Kilkenny, limerick and Clare have regressed…there is a big gap in the market and its a huge shame we havent all our players available to exploit it.


I’m no expert but Bennett was carrying an injury against Offaly. The Medical staff were treating him prior to the throw in and he didn’t seem to have the mobility that he normally would have that night.


I think that’s expecting too much . I can’t see us beating either .


I don’t think we’ll beat Waterford the next day out either, especially in Croke Park. The main thing is that we put another good performance in. I’d keep it simple & go direct to O’Dwyer at 14 from the start & let the younger players feed off his breaks. I think with a young inexperienced team it’s better keeping it as simple & direct as possible.


Hopefully not! :wink:


Congratulations on a marvellous display by the Dublin hurlers last night. They out-fought us and out-hurled us, but mostly they out-thought us.

Sad down here this morning, but can’t help feeling glad for all the True Blue Dublin hurling supporters. Ye deserved a night like this.

As a Corkman, there’s only one other thing I want to say: “Cunningham out!”


Didn’t expect that! We had a club thing last night so didn’t get to watch it, saw we were 4-1 down and thought f**k this for a game of soldiers! Heard we got a goal and a few points without reply, but still didn’t believe. Then I heard the final score. Stunned to be honest. Great reading the various posts here today, looking forward to viewing the game later now! Didn’t think I’d be saying that this year about the hurlers at all!


Back training for a while now, but still not near anything like where he was at. Started in a friendly v Brigids last week but came off after 7 or 8 minutes.
Really delighted with that win last night and certainly could not have seen that coming.
Would have to agree with Stickman re Bennett and Conroy as throughout the U21 campaign they showed glimpses of the potential they undoubtley have but they will have to be much more consistent.

The game against Waterford wil be a huge test for those two lads in particular and I really hope they can put down a marker.


You cant beat aggressive forwards with pace. Picking the right shaped lads in the right positions helps as well.tackling from forwards was outstanding last night. Best I’ve seen in years. With o Callaghan to come back in the fb line we could wind up with the best fb line in the country. Will be interesting to see if he’ll let the front six gel or will he chop it up when other players come back in. Big test in next three games. Could be the making of the young forwards,if given the games.


Good to get the win. Critical to maintain Div 1a.

Remember last years table for context? Really want to avoid being bottom 2. Especially with Kilkenny losing their first two. Look at Cork last year. Lost all 5 and Galway still went down instead of them.


Current tables


It may only be Feb but definite feel-good factor after yesterday. Maybe a convincing win just feels better 'cos we’ve been scratching around for a performance like that for quite some time.

Just looking for clarification here. What’s the story regarding penos, people?
Is the keeper allowed off the line before the sliothar is struck? Nash did it last night & the Clare keeper did it with the TJ Reid peno today. I’m thinking the keeper should stick to the line but never gets pulled up for not doing so.


At the moment Kk have serious problems all over. Tj and Hogan are tied up and the whole forward division breaks down. Corner backs were shocking. No pace.holden is hanging on by his fingertips at this stage.Not ideal for them. Also,their stickwork today was atrocious. Nothing was sticking,and the amount of dropped balls and mis lifts was unreal for them. Waterford will be tough. Very physical team with no little hurling but Croker should suit us better . Toss up between ourselves and Clare. The league never pans out the way you’d think. Tipp look a class above tbh. Big three games for Dublin and I really hopes Cunningham leaves the forwards alone.


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Fair play to the management for last night, they made a lot of calls and it did the job. I’ve been critical of the setup overall but credit where it is due.

A win is a win Tayto, and it’s great, but I would put it more down to the great talent we have coming through then anything else. The insanity of starting three of last years very good minors last week while overlooking guys from probably the best u21 team we ever had was shown this week.

Dublin is potentially in a very strong position vis a vis the hurlers we have, possibly even strong enough to withstand Cunninghams management until next year. It will be tough, but maybe…

Add in Cian Boland and the two Schutte’s and we can do ok in the league. Championship intensity will catch us out, but we can get points in the league.

I noted when Crummy was sent off (unfairly), there was no greeting from the line for him at all. I can understand if someone does something stupid you might be annoyed with him, but Crummy didn’t, and like anyone leaving the field, deserves a bit of recognition.

I suspect that if we do stay up (and by God we better, because it now looks like whoever goes down will have to fight with Galway to come up next year), Cunningham, will get an extension. Thus writing off a few guys inter county years entirely.

It is possible that when Cunningham wins all the ego fights and proves to himself that he can now piss the highest, he might start to manage properly. He must have a very good hurling knowledge having been around hurling greats all his life, and it may start to flourish. He has huge talent to work with. It will be sad though if we never see a few superb players in a Dublin jersey again because he can’t get over his insecurities. But hopefully more mature minds will intercede…

Still a great win… and away from team selection issues, Cunningham, does have the team well drilled in a methodology. Maybe the way forward is to move him more towards a coaching role and bring in someone else - everyone could save face that way.


Cunningham has shown nothing in any championship game by way of tactics, motivation, changes,team selection to prove to me that he is the man for the job. He’s been caught out more than once by tactics that lads looking after junior teams in Dublin would cop on to. His short game will be destroyed come the summer . It was refreshing,in his third season by the way,to see the team playing some proper,traditional hurling last night,with forwards who can move and win high and breaking ball. Fast direct ball into the ff line was a joy to behold. Will he stick with it? Will he revert to type and try to reinvent the wheel? Will he chop and change the forwards or allow what we saw last night grow and get even better? I hope he does,for the players sake. All genuine concerns,given his track record.


Staying up won’t be good enough in my view. A championship win of some description over a Division 1 A team or Galway would be the minimum I’d accept. Surviving in the league but losing to the first two half decent teams we meet in the summer could not be considered progress.


Good post mr. griffin.


Keeper has to stay on the line until the ball is struck. If missed or saved, a retake should be awarded. Agreed, this rule is seldom enforced.


Niall Morgan stole a yard or two in Croker last Sat night and McQuillan was perfectly positioned to grant a retake but of course he didn’t…


In fairness he probably would have if we scored it …