NHL Round 2: Cork v Dublin 7pm Sat, 18/02/2017 Páirc Uí Rinn


Really? Pulling up? Hmmm…


Great stuff from Dublin! Delighted with that. More physically able to challenge from 10-15 this week. Suspected we might see McBride come in. O’Donnell is a beaut, Burke has real class about him and fair play to Conroy!

DUBLIN: G Maguire; J Madden, S Barrett, E O’Donnell; B Quinn, C Crummy (0-1), L Rushe; E Dillon (0-1), N McMorrow; E Conroy (1-2), R McBride (0-2), C Conway (0-1); F McGibb (0-1), R O’Dwyer (1-1), D Burke (0-8, four frees, one from a 65).
Subs: C Bennett (0-1) for Quinn (49 mins), C MacGabhann for Conway (59 mins), C O’Sullivan (0-1) for O’Dwyer (61 mins), F Whitely for Dillon (66 mins), D Fox for Burke (72 mins).


Yeah. I was wrong. I’m sure you saw this win coming from a mile off.

How much did you take the bookies for?


Here @Stato82 do you have a list of penalties awarded & scored for the Dublin hurlers over here the last 10 years? We virtually never seem goal from them. Would be curious to see the stat.


Last nights result makes articles like this all the ssweeter

Cuala contingent to come back too.



What did he say?


Jeez Tayto your outta the nest early this morning :joy:

Just the usual shite he’s be going in with all along about poor management decisions and the older lads missing so no leadership and is it any wonder we’re getting bet. But they were all at it. Daly too.


What is the craic with Peter Kelly???

TV lads would lead you to believe that he’s flying and should be airlifted back in. Problems with Managemenr aside, has he been hurling everyone out of his way since his injury. I fairly much know the answer, just looking for confirmation.


Maybe he has a few coaches in Maurs who know what they are doing ? Just a thought


His father was a Dublin minor in his day (late seventies) and a good hurler at senior level with Good Counsel.


Counsel were one of the top hurling clubs at the time


I’d hold off on making a definitive judgement on Conroy based on just tonight. Let’s see how he goes for the rest of the year.
Bennett hurled all round him last year v Cork & hardly pucked a ball for Snrs. & u21’s after.


Bennett hasn’t played for the seniors since last year before last night !!

He’s been injured for the last 6 months and carried it through that 21 campaign last year


He played for u21’s 3/4 days after that Cork game against an awful Offaly team & hardly pucked a ball, was eventually taken off & wasn’t injured. My point is that one swallow doesn’t make a summer.


Carried an injury all through the campaign . Shouldn’t have played at all . Scored from the corner flag last night too. I’d say the swallow is doing ok


Time will tell…


Rest assured you’ll be hoping he fails anyway.


And only a div 4 club this year!


Not at all, it would be brilliant if himself, Conroy, McBride, Burke etc. could become top Inter County forwards. Sure we’ll chat again after the Waterford, Kilkenny games & hopefully we’ll be talking about them having put 3 good performances in back to back.


Fair play to the management for last night, they made a lot of calls and it did the job. I’ve been critical of the setup overall but credit where it is due.