NHL Round 2: Cork v Dublin 7pm Sat, 18/02/2017 Páirc Uí Rinn


And Kevin Ryan half questioning the second one!!!


That was an excellent reaction to the result last week.


The second one was clear enough in fairness :smile:


Ref was fortunate that he was in such a favourable position. This strikes are frequently missed. Clear enough is an understatement :wink:


No word on here about awarding GC a contract extension after tonight’s performance :expressionless:


How many times have Dublin beat Cork, add to that that the game was in cork and cork on a bit of a roll 6 games unbeaten. I am a cork born hurling dub who was in. croker last week. By any standard that was a massive win.


Fantastic win. Best possible game we could have got after last week. Imo it was Cork v Cork or Dublin v Dublin and I think we proved we had better hurlers and attitude than Cork. We have some fine players when we expose their strengths it can work. Still some mistakes but lads of that age need work. Well done to all involved including management


O Donnell is unbelievable also. A joy to watch


Delighted with the win. We need to instill confidence into this young team and winning in Cork against a Cork team flying high will massively help this. Jury is still out on Cunningham but lets give credit where credit is due great result for a young team. There may be hope yet…


Where to start? I suppose f***ing yes lads great win. What a difference to last week. ODonnell again outstanding, rushe a real leader but Conroy, superb, superb. Dwyer at 14 why it’s taken so long fir any management to realise that’s where we would get something from him!,. Credit to young Burke also, real hurler that kid.

Huge2 points, considering what were missing but and I’m sorry lads to throw a negative in, that cork team! Horgan all over the place, Nash’s shocking puck outs they are what we’d look like in a red jersey. So where are we at really? Hard to tell. But ll say this that looked like a side that was playing with belief and to their managers plan, no sign of any in house problems.

Conroy outstanding great to see a dub catching his keepers puck out


Conroy is an incredible story in a Dublin hurling context.

A lad from a Divsion 4 hurling club - man of the match in the NHL

Some story


Looked like we had some homework done on the puck outs. Didn’t think our lads intercepting them happened by chance. We were well and truly switched on tonight. Great scores and attitude by younger players.

That’s twice in the space of a week ODonnell has marked Cadogan off the field.

Said the same last year after the first game debacle, lets back these lads instead of looking for faults lads.


Technical skill level was better tonight. Lads looked like hurlers .

Still a bit to go . Quinn’s striking needs to speed up . Mc gibb needs to add an end product to his work-rate . Our execution needs to be better too. O Dwyer’s goal chance in the first half needs to be buried.

Hard to see us getting anything out of Waterford but we have a shot at beating Clare and a chance of staying up now.

Div 1A is where it’s at in my view. It’s best to stay there .

If we can.


All valid points but it still wouldn’t surprise me to see that Dublin team getting tanked by Waterford in Croke Park in the next game. Cork were unbelievably bad tonight. Their keeper has one of the longest puck outs in Ireland & on paper they have some of the best forwards in Ireland yet they continue fluting around with short puck outs & overplaying the ball out of the backs, suicidal stuff.


Agree fully, what was his highest level underage? A player playing week n week out against most clubs second team to produce that on his senior debut, outstanding. A shoe in for me v Galway come June. When SChutte is doubled up on hit Conroy

In my earlier post did I mention McMorrow!? Some brain that lad and possibly the “wristiest” dub I’ve seen for a long time


You can always reduce every game down to how bad the opposition were. Dublin didn’t let them play. I couldn’t have imagined Conroy and Burke would be that good tonight.

To go to Cork and win is a good night out. Waterford are another level. But it’s performance that’s key for the young players.

We’re neither as good as we looked tonight or as bad as we looked last weekend. We’re in the middle of a pretty harsh transition and hopefully we’ll get to the end of the season in a reasonable place.


Totally argee. Any night we get a result in Cork is a plus. Not too bothered by the approach they adapted. Thats there’s to iron out. We perfformed well and got a result. Enough said. Move on and target more wins. Be positive and who knows???


Yeah he was as good as Kelly in his prime on that display.
Cadogan was great last week and didnt really get a sniff this week.
He has marked Callanan and Cadogan and conceded a grand total of 1 point from play.

Great interlude from Cian O Sullivan when he haired down the centre of the pitch and threw it over.

Ben Quinn mixed the nice and neat with the over elaboration. He has great feet and I think he’ll be better from this game.

It shows we arent as bad as last week but probably not as good as this week. The great thing about this league is that Waterford are next and theyll be going gung ho again so we’ll learn more about the team which is vital given there are so many young lads.


And to think he is that good after coming through the shit development squad system you are always pissing and moaning about. How did that happen do you think?


Good win for u tonite I was down at the game.at 4pt to 1 cork looked on top.goal u got changed the whole game.you kicked on and cork were shite from there on in.conroy mom but how they didnt change someone with more stature onto him god knows.he dropped the first two balls pucked to him and nearly caught the rest.horgan all over the place on frees and you just snuffed them out.rushe o donnell veruy good at the back.crummy has got to learn fast or he will be a liability.