NHL Round 2: Cork v Dublin 7pm Sat, 18/02/2017 Páirc Uí Rinn


Split Cork in * insert number here *.


We’re still a long way off breaking even in hurling. Hope is all we have. Most Cork supporters are not at all confident of beating Dublin next Saturday. We were beaten at a canter in the Croke Park league game last year and lucky to survive in the championship qualifier after Dublin had a man sent off. Playing just two players in the full-forward line, which seems to be Kingston’s preference at the moment, does not create any great goal chances. all the players worked hard last Saturday, but Cork have had those kind of games before without building on them. Consistency of effort is what we’re looking for at the moment.


Last year is of no relevance. Cork will win pulling up.


Journalist manages to spell two dublin players names incorrectly. Rush and Durcan. Jesus wept.


Due to the quality of young player available to us I think (hope) we may well see a reaction this week. From memory it’s going to be a tighter pitch which will hopefully suit our players better. Receiving another bad defeat this week would leave us in a poor place. We reacted well last year to the pasting by Tipp though we did have more of the old guard. Trollier back will help. Hopefully we look at a half forward line who can compete for ball better.


This and the Clare game are the only ones we have a shot . Cunningham should at least know the cork team well and they are very young too
Others no chance really


We always seem to produce good backs lads, Ino Liam has been played at full forward already and centre forward what about playing him as a half forward with Ryan o Dwyer on the other wing two lads well able to win ball out of the air and Niall centre forward feeding off breaking ball?? Crummy could go centre back with barret coming out from the corner to half back and madden going in corner back?


Some interesting ideas but you cannot have a centre forward who is 5 ft7 or so, with all due respects to NM who is a very skilful hurler. He can rove all he wants but opposition centre backs will hold the centre and drop a forward back to mark NM. We need to have a 10, 11 and 12 who can win their own ball and beat their own man.


Just thinking actually, it might be worth continuing on the strategy of last week where we had three guys who haven’t played U21 yet playing. This week he could pick a few under 12s. It would mean we could have a super team in 2027 and Cunningham gets the credit for building for the future - a win win!


I’d give us a chance in this one. Took another look and the highlights from Cork v Clare and while they beat Clare well they don’t look unmanageable.


I would give us a chance also, but mainly because Cork are poor enough, and physically not as strong as other teams. Our chance for survival depends on us V Cork probably. Not in this game, but probably the relegation play off. But you never know - miracles happen…


True even put donnie fox into that half forward line and Niall into midfield, and let him and Kearney go at each other the weekend, just think off ways we could win primary ball in that half forward line


It’s been consistent problem to be fair


Do you know is there an U21 Challenge on in Cork at the weekend?

Living in Cork so will go to the Senior more in hope than optimism. May be wishful thinking but in past years I’ve seen us take some awful beatings in the league only to recover the following week.


Is there TV coverage on this match?

never mind - is on 18/02 19.00 Cork v Dublin (H) eir Sport 2 HD


Even Eoin o Donnell ha he caught some ball the weekend, Ino tayto been horrible to watch lads not able to win there own ball in the air, just thinking off ways to help the lads out and willing them to do well.


Maybe you could play too ? We need someone to man mark Alan Cadogan


Love a bit of hedging . Are you a currency trader ?


No - but odd and all as it seems, when two poor teams meet, I am not sure who will win. Better to say that then say things with complete certainty and be wrong time and time again.


Cork don’t score goals and winning U-15 Munster divisionals means absolutely nothing. Still I’d expect us to win this, our hurling seems sharper than most for this time of the year.