NHL Round 2: Cork v Dublin 7pm Sat, 18/02/2017 Páirc Uí Rinn


After a poor opening 15 mins Dublin really settled and indeed bossed the game after the 1st goal. Very impressed with our lads in 2nd half. Some good scores. Cork were all over the shop with the extra man. But our lads dug deep after Crummy walked! Thought Dooley did well bar one bad short puck out that led to a cork score. Well done to the small Dublin support that travelled down. Really got behind the lads in 2nd half. Cork crowd sitting near me were not impressed! :slight_smile: I think Cork support thought all they needed to do was turn up! But got ass handed to them on a plate! We will need to make sure we don’t get a hammering in any of next 3 games. it will probably go down to score difference to say who ends up in play off for drop to 1B. Another win is vital! Waterford will be smarting after losing today. Might well get backlash of that! Pity game is not in Parnell Pk.


They fixed some issues with the team setup from last week to this. Have to giv credit for that, even if some of the fixes seem obvious/are long overdue.


Always shy about coming in here, but thought it was a great display after last week and also given that we didn’t get off to a great start and also during the game it looked like they were going to pull the lead back, but it was a case of shoulder to the wheel and it paid off.
Two other points, don’t think I have ever seen such a poor display of free taking as the Cork lad last night and secondly as a football man, I would be seriously pi… off if a footballer got sent off for something similar as our lad tonight, nowhere near a card IMHO H= Humble


Think you have to give them some credit all the same, the young lads have talent but selecting two lads just out of minor alongside O’Rorke in the FF line v tipp seems a strange selection - was the plant to run at tipp? anyways it didnt work but you have to give them some credit for changing it up and getting the balance right v Cork. Have to drive on from here now, Waterford will be on the rebound, and are a big physical side, going to be very tricky.


I do give him some credit, Beating Cork away is a good achievement any day. I would be concerned though how he arrived at the team selection he did. Everything seems to be in lurches, he goes gung ho in one direction, and then when that doesn’t work he goes gung ho in another direction, That is fine for year one, but not for year three.

If he wanted to run at a team and trouble them that way - surely AJ Cronin is worth a shot? Why cherry pick the minors when one of the best of last years very good U21s is still out there. Where is Cian Boland also? (Maybe both have injury issues, you would have to assume so). McBride didn’t start against Tipp but he was the Burke of his minor years, but is that bit older and stronger. When that Minor team lost to the very good Waterford team that year, McBride was the stand out player on the field (Conroy was exceptional that day too).

But I think the extreme position of starting three of last years minors in a February league game has gone unnoticed a bit. I can’t recall it ever having been done before. Very occasionally you would see a very good minor get a bit of a run come championship time (Sutcliffe came on against Limerick I think for a few minutes in a championship game near the end of his first year out of minor). That score difference against Tipp might well be the reason we end up in the relegation play off.

What I do like is he gets a team to commit to which ever way he wants them to play. Everyone playing to the one plan is vital, even if it is the wrong plan. Teams have won with the wrong plan, but they have never won when everyone is not playing to the same plan.

We just could have a superb 2018. I have never seen the depth of talent we have now. Even looking at the Fitzgibbon, there are more Dublin players on the various college teams then every before. If the old and the new could be re-united somehow, we could be in a very good place.

Although looking at the hearty congratulations Cunningham got from Shanely after the game, it seems Cunningham has played a good political game here. He seems to have de facto control of the U21s also now, as their manager is his selector, with the successful u21 management of last year out in the cold. It also seems as if the distance between executive and management might not be as wide, or the relationship as analytical, as it should be. In a business sense when this happens, it is up to the shareholders to keep everyone honest, in this case the shareholders = the clubs.


i wasnt that shocked by the win, tbh, although the performance was better than i expected. We lost to cork in July last year because of the red card in my opinion (never mind that all ireland semi) and i think we are very much on the same level as they are. I think if we beat Clare we should be safe from relegation, although in this league is seems everyone can beat each other with the exception of Tipp, who will probably win the league.

I hope that if we do well in the league with the cuala lads coming back then we could be in with a shout against Galway (hopefully they will be a bit cold coming into it from an uninspiring 1B campaign)


Hurling is nowhere near a religion in Cork the way it is in KK. There’s a good section of corkies that dont give a fk about any Gaa and another section that prefer football.

I cant see what players they have that will meke them a top team in 3 years…unless that get some serious mushrooms.




Never takes long for this crap to surface


Just leaving this here…


Agree with all of that.


I am not sure who from Cuala would make a huge difference though. The two Schuttes if they bring their A game will, but they don’t always do that. Treacy might, but either in midfield or in the corner, bu.t not as a half forward. But again I am not sure he brings the physicality required in the game now. I would like to see the younger Treacy given a shot, but he is not available it seems.

I am not sure who else… but any suggestions?


As much as I’ve given out about ROD (often with good reason) i thought he had a huge influence in the match. O Donnell again class. It’ll be interesting to see if GC’s backs him all the way through into champo in the no3. jersey.

This win comes at a really good time. GC’s comments at the end of the match were better this week and pointed out that having a week turnaround probably was a good thing as they needed to refocus on the next match straight away.

I think training for the next 2 weeks will be a bit easier in comparison to what it could have been coming off 2 looses.

Looking at the table there is a good chance we could end up in a relegation play off due to pts different. And there’s also an outside chance our opponents could be Kilkenny.

Crummy’s second yellow was harsh. While the hurley was maybe flicked into the cork man there was no real power behind it. A free yes but yellow questionable. The benefit of the doubt should have been applied.


I disagree. Shane Kingston and Luke Mee are terrific prospects. As good as anything out there and a hell of a lot better then the cats have at present.
They’ll be good in a few years - takes time to develop young teams. And they havea a backbone of experience - if anything it’s their older players who aren’t up to it.
As regards religion - you keep hearing about Munster rugby - I worked two days a week in cork for five years when Munster had won two HEC’s. All I saw were lads with hurls - I reckon I saw about two lads with rugby balls over that period.

And that was when Cork weren’t winning AI’s either.


AJ Cronin? - I presume it’s AJ Murphy isn’t there because talent wise he’s not as good as Donal Burke, Chris Bennett etc. Last year’s 21’s needed half backs to bail them out in every game with scores.
The forwards on the minor team were more talented . In my opinion. Cian Boland has been injured too.


Very good win on Saturday night. First 10 minutes looked like Cork would run through us. Once we settled we had far more hurling than them. So many of their players default option is to go on a solo run and then hand pass to someone who is in no better a position than they are. It’s a backs dream how slow their play is. Waterford match will be a whole lot harder.

Burke looks like a class act at this level already just as he was at minor.

Conroy was outstanding. Just what we need on the half forward line - a big brute of a young fella who can catch poc outs and still has loads of hurling to go with it.

Rian McBride excellent as well.

What’s the story with Dotsy? Thought he was still on the panel. Would be a good option off the bench at least.

Add Cian O’Callaghan, Mark and Paul Schutte, D Treacy, O Gough, Shane Barrett, Sean Moran (on club form), and Cian Boland to last Saturday nights team and we would be looking strong enough for the year ahead.

Peter Kelly, Danny Sutcliffe, Shane Durkan and Paul Ryan would all add something as well to varying degrees. We can obviously forget about these lads most likely for 2017 as by all reports they all opted out. But apart from those I have don’t think Cunningham has left anyone outside the panel who glaringly deserves to be in there.


Tracey or mark schutte wouldn’t improve on the forward play of sat night. Traceys injuries has slowed him up to the extent that he looks slow at IC level. He finds it difficult to win his own ball,when he rarely scores from play he scores in the loose. He cant take a man on,beat him and score and definitely cant tackle at IC level. He would have upset the direct running game we saw sat.Mark schutte has all the physical attributes of an IC hurler. Lacking confidence big time ever since the young Mannion tore him a new one in the championship a few seasons ago. Can be a direct ball winner but needs to get his head sorted,and quickly. O Gough has been outstanding for Cuala the last two seasons but should never see the corner back position at IC level. He hasn’t the awareness for it. I would give him a go at wing back as his club form warrants it. He’s a tough lad and would be an asset if he settled in. Same with Sean Moran. He deserves a sustained shot at WB or CF. o Callaghan is a shoe in at fb. Best IC fb I’ve seen since noel hickey and that’s no lie. Ties his man up time and time again,low ball high ball,you can see he’s a real defender. Leads by example and a future captain of Dublin . O Connell hasn’t shown anything like the workrate needed in the big games to turn a match in out favour. Goes missing for large periods of games then pops over a point and alls well. Not at IC level. Excellent club player though. J Sheanon has had a great couple of seasons with the club and would be worth a look at. They say he likes his football though. C Cronin is cualas most effective forward,direct running,battles like a demon,breaks up play,brings others into play,fine player. Time for someone at IC level to COACH him in the art of point taking. How they can let a workhorse like this slip away is ridiculous. He would be a huge asset this season. P schutte looks the part but injuries are holding him back. Really need a sustained run at county level but I don’t think the body can handle it. S Tracey is a gutsy,tough little fella,but that’s his one drawback.hes little. Is there a place for little lads on county teams anymore? That’s why Cha Fitz retired at 26. Maybe he’ll find a few inches from somewhere yet. Is he still u21 this year? So all in all, the cuala lads will improve things up to midfield. With C Cronin gone,I wouldn’t see any of the cuala lads improving on what we saw up front on sat.
But time will tell,and the battle for places will benefit everybody.


Treacy can take a free, something we are lacking. He’s not so bad from play that he couldn’t be carried for that.


Paul Schutte has had a bad run of injuries but I wouldn’t write him off by any means, quality player.

Mark schutte another ball winning option, can’t have too many of them.

O’callagjan is a sticky defender. Tracy a quality forward.

They’ll add a huge amount of quality all in but hopefully not till after paddies day,


Donal Burke hit 5 from 6 last week including one clutch free in the second half when we needed it
Have a little faith