NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm


Yea need to keep mixing it! Keep the opposition guessing! That increases the odds of winning our own ball!


Thats absolutely it. Thats why its so important we get the likes of colm cronin and mark schutte back…2 huge men to win a puckout and both are very quick too.


I felt the same about O Carroll until the last two games (Laois and yesterday), I can see some possibilities there now.

I agree re that clearance up the field. Sometimes they were just lobs as well. The poor forward must hate to see the ball hanging up there and hear the pounding footsteps of the defender behind him.

But all in all, that is probably at most half of the real team, so i wouldn’t panic yet on anything. Possibly now we will get some clarification on the actual panel and injuries etc and we will know more.

Some of the Tipp play was fantastic though. They took scores they had no right to take, they are no ordinary team.


Every team in 1A gave them a good/ close game so they aren’t that special. They put out weakened team vs us and beat us without raising a sweat.

Every time we play decent team we get shown up as being way behind the top teams. Had been encouraged somewhat after Galway game but seeing Galway lose to both Limerick & Wexford knocks that back.

Missing players aside we are a very poor team. Sideline mightn’t be doing too well but players basic skill level is abysmal. Think that’s harsh statement to make but after league it’s true.


Danny is superb player, was lucky not to get sent off yesterday. He leaves the field and Dublin are in big trouble.


If they put out a “weakened team” and beat us without raising a sweat suggests that they are in fact an excellent team. I know we are a long way off them and that made it a bit easier for them. But they are top 3 team.


and a man down for the second half. either they are the biggest secret in hurling (which would be amazing given that panel leaks like a sieve) or we aren’t.


Smith is good to a point but caught three lovely balls and then proceeded to drop or lose the ball immediately after and his balls hit upfield are woeful and almost never to anyone. 90% they are lost straight away and come right back at us . That is no use whatsoever.


What id be impressed about is that he won 3 balls over Tipp forwards. He wasted thrm as you say and skyed a few more but a word in the ear will sort that out. Id be more concerned if he lost the 3 balls in the air and hit good ball…the talent is there just needs to play a little more head up hurling. He did in the second half play better ball.


This has been the same all year it hasn’t got any better that is the problem , plenty game time but no improvement in distribution


Big improvement with the result compared to the last time we played Tipp :thinking:


Agree on most of that but Nolans puck outs or lack of strategy was poor on Sunday. He gave away more than one short puck out to, Id have Gary back in for the present at least… I think our real problem is that Gilroy has concentrated on the physical side of the game to the detriment of stick work. How many balls were passed to a player only for them to take 2-3 attempts to control it and lose it!!!


True the skill levels and stick work need to improve as does the sharpness in possession. In the full forward line we lack players that are able to beat there man one on one, trollier is well able to do it dotsy was great at it and we haven’t really replaced him since he got badly injured a few years back, it’s annoying to watch because we no there so much better then there showing, belief is lacking badly.


Well i think it will improve its easier to hit better ball if lads are makin good runs to be fair and i thought they stopped the movement when the heads went down. Hes young and hopefully will improve…lots of our better players were naieve on their first full seasons.


One particular fetch sticks in mind, was a brilliant bit of fielding and then he stepped past a tackle, then cleared to a tipp player all alone in acres of space who scored a point. But like you say he’s young and he’s actually doing the hard part, just needs a bit more composure after winning the ball.


Seems so alright…


But we can’t put missing players aside - the team is the players. I think under half of the team yesterday would be on our very best 15. That is too much to take out of any team.

What concerns me more is the fade outs, it has happened in every game this year except maybe the Laois one and the Limerick one (where there was nothing to fade out from). It doesn’t involve a slight fading in intensity, it is like two different teams playing. The two most extreme examples before was the Antrim game and the Wexford (Walsh Cup) game. The bit before the fade out is good, but it is abysmal when it happens.


I think it is probably a case of prioritising the physical, he can’t fix everything on the first day. We were well beaten yesterday, but Tipp had to at least fight for 50/50 balls unlike the previous few meetings.

When we get everyone back, we can see what the standard is like then. I wouldn’t say we are world beaters, but we are not so bad either.

My big, big fear is the Cuala thing. If they continuously win Dublin and Leinster, through no fault of their own the Dublin preparations will be hampered. Derry footballers were relegated to Div 4 yesterday which I think was aided by the lack of Slaughtneil players and guys playing who know they are only filling slots. Lots of counties have direct correlations with very successful club teams and an under performing county team - Derry footballers, Armagh footballers, Galway hurlers.


If you want to judge a 70 minute performance on one wonder point then so be it. It was a shot to nothing and nine times out of ten he misses it.

Very good club player but not cut out for this level.


It gets shown over and over again that we need as close as possible to our best 15 on the pitch to live with the top sides. And even then we need to play well (usually happens in Parnell Park).

Gilroy is only in the job a wet week and he really has not been helped by several factors meaning he’s been missing a lot of the probable starting 15 for most of his tenure. not just because of Cuala’s amazing run but injuries and Dublin colleges going well also. Even Kilkenny in their pomp struggled when missing a few key players. Look at the Dublin footballers yesterday, even with their depth take too many regulars out of the side and things are very different.

(My optimistic side is doing its best here)

We have the cuala lads to welcome back in, on the back of another historic all Ireland win, they’ll bring a badly needed dose of confidence hopefully. With a bit of luck the injuries will clear up a bit and we can slot in a few more of the regulars. The u21s are going well in challenges by all accounts so hopefully, lads like Conroy are getting a few games into them.

All going well we’ll have a very different 15 come championship.