NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm


I don’t know what the plan is, nor do you. Just because we don’t know it, it doesn’t mean there isn’t one. I have no idea how this will go because it is unknowable. We are three months in, there isn’t enough evidence yet to even make a progress report.

I have seen every minute of every game, Walsh Cup and League, and I can see something taking shape, but it’s tenuous and I wouldn’t say that it will be all great. But likewise I don’t think people can say it will be all bad either.


100% agree. Nuts to think this is over before it’s begun!


Gilroy’s first league with the footballers was ropey enough, i know, different sports etc but it took him time to get the lads doing what he wanted and in the condition they needed to be to play that game.


Indeed, and half way through the 2nd year, Mordor bate the shite out of us in the Leinster championship. In the immortal words of a famous song: “Half a world away”! We went onto the AI semi final that year and lost by the smallest margins. I left Croker before the football the day Mordor beat us, I felt justified. I was subsequently proven wholly wrong. I’ve admitted that. I can’t ever bring myself to criticise that man again without letting him have a chance. He deserves that at least. I hope he is the right choice, do I believe that? I’d say it’s a definite maybe!


I actually think Rushe, Dillon, Conroy and Cian Boland are at least as important as the Cuala lads. Joey Boland and Peter Kelly are there too (somewhere). We are missing a ridiculous amount of players, it is utterly insane how many good hurlers aren’t available at the moment.

I don’t know what the story is with McCaffery either, but that game would have suited him today too. He has the skill set to compete at this level.

My concern isn’t about management, it is about this black hole of injuries that Dublin players seem to fall into over the last three years and often are not seen again.

We are coming into the championship now and if I was to pick my best 15 I would say only 7 of them were on the field today. And that is the strongest team we have probably picked to date. This needs sorted out for next year, because I think it’s too late for this year.


I take your point about burn out etc. But here’s hoping things will settle down a bit once we get them on board!


selfish so and so got married on Saturday. :sweat_smile: Congrats Johnny!


Saturday! So what - the match was on Sunday! :grinning:


Well we all know now who the boss is in that house!


For me one of the best goal keepers around is skelly of na fianna not sure he even starts for there seniors, but he is the Dublin 21s keeper and is solid enough , Nolan is a bit of a live wire at times can do a lot of stupid things but he does have a huge puck out, were as Gary Maguire is great shot stopper that bit calmer then Nolan but his puck outs let him down. If ye could have a mixture of both that would be ideal, but for the future skelly is no1 for me.


Don’t know a lot about Dooley other than that embarrassing error… wonder why he’s getting in there ahead of Skelly on the basis of what you’re saying?
Either way, personally id prefer a shot stopper considering the holes in our defence


Dooley isint involved at all anymore he was released from the panel, I’d agree for me maguire is just that more assured between the sticks and that bit more of a leader aswell


Jesus my brain is fried.

Please try punctuation and a spell check. Thanks a thousand.

Oh, and Alan Nolan is an excellent 'keeper!


Apologies, to clarify, aware Dooley gone this year, wondering why I haven’t seen a lot of Skelly in the seniors if he’s as good as you say. Nolan doesn’t do it for me


Sorry Mr ballymun won’t happen again. Never said he wasn’t.


Time will tell keep an eye out for him with the dubs 21s this year and see what you think.


The phrase ‘old habits die hard’ comes to mind when I think of this team. The hurling in the first 10 minutes was sensational. I’ve never seen a Dublin team come out on top of so many breaks. But you just knew it wasn’t going to last. And unfortunately, that’s when the old habits appeared. The same mistakes being made year on year by the players.

I don’t believe there’s a lot of brains on the pitch. The decision making of this team over the years has been a big issue and it was the same again yesterday. My pet hate in hurling is when a defender wins a great ball in defence and just lashes it up the pitch straight on top of an opposition defender. It’s something most teams do but we are regular culprits. It’s something fans will applaud too, but if a footballer did the same we’d all be fuming. Should be the same in hurling.

I’ve never been Gilroy’s biggest fan and will be hard convinced that he’s the right choice, but some of the things that happen on the pitch with this team are beyond his control and must frustrate him as much as us.

However, he is most definitely in control of team selection, and for the life of me I can’t see what they see in O Carroll at full back. Huge liability.

But as long as the bad habits which have been present for years on the pitch continue, progress will not happen. This team needs to become smarter. I remain to be convinced that they can improve on their decision making


Very good points there AVB. I would have a view that better hurlers appear to have more time on the ball as they have fully antomatized the skills. They can afford to spend less time looking down at their hands or at the ball so they have more time to look up. Their thinking is not panicked. They can look around and find a man in space. Gilroy cannot be blamed for our lads lack of skill in this. However a good coach can improve things. E.G. Ger Loughnane with Clare. What I do take issue with is not having a clear plan. If backs are under pressure, let them hit the corners or try a cross field ball. The forwards will have some chance in this scenario. The hit and hope clearances that come down with snow on them, are not the answer.


Agree with a lot of that. First ten or 15minutes was superb stuff. Then we started lumping balls and as a result the forward then start making the runs. We will be fine at full back when o callaghan returns. Some of the things Danny did in the first 15 minutes in particular were incredible.


and then we became too predictable and hit him with every puck out. have to mix it up more. we’ve done the same with ROD in the past, landing every puckout on top of him.