NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm


Very selfish with the ball at times


My view for the Team for the championship should be:
4.cian o c
5.sean Moran
6.liam rushe
7.shane Barrett / Darragh o Connell
8.rian McBride
9.jake Malone
12. Colm Cronin
13. Troller
14. Donal Burke
15. Hayes/Mahon/Sean Tracey


Is Crummy badly injured? Its difficult to see why Burke makes your pick. O’Connell for midfield for me. And I still see a role for McCaffrey and Shane Durkin assuming the are fit. What’s the story with Dillon? Why Rian McBride? Neither he nor his MF partner stood up against the storm today.


Crummy looked in a bad way, if crummy was available and at 6. Don’t no what’s happening with durkin, for me McCaffrey just hasn’t go it anymore, rian first 20 minute was on every breaking ball plus him and jake together in midfield would be a serious partnership, eamoon still on his way back from injury, if Ger dodrill is still involved I’d give him a shout for the have forward line, aswell Paul and mark shuttee. Hard to pick a solid enough 15 because we don’t really no who is available.


No we probably won’t. But I don’t think we can expect massive improvement after a few months with half of the team missing.

I said the same about Cunningham at the start, he needed time to impact his plans. But after two years we could see they weren’t good plans. If it is the same in Gilroy’s case then it will have to be looked at. But all that is happening at the moment is people who were against the appointment saying ‘I told you so’. Maybe they will be right, but it is just too early yet.


No Crummy? I would have thought he was nailed on in everyone’s book, or are you assuming injury? I would be very unsure about Burke. I can’t see it for the life of me to be honest how he is getting so much game time. I think he is a year away from being a regular. Maybe I would have O Connell for Malone actually.

But I would agree on the basis of that team.

I don’t know (like everyone), where we are with injuries, but I would like to see Cian Boland in there too and I live in hope for the return of Peter Kelly.


Really disappointed with today. Not that I thought we would win but just the manner and scale of the defeat. We need massive improvement. More heads up hurling to work scores. Better first touch and an increase in aggression. I hope we improve come championship I really do but I’m very sceptical after the league campaign. I really want to believe we are developing for the future but getting harder to swallow that line as each month passes.


Expected a 10-12 point defeat going in yet was dispiriting to lose by that margin having started so well. The plus points nearly all came in those first 15 minutes. Hopefully Crummy’s injury isn’t as bad as it looked. While McGibb made mistakes that have been highlighted, I thought he did plenty of good things too and wasn’t played in when making some very good runs from deep. There’s an element of ‘a little from Column A, a bit from Column B’ on our inability to win primary possession in the forwards. A lot of the ball coming in isn’t ideal for the forwards we have but that doesn’t excuse some of the efforts at securing it.

Criticism of the tactics employed when we were 15 versus 14 is justified but everything was exacerbated by our inability to execute some of the most basic skills. Debating whether a short puck out is the right approach is one thing but it becomes academic when a player receiving a ball in 10 yards of space at waist height on their own 45 can’t take clean possession and use the ball before being closed down. I lost count of the times poor control, pick up technique, hand passing, striking and shooting cost us today and sadly that wasn’t a one off by any means. It’s particularly disappointing given that this has been a focus area for Cunningham since Day One.


Crummy at 6 all day but he looked in a bad way coming off so that’s why I didn’t put him in


Ive mixed emotions about today on one hand we were well beaten by a very good tipp team who rutlessly exposed weaknesses that we all knew were in the team and our bench along with 4 or 5 starting players are not county standard.
On the other hand i saw good performances from smyth(he’ll learn a lot from today) the half backline and keaney and sutcliffe in the forward line. We have such a small panel of quality players and we have a number of key men either injured or playing with Cuala.
What do people honestly expect…the striking of the tipp forwards is incredible they can score from anywhere…we simple cant compete with that…few counties can. Playing Tipp with half a team we were never gonna be within an asses roar. If we can get maguire back in goal…rushe at cb…moran maybe midfield…durkan midfield…cronin hf…2 schuttes…trollier in the corner possibly push burke and maybe mcbride into ff forward line or even get paul ryan in there. If we get all these guys back you have all the ingredients of physicality and pace…what we lacked in the second half.


That’s the worrying/depressing bit. At this stage of the season all the heavy training excuses should be out the window and touch should be getting better. Great start then the wheels came off, even a man up we just got worse. Someone had a go at keaney, thought he was one of our better players.


Keaney was very good…caught a few balls tackled hard…set up scores


If you were to re-watch the first 15 minutes of the match we looked calm, good skills execution and distribution was very good. Scored freely and showed like we cold win the match. Maybe when Gilroy says we are ‘performing in training’ this is what he/they are seeing.

A lot of the negatives that lads are rightly highlighting were not present in the first 15 minutes. It seems when we feel under pressure that the wheels completely come off. Cool heads when things are going wrong is whats needed.

Our use of the extra man was shambolic and made it seem like Tipp were the ones with the extra man.

Take our form and execution from the first 15 against Offaly and we will take them. Do it the other way around and we may not be hurling in Leinster next year.

Today was a 19 point swing. I can’t ever remember a similar turn around TBH.


You’d have to be concerned that at 35, Keaney (best forward today) isn’t suited to new championship structure of week on week matches.


Of course but he still offers something and is holding the fort in some way until we get the others back. Tipp are quality though and produce way way more skillful hurlers than we do.


We worked so hard for a lot of our scores especially first half it did burn us out a little we just couldn’t live with the intensity for the whole game, tipp on the other hand were getting lots of their scores from our silly mistakes but tbh I wouldn’t worry about that too much cause them mistakes will hopefully eradicate themselves the more this team play together and gel and bond with one another.

One thing I did notice today especially in the first 20 mins and a couple of times in the last 10 was how slick some of our pick ups and passing and general play was I haven’t seen that in a Dublin hurling team for a while, yea it went to shit for a large period between 20min and 60 mins and that is very frustrating but I didn’t see nothing out there today that can’t be fixed or worked on.

Yea they got it wrong on the sideline the extra man should have been used up front instead of in defence but that’s the only thing I’ve seen them actually get wrong coaching wise since they we started out this year so I am still willing to give them more than 3 months before I started calling for them to walk.

Cannot wait for the championship to start now and to see who comes into the panel from Cuala. The only way is up from here we were already in bonus territory getting the game today. And as for the person who said offaly are favourites to best us in parnell will you come off of it.


If that’s the only thing you’ve seen them get wrong this year, you clearly don’t go to matches. Cuala, a club team, played better yesterday than our county team did today.


Sorry but I was one of the people on here who wanted to give Pat a chance. However I was horrified when he surrounded himself with football people bar one. Its nonsense to say that all thats happened since then is that the naysayers are being predictable and are now looking for his head. Many other things have happened and not happened. We got hammered by Offaly and when they were hitting long range points for fun, our sideline stood there like, dare I say, startled earwigs. There is no rhyme or reason to the use of different players in different positions. There is no discernible plan, nor has there been at any stage. There is no communication with supporters. Omerta all the way. Our patterns of play are random, and we are not good enough to be random. You reckon Gilroy has a plan? Tell us about it. Go on, if you can. You’re giving him two years! Really? On what basis? We have seen nothing to refute the challenge that nobody on his sideline can read a match. That on its own, is utterly fatal. If not, explain please.


It isn’t going to come together 3 months in though is it? and surely if you think it is then you are madder than me, and as for going to games I’ve missed one game this year I’ve been and nearly all and I’ve seen improvement all over the park, I’m not going to name and shame players who I don’t think will be on the starting 15 but let’s give it at least until the end of our championship before we started calling for heads.

Being totally honest and realistic at the start of this year where did you think we would be right now? Getting promoted ahead of the all Ireland champions or limerick a team 3 or 4 years into development ahead of us? Please tell me? Yes we had one very bad beating against offaly first game out against a team who were so pumped up for it more than we could ever have been at that point and time who had more to prove then we did. And against limerick it was also very bad but like I said it was things we were getting wrong that we can and will improve on and have already shown it sporadically this year against Galway and again today not for 70 mins but in parts.

If we are beaten out the gate all everyone during the championship then I will hold my hands up and say I got it wrong but there is no way that is going to happen.

We will be competitive against Kilkenny.
We will be competitive against Wexford.
We will beat Offaly.
And we will be competitive vs Galway.

That’s is how I see 2018 Championship going and tbh I don’t know what more we can ask for in year 1 of this project. Anything more is bonus territory.


Do you genuinely genuinely feel this will end the same?