NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm


Lads taking scores from 100 yards plus is not a management issue. It’s a player stupidity issue. And it’s a problem multiple Dublin managers at all levels have had to deal with.


Danny would want to calm down or he’ll follow Maher


Best player around at the minute


Should be a simple thing to stop. :stop_sign:


They have been very kind to us also.


Finding the TG4 commentators very biased in favour of Tipp

Hopefully ref doesn’t try to even it up and give a Dublin player a red


Very frustrating some of the fouls he gives away, those high tackles aren’t big or clever and totally relieve the pressure he has worked hard to apply.


It’s like listening to two oul lads from Cashel whinging and moaning, very mealy mouthed. Maybe they think jackeens don’t understand a word they’re saying.


Dannys a marked man here, hopefully he can keep out of trouble 2nd half


I don’t think he has had the ball in his hands yet. Although he did get the Tipp guy sent off.

Might be interesting now against 14.


Danny needs to be careful. tried to do Maher


Danny plays on the edge and is pure class. Ask him to calm down would probably take away his edge.


Possibly. It’s something that’s rife with us at all levels. I would say with the amount of people on that sideline for Dublin however a message can be put to lads on the field though that they were vulnerable in fb line. We destroyed them in first 8 mins doing that.

We have an extra man now for 35 minutes.
It should be exploited. Let’s try and use our pace to go at them not crowd midfield. Burke seems to hit frees constantly well for college sides and can be very hit and miss at this level. In Antrim he saved us but some poor ones today. A young guy so the consistency will come. Keaney non existent apart for one hit and score. I’d like to see him closer to goal.


You’d think. But I’ve been seeing it for years. Daly used to give out shite about it.


Any time there’s a Dublin player fouled “ah there’s not much in that”

Maher gets the red and straight away wants to highlight Danny’s involvement and brushes over the clothesline on O’ Dwyer


We’ve also handed them a couple of scores with poor clearances from defense. Having done the hard work to win the ball, then pass it to a tipp man all alone in midfield. Another Dublin trait that could be knocked on the head.


Dwyer made a meal of that.


It’s particularly frustrating when they take the shot when there’s open field ahead of them and forwards making runs etc.


McGibb has had a good game, busy, has pace and taken two great scores.


Agree fully. O Grady only seeing fouls by dubs. It’s very frustrating to listen to.