NFL1 Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, April 1st, 4pm


Pat’s only concern is his own ‘legacy’. The thought of him not being on the greatest ever team fills him with dread. Even as he walks the street (sing.) of Templenoe in years to come fathers will whisper to their sons that the grey haired man with the red face was a member of the second best GAA team ever. And when the son asks who the best were the father will say …, we can never ever speak about that son … never ever …


Please god this happens :pray::crossed_fingers:


But I thought he was more of a Whirlpool supporter?


That was when they split Wexford, wasn’t it?


Read Michael foley s kings of September. Kerry went on a jaunt after 1 of their wins (81 I think). New York to California to Hawaii to Australia. 6 weeks all expenses paid and 1500 pounds spending money . Professionalism and money began with the kingdom .


“There is no doubt that if you can bully Dublin, get at them physically and run at their defence, they can be rattled,” he said.

Tyrone did that to Kerry in ‘03…and Pat was fuming at the indignity if it.

That intelligence behind that game was lost to his Puke football comment.

But looking back…what an ambush to put Kerry on their arses.


With foresight and tactical awarness like that isnt it amazing spillane never managed an IC team ,said no one.


He writes something positive about us we don’t believe him

He writes something negative about us we don’t agree with him.

He’s a column to fill every week, he has to write something


I like eye-Candi.


True. You could argue the same for any team. Hardly a revelation from Pat.

But as Bosco points out - Pat has column inches to fill.

Come to think about it, he’s the wisest one amongst us - at least he gets paid for giving his views.


Yis certainly got them at the right time, on the back of being hammered by Meath in 2001, and the groundbreaking defeat to Armagh in 02.


I loved singing in Croke Park last September when we won the AI.
The SamSong.


I think there was a naivety / arrogance about Kerry then…that their ‘better footballers’ would triumph.

If you believe Jack O’C’s book…he had to visit the Ulster coaching website to learn about defensive drills.

He sounded so disgusted you’d think he was visiting a sado-masicism webpage.


Kind of similar experience after the semi - only singing ‘I’m so lonesome i could cry’, driving back up the M1.


So a bit of Hank Williams, a gallon of cheap diesel, & a bowl of Purdy Pudding?

Your idea of heaven Daller?


Almost BD…almost.

Don’t forget Pomeroy’s finest voice - Philomena Begley.

Now you’re sorted !!

Edit: quick reminder - cheap diesel available left of B’gawley. Just saying.


Damn it!

I knew I was missing something.

Good oul Philomena!


Sure even the Pogues sang about her in a Pair of Brown Eyes.

In the meantime…it’s really important that posters stick to the thread and not go off tangent. Really frustrating.


Edit: quick reminder - cheap diesel available left of B’gawley. Just saying.

The most frequent answer given to Customs & Excise, when they find red diesel in a vehicle & ask,

“Where did you buy the red diesel sir?”

“Oh just a few miles back, you know the place, just left after Ballygalwey”


Really insulting when southerners assume Tyrone and Armagh is awash with laundered diesel.

Just want to state that the quality of diesel here is of a much higher standard than that washed in Armagh, and to lump us together is a slap in the face !